Tuesday, January 21 2020
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2-0 Verona, in the sign of Gabbiadini!

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Brescia-Verona CI_024

Mompiano - A great Verona, taken by the hand of his immense captain Melania Gabbiadini, gains access to the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, beating the Brescia of Milena Bertolini on the field of the Club Azzurri di Mompiano. A beautiful and deserved victory, the result of the greater tenacity of the scaligere, but many recriminations in the biancazzurra home if you take into account at least three clearest chances for landlords to go to the net, badly wasted. The coach of Lombardy can not deploy the disqualified Zizioli and entrust the keys to the back pack to former Schiavi and D'Adda, with Gama on the right and Pedretti on the left, while median opts for a very unprofessional midfield with Boni, Rosucci and Alborghetti. Still on the bench Gozzi, the only median of the team's role. On the other side, Longega has to do without the Swedish Karlsson, stopped by the sports judge, and Carolina Pini, still absent due to back problems and opts for an unprecedented 5-2-1-2, with Toselli and Squato wide in the band to buffer the raids of Bonansea and Cernoia.

The first conclusion to the net is just the number 7 biancazzurra that kicks over the bar at the end of an insistent offensive maneuver of the swallows. The two formations play with great intensity from the first bars, but without getting too bad. This at least until the quarter of an hour, when the corner kick of Zorri is rejected by the defense. The ball reaches the edge of the penalty area, where Capitan Gabbiadini harpooned and fired towards the Brescia port. Penzo dives on the ball, but does not hold back and the ball ends its run in the net for the guest advantage. The goal gives the scaligere more peace of mind and Verona can start playing in the way that is more congenial, or with the rapid gusts on the counterattack of Bomber Meli. It is precisely Gabbiadini at the 24 'to drive Lagonia whose cross is perfect on the head of Girelli who from a few steps does not frame the door. At the 38 'Gabbiadini still takes the local defense for a walk to then serve with a heel the stonework Girelli that ends outside a nothing. The Brescia has in the final minutes the best opportunities of the first half to get back in a tie. At the 43 'Sabatino from outside the box tries the lob against Ohrstrom, but the Swede recovers the position and neutralizes. A minute after the no. 1 scaligera comes out of the punch to anticipate Sabatino, but the postponement arrives at the feet of Bonansea that of flatness on the fly does not clamorously port the door. Worse, however, is in full recovery Sabatino receiving undisturbed service from the trocar of Pedretti, check and a few steps turn incredibly out of the mirror, with Ohrstrom practically still.

Brescia-Verona CI_016The lionesses return to the battlefield in the recovery and press the scaligere in their area. But even the insistent offensive maneuvers Bresciane ends in a stalemate and at the best time for the landlords, to remove the chestnuts from the fire to the Verona once again thinks the Ferret Furetto. At XNXX 'Ledri returns from his area, D'Adda, in an attempt to anticipate prolong the trajectory of the ball and opens a highway for Melania Gabbiadini who does not have to pray twice. Arrived in front of Penzo, with a precise low shot, sends the ball in the lower corner and thus packs the Veronese doubling. The landlords attempt the reaction. Milena Bertolini removes a dead Boni (to be honest it must be emphasized that the former Scala was certainly not in the field in the position most congenial to her) and inserts Prost. The new entrance offers the 8 'a golden ball to Sabatino, who alone in front of Ohrstrom controls badly and slippers on the bottom. Day definitely not for High Voltage. At the 21 'Alborghetti tries a shot from outside, but the ball is deflected by the hosts and Ohrstrom collects on the ground without problems. At the 23 'Sabatino takes on the role of finishing, putting a ball low shot in the small delicious area. Cernoia comes in slip, but kicked incredibly in the arms of n. 29 host. As the minutes pass, the biancazzurra push goes off. At the 1 'Rosucci tries from afar, but the ball is abundantly high above the crossbar. At 37 'Bonansea, too little served in the course of the race, goes to the bottom and crossed for the head of Sabatino, but the defense of Verona is good guard and away. Bonansea and Sabatino reversed the roles shortly after, with the second offering the ball to the first, whose conclusion is strong, but central, easy prey for Ohrstrom. In the last moments, furious melee in the Venetian area, but Brescia does not reach the conclusion to the network. After four minutes of recovery the race director ceases hostilities. For Verona a victory that bodes well for the difficult semi-final against the Italian champions of Torres, but with a Gabbiadini everything is possible!

Brescia-Verona CI_026BRESCIA-VERONA-0-2

Networks: Gabbiadini at 15 'and 53'.

Brescia: 1 PENZO, 2 GAMA, 3 PEDRETTI, 4 SCHIAVI, 5 ROSUCCI, 6 D'ADDA, 7 CERNOIA, 8 ALBORGHETTI, 9 SABATINO, 10 BONI (from 57 'PROST), 11 BONANSEA. All. Milena Bertolini. Available: Mori, Zanetti, Paganotti, Gozzi, Assoni and Brayda.

Verona: 1 OHRSTROM, 2 SQUIZED, 3 LEDRI, 4 TOSCANO AGGIO, 5 LAGONIA (from 71 'MASON), 6 OF CRISCIO, 7 TOSELLI, 8 GABBIADINI (from 85' GELMETTI), 9 ZORRI, 10 GIRELLI (from 81 'MACERI), 11 CARISSIMI. All. Renato Longega. Available: Tasselli, Maffezzoni, Capelloni and Belfanti.

Referee: Dall'Oco di Finale Emilia.

Ammonita: Girelli at 57 '.

Notes: Overcast and rain at times during the race. Field slightly heavy, but playable. Present on the stands 500 spectators. Best in the field: D'Adda (BS) and Gabbiadini (VR).

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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