Big business of the Gialloblù who win in Brescia and reach the Italian Cup semi-final.

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Verona-2-2013Brescia and Verona in the field in the single elimination round competition valid for the quarter finals of the Italian Cup. The Gialloblù appear at the Club Azzurri of Brescia without defending the central Maria karlsson disqualified. Audience of great occasions and very concentrated teams in the field. The Brescia tries immediately with Cernoia, while the Gialloblù respond with the action dictated by Lagonia that opens for Girelli fished out. In the quarter of an hour the scaligere took the lead: on the development of a line from the flag captain Gabbiadini on the edge of the arpiona area, the ball was rejected by the Lombard defense and kicked with Penzo who did not hold back.
Nice action from Verona at the 24 ': Lagonia's cross is perfect for the gala shot by Cristiana Girelli, side ball.
Spectacular combination between Gabbiadini and Girelli at the 38 'with the conclusion of the number ten gialloblù which ends just wide.
Chills in the recovery of the first fraction for the conclusion of Sabatino that kicks off blatantly to the side.
First half ending with the Scaligero advantage.
The Brescia side started strong at the start of the second half, but at the best of the swallows Verona made a lethal restart: Ledri's launch from the back, D'Adda involuntarily prolonged the ball's trajectory, launching Gabbiadini who flies into the area and beat Penzo with a left flat in the low corner.
The Veronese go on the counterattack also to the 18 'but Gabbiadini face to face with Penzo is stopped for a millimetric out game.
On the Brescia side Sabatino, judged in a regular position, kicks to the stars from two steps. Shortly thereafter, Ohrstrom grounded the insidious conclusion of Alborghetti.
At the half-hour Brescia devours the goal with Cernoia who in front of the wide-open goal slides into the arms of Ohrstrom.
The Brescianis show themselves forward only after a couple of scrums.
After four minutes of recovery, the girls in the Gialloblù jersey and the supporters who came to Brescia for a great enterprise rejoice.
Verona hits the city of Brescia and arrives in the semifinals of the Italian Cup. In two weeks in via Sogare the opponent will be the Italian champion Torres who eliminated Inter.

Networks: Pt. 15 'Gabbiadini, st. 8 'Gabbiadini
Brescia: Penzo, Gama, Pedretti, Schiavi, Rosucci, D'Adda, Cernoia, Alborghetti, Sabatono, Boni (13 'st. Prost), Bonansea.
Available: Mori, Zanetti, Prost, Paganotti, Gozzi, Assoni, Barayda.
Coach: Milena Bertolini.
Verona: Ohrstrom, Squizzato, Ledri, Toscano Aggio, Lagonia (26 'st. Mason), Di Criscio, Toselli, Gabbiadini (39' st. Gelmetti), Zorri, Girelli (36 'stMaceri), Carissimi.
Available: Tasselli, Maffezzoni, Capelloni, Belfanti, Gelmetti, Maceri, Mason.
Coach: Renato Longega.
Referee: Giacomo Dall'Oco from Finale Emilia
Notes: Cloudy afternoon with rain showers before the match, wet ground but in good condition. Spectators over 400 with good Veronese representation. Ammonita Girelli, Recovery 3 + 4, corners 4-2.

Daniele Perina

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