Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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The Italian Cup goes to Friuli

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verona-2-2013 thumb307_The Tavagnacco wins with merit his first Italian Cup against a Verona under tone and conditioned by the goal immediately at the start of the race.
Verona and Tavagnacco take the field at the Stadio Morgagni in Forlì on a sunny afternoon for the final of the Coppa Italia, now in its fortieth edition. Public of the great occasions, at least a hundred supporters from Verona arrived in Romagna, and directed Rai for the last important event of the women's football season.
The Friulians took the lead to the first thrust by exploiting a colossal misunderstanding between the two Swedes of Verona Ohrstrom and Karlsson who leave green light to Mauro. The number nine of the Tavagnacco that from a defiled position bags to unguarded door.
Verona near the draw at 17 'with Claudia Squato who from a long distance takes a ball rejected by the defense of Friuli and takes the crossbar with goalkeeper Marchitelli who was regaining the position.
Tavagnacco's response is immediate with Brumana who commits Ohrstrom to foot kick.
Immediately after, we try Camporese with a ball on the outside of the net.
At half hour captain Gabbiadini is repeatedly pulled in the area but for Francesca Campagnolo is all regular.
On the other side very rare for Tatiana Bonetti who heads the ball in the arms of Ohrstrom.
Ledri peels the ball from a very favorable position on the ball kicked by three quarters from Federica Di Criscio.
First fraction that closes with the advantage of Tavagnacco.
Mister Longega replaces the feverish Squato with the Italian Canadian Lagonia passing from the initial defense to five to a defensive line to four.
Verona more enterprising in the beginning of recovery but it is the Tavagnacco to sting at the sixth minute even if the action is tainted by a foul on the number one Scaliger Ohrstrom.
The scaligere poured forward and on the corner beaten by Lagonia Girelli well with ball touched in the corner by Marchitelli who saves the result for the Friulians.
Having escaped the danger the Udinese make the goal of the double: Mauro goes off on the edge of the game, crossed in the middle for the comfortable plate of Camporese. Ohrstrom tries to avoid the net but the carambola ball slowly at the bottom of the bag.
The scaligere unbalance more forward but expose themselves to the restart of the dangerous Tavagnacco with the new entrance Zuliani that calls to the intervention Ohrstrom.
The Veronese set up a nice plot of play but Gabbiadini badly calibrates the closing of the triangulation with Girelli alone in front of the door.
Brumana resoundingly missed the opportunity for the tris kicking to the side alone in front of Ohrstrom who immediately after also saves on Mauro.
The Tavagnacco deservedly wins the tricolor cockade against a Verona too conditioned by the initial error.
The forty Italian Cup arrives for the first time in Friuli.
This closes a clear-dark season for the Veronese, far from the top in the league, thanks to a series of injuries, but able to excite in the long and difficult climb to the Italian Cup, climbing suddenly stopped at the last obstacle.

Networks: Pt. 5 'Mauro, st. 16 'Camporese
Verona: Ohrstrom, Squato (1 'St. Lagonia), Ledri (26' st. Mason), Toscano Aggio, Karlsson, Di Criscio, Toselli, Gabbiadini, Zorri, Girelli, Carissimi.
Available: Tasselli, Gelmetti, Capelloni, Belfanti, Lagonia, Maceri, Mason.
Coach: Renato Longega.
Tavagnacco: Marchitelli, Bischi, Rodella, Tuttino, Laterza, Martinelli (48 'St. Pochero), Bonetti (21' St. Zuliani), Parisi, Mauro, Brumana (47 'St. Oliver), Camporese.
Available: Bonassi, Pochero, Zandomenichi, Tommasella, Oliver, Nardella, Zuliani.
Coach: Marco Rossi.
Referee: Francesca Campagnolo from Bassano del Grappa.
Assistants: Ilaria Melchiorri of Modena and Francesca Loddo of Ferrara.
Notes: Sunny day, land in perfect condition. Spectators around 600 with a hundred Scala supporters. Ammonite: Brumana, Camporese, Laterza. 3-2 corners. 2 + 4 recovery.

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