Thursday, May 21 2015
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Italian Cup: Tavagnacco flies in the semifinals

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tavagnacco-2012-2013-450 thumb_medium300_200First time brand gialloblu, then flamed guest but Parisi and Bischi close the bill.
TAVAGNACCO. An hour of domination by the girls of Rossi with four goals, the imperious return of the guests and the grand finale yellowlolbu: we saw everything and the opposite of everything, at the Tavagnacco municipal, in the quarter-final (knockout) of Italian Cup. To face the Naples, in the semifinals, will therefore be the girls of President Picheo, who won - admirably - the third seasonal derby after the two championships. At 25 'it seems already time to throw the pasta: Brumana, Mauro (returning from the holder) and Camporese in fact pack an 3 - 0 that knows the sentence. The Pordenone, from a single week in the hands of Zambon, appears untied and unable to worry Marchitelli, while the landlords continue to grind game, based on enviable physical condition. And when, in the middle of the second half, Brumana paints poker with a lob, he could even go home. But Pordenone does not agree. Enter Paroni and you can see: right from the outside more of the attacker and almost canceled distances. The home defense then falls asleep on Lavia and 3-4.Tavagnacco trembles, there is a storm, but within a few minutes Camporese and company confirm that there is still a difference between the two realities. The Padovana gets a penalty (transformed by Parisi), then Bischi, at the first seasonal success, print the final 6-3. Bravo Pordenone, but Tavagnacco flies in the semifinals.

Tavagnacco Pordenone 6-3

Graphistudio Tavagnacco: Marchitelli, Martinelli, Rodella, Tuttino, Laterza, Bissoli, Bonetti, Parisi, Mauro, Brumana, Camporese. All. Rossi.
Available: Bonassi, Pochero, Tommasella, Nardella.

Pordenone: Fagotto, Bortolus, Boattin, Schiavo, Lavia, Lotto, De Val, Stabile, Cavallini, Piai, Sedonati All. Zambon
Available: Zorzi, Gobbo, Zanoni, Paoletti, Paroni, Urbani, Trifunjiagic

REFEREE: Cortinovis of Bergamo

NETWORKS: at 2 'Brumana, 19' Mauro, 24 'Camporese, 66' Brumana, 68 Paroni (P), 71 'Paroni (P) on penalty, 78' Lavia (P), 88 'Parisi on penalty, 92' Bischi
AMMONITE: Bissoli, Lavia

UPC Graphistudio Tavagnacco

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