Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Verona in the Italian Cup final!

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verona-2-2013 thumb307_Very big company of girls in the yellow-blue jersey that eliminate Torres battleships to the penalty shooters and arrive at the final of Forlì. Verona and Torres in front for a challenge without appeal that is worth the access to the Italian Cup final. Sardines full-bodied, Veronese lacking in midfield by Pini and Carissimi. The now usual rain does not abandon the teams even in a cold May 25.Starting of the race with both guarding formations. The Torres tries with Domenichetti from the outside, while the favorable opportunity for the Gialloblù arrives at the 20 'with Gabbiadini calling to the intervention Thalman.The captain Gialloblù shouts the goal of the 26 fans' goal, but his conclusion from the very position favorable ending of a breath to the side. The response of the sardines arrives shortly after with Domenichetti making his way into the area but kicking into the arms of Ohrstrom.Al 32 'Melania Gabbiadini in the penalty area overcomes Tona in speed and concludes by touching the intersection of the poles.
First fraction that ends in inviolate networks with a slight territorial supremacy of the Sardinian champions but with a more pungent scaligera formation with Captain Gabbiadini.
At the start of the shooting Di Crisci spizzica head but the ball ends at the side. Shortly after Gabbiadini tries to get away in speed, he gets in touch with Bartoli and the race director opts for the foul by the attacker from La Scala.
At 14 'Verona very close to the advantage: Federica Di Criscio takes a ball out of the area rejected by the Sardinian defense and takes the post with the goalkeeper Thalman that appeared in countertempo.
Two minutes later a very generous penalty kick awarded by the referee in favor of Torres for a contact just inside the area between Toselli Maendly.
From eleven meters he turns Manieri into the protests of the Gialloblù public.
At half hour Michela Ledri falls in the area but this time Gentile di Seregno does not whistle.
The Verona suffered the kickback of the penalty kick but still finds the strength to propose itself with the cross from Squizzato rejected on the ground by Thalman.
With plenty of time expired comes the goal of a deserved draw: go all the Gialloblù including goalkeeper Ohrstrom for a kick from the flag. In a melee the ball comes to Silvia Toselli who puts in one by one.
There is no more time and the transition to the final of the Italian Cup will be decided on penalties.
Gialloblù scored with Girelli, Gabbiadini and Di Criscio from the spot, while Torres scored with Panico and Manieri but failed with Tona.
Tatiana Zorri hits the crossbar but also Maendly for the sardines imitates her by catching the pole.
It is up to the Swedish Maria Karlsson to put in the fifth and final penalty kick giving a deserved qualification for the Coppa Italia final.
Next Saturday the Gialloblù at the Municipal Stadium of Forli will face the Tavagnacco who easily got rid of Napoli.

Verona - Torres 5-3 DCR
Networks: St. 16 'Manieri (rig.), 47' Toselli.
Penalties: Girelli goal, Panico goal, Gabbiadini goal, Tona out, Di Criscio goal, Manieri goal, Zorri cross out, Maendly pole out, Karlsson goal.
Verona: Ohrstrom, Squato, Ledri, Toscano Aggio, Karlsson, Di Criscio, Toselli, Gabbiadini, Zorri, Girelli, Lagonia (27 'St. Mason).
Available: Tasselli, Maffezzoni, Gelmetti, Belfanti, Capellni, Maceri, Mason.
Coach: Renato Longega.
Torres: Thalman, Manieri, Motta, Stracchi, Tona, Fuselli, Domenichetti, Maendly, Panico, Bartoli, Iannella.
Available: Criscione, Costi, Piacezzi, Maglia, Matarazzo.
Coach: Manuela Tesse
Referee: Lorenzo Gentile from Seregno.
Assistants: Zebele and Del Campo.
Notes: Artificial grass field, cold, rain and wind. Spectators about 400, also present the mayor of Verona Flavio Tosi.

Daniele Perina

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