Saturday, February 22 2020
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fiorucci-corinnaGrifo Perugia midfielder makes the point after the historic salvation: "A great satisfaction: next year, if the group does not lose the pieces, we can do even better"
Corinna Fiorucci is one of the historical columns of Grifo Perugia Female despite her young age (1989 class). Milita in red and white training since she is thirteen years old with a landing in the first team already at fourteen. Now he is vicecapitano and is a fundamental pivot of the team. The "Pirlo" of the Grifo, which also this season was decisive for the conquest of salvation: his goal on a penalty kick that earned the temporary 2-1 in the play-off play-off against Fiammamonza. Director with velvety feet and a trainer in the grass. For two years he has been preparing the path for a future employment with the youth sector and with the boys of the Pulcini formations.
Fiorucci, how did the farewell of Scapicchi take the dressing room?
"Honestly there was no way or time to confront each other, it was unexpected news for some and for others, because there were those who already imagined it.
For me it was a great disappointment, we lived four beautiful and important years from a football and emotional point of view, I wish him to find a men's team to do well as he did here at Grifo. "
From melancholy to joy, how did you live this very controversial year, but culminated with the historic salvation thanks to your goal?
"It was a very difficult year, in my opinion we paid the price of being a freshman and the leap in Serie A. I think nobody after the start we had would have bet on us, but I think we finally found the right mechanisms and harvest the fruits of the hard and hard work done, but I have to say that the Serie A is a very fun football and it is a pleasure to be part of it. "
What feelings did it have at the moment when the referee indicated the spot against Fiammamonza? Did you think about Naples?
"Naples was my first thought, then I looked at Saravalle, who is the second rigorist, she gave me a wave of encouragement and gave me the charge, so I took the ball and I did not think about anything, just where I kick, I trust the reason for the decision to pull the penalty to "open": for several weeks I tried the rigors in training, always trying to cross them as usual, then the Parise one day makes me: why not try to open one? He was right ...

What championship do you expect from Grifo for next season?
"If the rose remains this without any goodbye, as I hope, there are in my opinion the prospects for a calmer salvation than this year, without perhaps having to resort to play-out.I say this because as a team, we have seen above all in the return group, we have grown a lot, even limiting those small defects of inexperience that make the difference in this category. "
A word for the company?
"Since Valentina Roscini has taken over the company, there have been radical improvements, with all the other executives mentioned behind the scenes making immense sacrifices and helping to make the Grifo an exceptional environment. achieved salvation was the best way to repay all these people's efforts.
Plans for the future?
"Stay at Grifo for sure to stay in Serie A and train my little champions".

Andrea Sonaglia

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