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Verona-dear-GabbiadiniMelania Gabbiadini and Marta Carissimi were guests in a course in sports journalism held in a school in Verona. Perla Piazza, good at playing football as in journalism, was able to interview the two champions. Enjoy the reading:
PP-How did you approach the world of football as a child?
Gabbiadini - I started kicking a ball at the age of 9. In the family already everyone played soccer, dad, uncles, cousins ​​and so I can say that mine is a hereditary passion. Today I'm still here with the same passion and the same desire that pushed me to start this sport twenty years ago.
Dear - Since I was a child, I've always practiced sport. At the beginning I started with artistic gymnastics, then with skating on the road, where I was also a regional champion and finally with volleyball. However, I continued to pursue my passion for football and so, which was also pushed by my classmates, I presented myself in the men's soccer team in my country, the USGassino. Subsequently, however, the football and volleyball training began to overlap; it was then that I chose to continue only with the football in the men's team, where I played for five years, up to the first superior.

PP- Can you describe your football career?
Gabbiadini - As I said before, I started playing football at 9 years and up to 12 I played with males. Later I moved to the 7 women's team in my country where I played for 4 years. Later I moved to Bergamo Calcio and I started playing 11. Here I played in Serie C, Serie B and two years of Serie A. Then the team broke up and in 2004 I went to Verona and this is my ninth year here. In this team I won a lot: Scudetto, two Golden Balls, Supercoppa and in the 2005 I also participated in the Champions League where we reached the semi-final lost against Frankfurt. I am also part of the National team for 11 years and I have participated in two Europeans.
Dear - After the experience with the men's team in my country, I moved to Torino, a Serie A team with whom I made my debut in the top flight at 15. Six months later I got the first call in the National under 19, although I was an under 17 and this did not really expect it. At the end of the season I took part in the European Championships in Germany. I would say that in that year I had great satisfaction. Then in the 2007 first call-up in the senior national team, with whom I participated in the 2009 European Championship. Now I'm in Verona, after nine years at Toro, and I hope to achieve great goals with this shirt too.

PP-Did your parents support or hinder you in your choice to start playing football?
Gabbiadini - My parents have always supported me in all the choices I have taken, they have always followed me and they still do it and this has been fundamental for me during my career.
Dear - At first my dad was not particularly enthusiastic, but neither did he object. My mother did not really agree and I remember saying to me: "So when the first cold arrives, you'll stop", but now I can say that this is not the case. I also remember that one day I was watching a men's national game on television and I started to sing the anthem; intrigued my parents asked me what I was doing and I replied: "I'm learning the hymn, because one day I will sing it on the pitch with the women's team". This means that if a person believes in what he does, with so many sacrifices he can reach his goals. Now my parents are happy and appreciate my sacrifices.

PP-Can you tell us what was a bad moment and what a beautiful memory during your career?
Gabbiadini - An unfortunate memory for my career was when I was forced to leave the playground for a long time, due to the breaking of the two ligaments. But the game of football is also made of these things that can happen. On the other hand, I felt a great emotion at the entrance to the Bentegodi Stadium, during the sixteenth of the Champions League, where the push and cheer of 4.000 people were on the stands. It was a very beautiful experience that enriched me.
Dear - A very bad moment for me was when I broke the ligaments of both legs; I remember being a very difficult moment. A very nice memory was certainly the great public frame during the Champions League matches.

PP-Did you receive football offers from abroad?
Gabbiadini - I have received requests from Sweden, France and also from the American championship in Chicago, but I had a contract with Verona and I did not feel like abandoning the team halfway through the championship, even if I regretted not having tried to to have a foreign experience.
Dear - I had requests from a German team, but I did not accept. In the future, however, I would like to have an experience abroad, perhaps in England. My future choice also has cultural goals, because for example I would like to improve my English.

PP-How much does the emotional factor affect each game?
Gabbiadini - The matches are heard already from the day before. Then, if you know you have to face even a strong team that fights for your goals, take over the emotion and the desire to do and give the best.
Dear - Surely the games you hear from the day before, but then, at the moment, you are focused on the race. Then, however, we must also take into account some factors, such as the frame of the public present and the opponent.

PP-What kind of girls are Melanie and Marta out of the playing field?
Gabbiadini - I have a diploma in Advertising Graphics and I did a tattoo course and in my little one, this is my hobby and I hope my work in the future. I like drawing, going to the cinema, listening to music of all genres alone and with friends. I like animals, especially dogs and in Bergamo I have one.

Dear - I am a student and I miss a few exams to the Master's Degree in Management Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. For this reason I train only two days in Verona plus the game and the other days I train with two different men's teams in Turin. I can say that I am a commuter. I like traveling, reading, playing sports and listening to music. When I do not play football, in my free time I go to see the home games of Chieri, a women's volleyball team in A1.

PP-What is the level of women's football in Italy?
Gabbiadini - In Italy women's football should have more visibility from the media and introduction into schools to make it known. The difference that exists with other important European teams, besides the technical aspect, is above all physical. They have more intensity in training and more sports facilities available.
Dear - In Italy women's football is still little known and little followed, especially when compared to men's football or other women's teams in countries such as England, the United States and Germany. Then, a truly competitive championship is missing, we should decrease the number of teams that militate in Serie A and take it to 10-12 teams. In this way the championship would be more balanced and high level and would bring more interest.
PP- To conclude a question to Melania, what emotions have you felt in receiving for two consecutive years the "Golden Ball" as the best Italian player?
Gabbiadini - Winning twice this award was very beautiful and exciting. It is the result of many sacrifices and hard work done on the field over the years. But, if I have to tell the truth, I did not expect the second Golden Ball because I did not think I could reconfirm myself and this made me feel even more proud and proud of myself.

A very good at: Perla Piazza Istituto Seghetti 1A class
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