Saturday, February 22 2020
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ceccarelli-martina nHello Martina, you are one of the most promising young female players of Italian women's football, do you want to briefly tell us who you are and how did you approach this sport?
I'm Martina Ceccarelli, I'm sixteen and I attend the second year of the Galileo Galilei High School of Perugia. I've been playing football since I was six, I started with a team from my country: "GRIFOPONTE TORGIANO". I was the only girl in the middle of many boys but the passion was stronger than shame. A passion born in front of my house, perhaps simply in the family since most of my cousins ​​love football and every excuse was good to play. I remember with joy the first moments inside the game rectangle, I was the "different" one but everyone accepted me for what I was, and it did not matter the origin, the color of the skin or many other things, what really mattered was knowing how to play and know how to have fun !!!. Now here I am, a little 'grown but always with the same desire and ambition.
What was your first female soccer team? My first female team was Grifo Perugia, the first year was a fabulous year where I partly contributed to the promotion in Serie A. "
How was your convocation in the National team, what was your emotion?
Great joy for the summoning in blue, a great emotion also because the Europeans were approaching, in short everything was going for the best .... Unfortunately, however, the misfortune was behind the corner that was waiting for me ..: I suffered a big accident, rupture of anterior cruciate ligament, 8 months of stop, beginning of suffering. It was the 21 March 2012 when during the friendly Italy-Switzerland in Meda, my knee stopped helping me. I was unfortunately forced to undergo surgery, I was only fifteen and the idea of ​​operating me scared me. Thanks to the help of the national doctor, Riccardo Lanzetti, in a short time they managed to operate, I underwent surgery in Rome, but then the real ordeal began in Perugia when I began my rehabilitation and bend my knee. I have been really hard months, but all my family members, no one excluded, were close to me, and so slowly I started to make progress, every day I was bending more and more, then I started walking again and then running, the first steps in the green rectangle were for me a VICTORY, all that pain often made me think I could not do it and not return to the field. Physiotherapists, all of them helped me, but the real thing that saved me was the PASSION, she healed me!
ceccarelli-papa nUnfortunately, this year in Perugia I contributed in a limited way to the historical salvation of Grifo in serious A, but the injury did not allow me to regain the place immediately and made me taste not only the pain, but also the bench. I'm happy for this achievement, we deserve the Serie A and the result has paid off the efforts and hard work.
After all this journey, this tiring ascent, full of courage and WANT to return to the field, once again has the convocation of Mister Sbardella ...! Very satisfied, a prize for all that I had passed and I must honestly say that I came back great, my debut after the injury was in the friendly Italy-Norway in the same field where my injury happened, this factor blocked me a lot and more and more my anxiety and emotion, but then the anthem, the companions and the number eleven shirt that I had left me gave me the strength I had and after only three minutes I scored, the ball on the net, Italy 1 Norway 0 .... also a bad luck ... but also a strong moral drive to continue in this "ascent" and to improve more and more!
The emotions at that time were very strong, indescribable, difficult to explain, I got stuck and I did not even exulted, I fell into the arms of my companions and the first thing I thought is to dedicate the goal to all, those who really they always believed in me even when I was in a hospital bed and they told me never to stop fighting !!!!!.
How did the technicians and your companions welcome you?
The technicians of the national team must say that I have been close, they have always followed me and all the staff helped me, they are wonderful people, available and full of life, I feel very comfortable with them and I want to play at all costs 'European that a year ago I was denied, the fault of fate, or maybe not, are things that happen in a player's career. What I can say is that I will commit myself and I will continue to work and train myself to reach my ambitions, always with all the people close to me and whom I fully thank.
Your dream in the drawer ... ???
My dream? Why not aim at the National team, but even so for me it is already a goal, in the meantime to return fully as before, with the same physical form that I had a year ago .. then you will see .. why stop dreaming and resign? Even if before the kick I put the affections, the feelings and the study I do not pull back and point to the place in the national team in a future, as for my club team I do not intend to move from Perugia, it is a serene, serious and educational.
Dear Martina, let's go quickly to the "personal" ... - Beyond Football ... and School (!!!) ... you will certainly have other interests ... hobbies: the actor or actress you particularly admire, the singer or singer you like the most, the journey of your dreams .....
My favorite actor .. Raul Bova .. not just for the beauty .., as for singers, I love music, especially Italian music, my idols ?! Jovanotti, Ligabue and Fabrizio Moro, sing real things, belonging to the difficulties of every day and the world today. The trip that I would like to do? Well, certainly the world in Costa Rica, a dream? We hope it will become reality .. !!!
But, anyway it will go, even if Costa Rica does not arrive I would like to visit the areas of the Middle East, Iraq, Baghdad, the cities of a thousand and one nights to see up close the life where they are less fortunate than us ...

Thanks Martina ... not only for the interview, but for your example, for your courage and your determination to face an unfortunate period .. coming out victorious !!
... A GREAT IN MOUTH TO THE WOLF .., you deserve it !!!

Mario Merati

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