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VR-TORRES Coppa_Italia_2013_044Verona - At the end of yet another very difficult challenge with Torres's ever rivals, Verona Femminile gains access to the 2013 Italian Cup final, which will be held next Saturday in Forlì, against Graphistudio Tavagnacco. A race that the Italian champions have tried to dock in port with the usual elegant phrasing, but the scaligere, without Carissimi disqualified and injured Pini, have succeeded between their teeth to contain the opponents for most of the race, doing however see the best things in the offensive phase, thanks to the rapid counterattacks of which the gialloblù are teachers. This at least until the penalty kick made by Manieri who broke the balance in the second half. But when everything seems now written, Silvia Toselli, certainly not the most celebrated of the scaligere and one of the most harassed by the good Longega, has timed expiration of that opening that brings Verona to the penalty kick and the smile to an environment that during the season too many times he found himself with a bad taste in his mouth.

A May 25 with temperatures typical of February is the setting for what can not be a normal race. The teams enter the field with their heads down with the highest concentration. The pure show is obviously affected, as is normal in a match with a very high stake. The careful defenses thus reduce the offensive opportunities to the light. On the notebook, however, are the landlords to be preferred by creating some interesting opportunities from the network, despite the possession of the ball is clearly in favor of the guests. At 20 'Toselli earns the first shot from the flag. The defense rossoblù rejects and Capitan Gabbiadini, posted on the edge of the area, tries to repeat the goal of two weeks before against Brescia, but this time his flight on the fly is blocked with skill by Thalman. Three first pass when Marina Toscano Aggio beats a sloping in the middle of the area where Karlsson makes the bank for Gabbiadini that on the vertex of the small domestic area and turns on the outside of the network, giving for a moment the optical illusion of the goal. Answers to 26 'on the other side Domenichetti wedged in the area, but manages to kick the door in precarious balance and for Ohrstrom there are no problems. At the 32 'Captain Gabbiadini has another very occasional, when on the vertical service of Ledri wins the duel to door with Tona, but arrived in front of Thalman calibrates badly the lob that ends at the side.

VR-TORRES Coppa_Italia_2013_040After a first half of the Gialloblù brand, the hosts are still more dangerous in the opposing area. Cricket twice to shake the bleachers Olivieri, first at the 2 'corner, where he manages to hit the head, but does not find the door and the 14' when with a shot from a distance catches in countertale guest hostess, but sends the ball to print on the base of the pole to the right of Thalman. But the ghosts of yet another sporting mockery materialize at the 17 'when Mr. Gentile of the Seregno section assigns a penalty kick to Torres for a contact by Toselli on Maendley, which he describes as generous, almost sarcastic. Manners from the disk angola and realizes with Ohrstrom remained almost motionless, expecting perhaps a central conclusion. The network is a blow for the Gialloblù that appear dazed and the Sardinians can take advantage of building a good plot at 24 'not finalized by Domenichetti who kicks to the side from an excellent position. At the 29 'Ledri is hindered and falls into the area, this time the race director continues. The scaligers throw themselves forward con the strength of despair that with real geometries. Squeezed to the 31 'sinks on the right and puts a dangerous cross tense, which Thalman providentially repels diving with his fists. Maendly replies with a cannon shot out of the mirror at the 35 ', while at 40' Iannella's cross crosses the whole small area without finding anyone ready to detour into the net. The qualification to the final seems to be detached for Torres, but in full recovery Girelli earns the last shot from the flag. Zorri kicks in the pile created by 22 players (including Ohrstrom) all poured into the guest penalty area, the ball reaches Toselli who shoots a bullet from two steps that pierces the closed yellowblue links, probably deviated from one of these and slips Thalman's shoulders that nothing can to avoid the draw net. The party explodes in the stands and in the field where one after the other the ladders throw themselves on the exultant n. Venetian 7. There is not even time to return to midfield that the referee refers the contention to the penalty lottery.

VR-TORRES Coppa_Italia_2013_041It is Verona that begins and the first rigorist is Cristiana Girelli who is not mistaken. The great former Patrizia Panico imitates her and draws the score. Captain Gabbiadini is not far behind. It is the turn of the other captain, Elisabetta Tona who instead is overcome by emotion and kicks directly over the post to the right of Ohrstrom. Di Criscio has the ability to stretch and not wrong, goalkeeper on one side ball on the other. The special guest Manieri puts the ball in the corner, even baptized by Ohrstrom that does not get to avoid the goal. Zorri could close the games, but his bolide slams with unprecedented violence on the crossbar, petrifying the typhoon brand yellow. But Maendly does not do any better, picking up the base of the upright to the left of Ohrstrom. Maria Karlsson has the ball of the Match-ball on her feet. And the Swedish giant finds the coldness to close the accounts and bring the scaligere to the final of Forlì. After four long years a life, Verona returns to dispute a final of the Italian Cup.

VERONA-TORRES-1-1 (5-3 dcr)

Networks: Manieri on rigor at 62 'and Toselli at 92'.

Penalty sequence: Girelli (V) goal; Panico (T) goal; Gabbiadini (V) goal; Tona (T) out; Di Criscio (V) goal; Manieri (T) goal; Zorri (V) cross; Maendly (T) pole; Karlsson (V) goal.

VERONA: 1 OHRSTROM, 2 SQUIZED, 3 LEDRI, 4 TOSCANO AGGIO, 5 KARLSSON, 6 OF CRISCIO, 7 TOSELLI, 8 GABBIADINI (cap.), 9 ZORRI, 10 GIRELLI, 11 LAGONIA (from 72 'MASON). All. Renato Longega. Available: Tasselli, Maffezzoni, Gelmetti, Belfanti, Capelloni, Maceri.

VR-TORRES Coppa_Italia_2013_043TORRES: 1 THALMAN, 2 MANIERI, 3 MOTTA, 4 STRACCHI, 5 TONA (cap.), 6 FUSELLI (from 46 'MAGLIA), 7 DOMENICHETTI, 8 MAENDLY, 9 PANICO, 10 BARTOLI, 11 IANNELLA. All. Manuela Tesse. Available: Criscione, Piacezzi, Costi and Matarazzo.

Referee: Mr. Lorenzo Gentile from Seregno. Assistants Zebele and Del Campo di Verona.

Ammonita: Karlsson (V).

Notes: Heavy rain and gusts of wind for almost the entire arc of the race, with more winter than spring temperatures. Present on the stands 400 spectators. Awarded as best interpreters of the Gabbiadini (V) and Bartoli (T) races.

Photo: ENNEKAPPA by Nicola Iachelli

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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