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yamamoto5The company fails to Neapolitan, Tavagnacco wins and goes to the final (3-0).
The Napoli Calcio Femminile can not conquer the second consecutive Italian Cup final. At the end of an exhilarating season the team of president Lello Carlino was defeated in the semifinals by Tavagnacco (3-0), away, at the end of a very difficult challenge against the vice champions of Italy. The Friulians, in fact, have fought until the last day with Torres to try to win the Scudetto and they want to make up for the final of the Cup (which will be played next Saturday in Forlì and will see Bardolino Verona as another finalist, after the success 5-3 on penalties against Torres). It remains, however, a historic result, with fifth place in the first season in Serie A and the second consecutive semi-final in the Italian Cup.
The game immediately starts badly for the Neapolitans, who risk to the 3 'when Mauro hits the post with an empty net. The goal of the Friulian advantage comes to the 7 ', with Brumana who hits the door with a right-hand corner on the corner. Napoli touches the draw at 16 'with Giacinti, who puts very little head on a free kick by Yamamoto. After just two minutes the doubling comes with Camporese, served by Brumana missing the first check but manages to score the second attempt. Immediately the blue have had the opportunity to shorten the distances, but once again Giacinti missed the net with an empty net. In the final the Tavagnacco became dangerous, at 42 'with a Brumana cross for Mauro, who hit the head without bothering Radu. At the end, however, the third goal came, still with Mauro head, following a corner won by Brumana, whose shot was deflected on the crossbar and was out.
The recovery gave less emotions, with Tavagnacco who tried to manage and touched the poker at 62 'with Brumana, who was wrong at the end of a solitary action, and with Bonetti, who at 72' pulled around by putting out of little. Napoli had the opportunity to shorten the distance to 82 ', but Yamamoto hit the crossbar on a free kick and on the next counterattack Radu was good to anticipate Brumana. At the end also Tavagnacco hit the crossbar with Bischi on a cross-shot that closed the game.
"He won the strongest team," explained the coach, Peppe Marino, at the end of the match. Our goodwill and sacrifice have not been enough and the final result is right. It would have been nice to win the second consecutive final but we found an opponent who made an excellent match without ever giving up. Our girls were not all at the top of their form and at these levels we also pay the slightest mistake ".

Graphistudio Tavagnacco-Napoli Women's Football 3-0
Graphistudio Tavagnacco: Marchitelli, Bischi, Rodella, Tuttino, Laterza, Bissoli, Bonetti (85 'Oliver), Parisi (90' Tommasella), Mauro (67 'Zuliani), Brumana, Camporese. Available: Bonassi, Martinelli, Potero, Tommasella, Oliver, Nardella, Zuliani. All. Rossi
Naples Women's Football: Radu, Schioppo (58 'Privitera), Esposito, Giuliano, Morra, Masia, Riboldi, Lubrano Lavadera (37' Caramia), Giacinti (67 'Barreca), Yamamoto, Pirone. Available: Parnoffi, Franco, Rapuano, Caramia, Di Marino, Barreca, Privitera. All. Marino
Referee: Zizza (Finale Emilia)
Markers: 7 'Brumana, 18' Camporese, 45 'Mauro
Ammonites: Mauro, Camporese, Bissoli (T), Schioppo, Masia, Giuliano (N)

Naples, 25 May 2013

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