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Italian Cup 2012-2013


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statistics-ve-taThanks to the collaboration of Paolo Marcutti, at the forefront of mobile technology, we can publish the statistics of the Italian Cup final: Verona - Tavagnacco.
Paolo uses an android APP that allows him to record every action of the match on his application, spread the file in real time or later with the pdf, as he does in the post game, via e-mail.
A useful and interesting service to analyze the race but also to transmit during live scores to live the emotions of the match in real time.
This application has the function of managing the complete tactical statistics of your team and allows you to record the following situations: Goals, assists, shots, passes, crosses, dribbles, corners, fouls, offside with the teams, referees and many others info. The APP can be downloaded at the following link: download app

Download / view the Verona - Tavagnacco statistics


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Final Cup_Italia_2013_042Forlì - Go to Graphistudio Tavagnacco the Italian Cup 2013, after a dominated race, in which the Verona is lost after five minutes of play and can no longer recover. The Friulians arrive in Romagna much more concentrated than the Veneto that Mr. Longega field in the same form of the semifinals, won against Torres, but mixing the interpreters. Certainly the scaligere can not but recite the mea culpa. Beyond the slip at the ready-off of Karlsson and Ohrstrom, two of the best among the Verona for the whole season, the Veneto appeared off and discharged, unable to repeat the great test of only seven days before. Marco Rossi, on the other hand, obtained a race from the limits of perfection, in which we must underline a completely rediscovered Ilaria Mauro, elegant in the finishing phase and ruthless in the goal zone.

Longega renounces the Canadian Lagonia from the first minute, a choice that in hindsight will leave some regrets. The first few minutes show two combative and concentrated teams, but at the 5 'the Veronese literally make harakiri: Karlsson and Ohrstrom too much time, Mauro as a hawk slings between the two Swedes and door unguarded deposited on the net. Tavagnacco immediately ahead, with a fortuitous goal, but heavy as a boulder. With a little more luck, Verona could reach a draw at 17 ', when Squizzato picks up the defeat of the defense and from a distance, with a poisonous parable, catches in full the crossbar with Marchitelli appeared late. Two minutes later Brumana responds with a powerful diagonal, but repelled with his feet from Ohrstrom. The scaligere try to set up some initiative, but the 5-3-2 gialloblù does not have the desired effect, with Squizzato and Toselli struggling to rise and support the offensive maneuver. The result is that in midfield the Friulians are always in numerical superiority and Girelli and Gabbiadini left alone to their fate, while behind Toscano Aggio must literally do overtime to stop the raids of Friuli. Camporese on the left is a real scarecrow, while from the feet of Bonetti leave inviting services for the companions and when he decides to be seen in the area goes close to the goal at 29 ', when head strongly strengthens the cross of Mauro, but centrally and Ohrstrom block. The Veronese are seen practically only on the set pieces that conquered with caparbietà capitan Gabbiadini. Ledri misses the 35 'tap in two steps from the door on the free kick from the trocar of Di Criscio, while time expired Girelli shoots to the stars at the end of the most beautiful attack action of the Veneto.

Final Cup_Italia_2013_028Longega in the shot inserts Lagonia for the feverish Squato, while at 26 'will also send Mason to Ledri, another player who might have been comfortable from the beginning. At 6 'Brumana is veiled on Parisi's free-kick, Ohrstrom sees the ball only at the last, but remedied in two stages, also suffering foul. 11 'Verona is very close to the draw: Girelli suffers a foul, Lagonia goes to kick from a tight angle on the left. The cross arrives on the head of the same n. 10 scaligera that impacts to perfection, but Marchitelli responds to the big by lifting over the crossbar. Five minutes after the race closes: Mauro runs away on the left wing, from the bottom of the small area on the edge of a small shot, on which Camporese pounces and first turns to the net. Ohrstrom opposes instinctively, but the ball slams against the post on his right and carambola slowly into the net. The doubling is a real blow that literally extinguishes the ambitions of scaligere. Indeed in the remaining half hour are the imprecision of the Friulian strikers and the skill of the Swedish goalkeeper of the Veneto to prevent the Tavagnacco rampage. At 32 'Rodella serves in the area the free Zuliani who kicks first by calling Ohrstrom to the miracle, while at 39' Brumana the grace kicking out a penalty in motion. Mauro at 40 'is hypnotized by n. 1 scaligera, while at 45 'assists Zuliani who shoots out a few meters. At the triple whistle the uncontrollable joy of Marco Rossi's girls explodes. Captain Brumana lifts the Italian Cup 2013, the first trophy for the showcase of the Friulian society. With this spirit, however, many other goals await the Friulian athletes starting with the next round of the Super Cup in August, against the Italian champions of Torres.


Networks: Mauro at 5 'pt and Camporese at 16' st

Verona: OHRSTROM, SQUIZED (from 1 'ST LAGONIA), LEDRI (from 26' ST MASON), TOSCANO AGGIO, KARLSSON, DI CRISCIO, TOSELLI, GABBIADINI (cap.), ZORRI, GIRELLI, CARISSIMI. All. Renato Longega. Available: Tasselli, Gelmetti, Capelloni, Belfanti and Maceri.

G. Tavagnacco: MARCHITELLI, BISCHI, RODELLA, TUTTINO, LATERZA, MARTINELLI (from 49 'st POCHERO), BONETTI (from 21' ST ZULIANI), PARISI, MAURO, BRUMANA (cap.) (From 47 'st OLIVER), CAMPORESE . All. Marco Rossi. Available: Bonassi, Zandomenichi, Tommasella and Nardella.

Referee: Francesca Campagnolo from Bassano del Grappa. Assistants: Ilaria Melchiorri of Modena and Francesca Loddo of Ferrara.

Ammonite: Laterza, Brumana and Camporese (T).

Notes: Day characterized by the hot sun and finally pleasant temperature. Present on the stands about 600 spectators. Best on the pitch: Toscano Aggio (V) and Mauro (T).

The Italian Cup goes to Friuli

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verona-2-2013 thumb307_The Tavagnacco wins with merit his first Italian Cup against a Verona under tone and conditioned by the goal immediately at the start of the race.
Verona and Tavagnacco take the field at the Stadio Morgagni in Forlì on a sunny afternoon for the final of the Coppa Italia, now in its fortieth edition. Public of the great occasions, at least a hundred supporters from Verona arrived in Romagna, and directed Rai for the last important event of the women's football season.
The Friulians took the lead to the first thrust by exploiting a colossal misunderstanding between the two Swedes of Verona Ohrstrom and Karlsson who leave green light to Mauro. The number nine of the Tavagnacco that from a defiled position bags to unguarded door.

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Italian Cup Final: Saturday in Forlì the very special live Raisport

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verona-2-2013 thumb307_Saturday at 15,30 at the Stadio Comunale Morgagni of Forlì the final act of the Italian Cup, the final between Verona and Tavagnacco. Live Raisport 1. Scaligere to come back big and put on the showcase the fourth Coppa Italia, Friulane to conquer the first important trophy of their history.
Those who will be able to live this Saturday at the Municipal Stadium "Tullo Morgagni" in Forlì will certainly be strong, where, starting from 15,30, with direct Raisport 1, Verona and Tavagnacco will fight in the final of the Women's Cup Italy, event now in its fortieth edition .
The Veronese arrive at the final act of the Italian competition on the wings of enthusiasm for having eliminated the Italian champions of Torres on penalty kicks, and after a long journey started scoring goals on September 2 with the preliminary triangular. Gabbiadini and companions have thrown out teams gradually more titled, eliminating in the order Sudtirol, Mozzanica, Brescia and Torres.

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Napoli CF thanks the Tavagnacco company for the reception.

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logo napoli_cy_thumb_medium205_250The Napoli Calcio Femminile company wants to thank the TAVAGNACCO company for the wonderful reception reserved to our society and our girls on Saturday for the Coppa Italia semi-final match.
This is the right spirit that must distinguish our football to bring it to represent, increasingly, a new frontier of the most beautiful game in the world. At the same time, however, we feel compelled to stigmatize the authors of the game's webcast, knowing full well that it has little to do with society. These have been the authors of various inaccuracies and various statements that have been gratified during the same commentary. Statements concerning, above all, our Japanese soccer player (they were identified in a group of tourists in Naples, while in addition to being the protagonist of a wonderful championship, the same has played a world championship with the shirt of his national team) and some links our main sponsor with his country of birth. Carpisa and Yamamay are in fact not present on these markets at all, they will be in the next few years. We will shortly be proposing them for a Mediaset nomination to replace the Gialappa's Band, to which they may have been inspired without having anyway quality and football skills to imitate them.

Italian Cup Final: All by bus to Forlì!

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Verona-bus-forliTo follow the girls of Verona engaged in the Italian Cup final scheduled for Saturday 1 June at 15,30 at the Municipal Stadium of Forlì, a bus is organized starting Saturday at 11,45 from the parking "A" of the Bentegodi Stadium (side Masprone) and 12,00 from the Pupi Sports Club in via G. Anselmi 9, in San Massimo - Verona.
The cost of the trip is 10 euro with free admission to the stadium.
For registration send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 045 8900393 within Thursday indicating, in addition to the name, a telephone number and the place of departure.


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VR-TORRES Coppa_Italia_2013_044Verona - At the end of yet another very difficult challenge with Torres's ever rivals, Verona Femminile gains access to the 2013 Italian Cup final, which will be held next Saturday in Forlì, against Graphistudio Tavagnacco. A race that the Italian champions have tried to dock in port with the usual elegant phrasing, but the scaligere, without Carissimi disqualified and injured Pini, have succeeded between their teeth to contain the opponents for most of the race, doing however see the best things in the offensive phase, thanks to the rapid counterattacks of which the gialloblù are teachers. This at least until the penalty kick made by Manieri who broke the balance in the second half. But when everything seems now written, Silvia Toselli, certainly not the most celebrated of the scaligere and one of the most harassed by the good Longega, has timed expiration of that opening that brings Verona to the penalty kick and the smile to an environment that during the season too many times he found himself with a bad taste in his mouth.



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yamamoto5The company fails to Neapolitan, Tavagnacco wins and goes to the final (3-0).
The Napoli Calcio Femminile can not conquer the second consecutive Italian Cup final. At the end of an exhilarating season the team of president Lello Carlino was defeated in the semifinals by Tavagnacco (3-0), away, at the end of a very difficult challenge against the vice champions of Italy. The Friulians, in fact, have fought until the last day with Torres to try to win the Scudetto and they want to make up for the final of the Cup (which will be played next Saturday in Forlì and will see Bardolino Verona as another finalist, after the success 5-3 on penalties against Torres). It remains, however, a historic result, with fifth place in the first season in Serie A and the second consecutive semi-final in the Italian Cup.


Verona in the Italian Cup final!

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verona-2-2013 thumb307_Very big company of girls in the yellow-blue jersey that eliminate Torres battleships to the penalty shooters and arrive at the final of Forlì. Verona and Torres in front for a challenge without appeal that is worth the access to the Italian Cup final. Sardines full-bodied, Veronese lacking in midfield by Pini and Carissimi. The now usual rain does not abandon the teams even in a cold May 25.Starting of the race with both guarding formations. The Torres tries with Domenichetti from the outside, while the favorable opportunity for the Gialloblù arrives at the 20 'with Gabbiadini calling to the intervention Thalman.The captain Gialloblù shouts the goal of the 26 fans' goal, but his conclusion from the very position favorable ending of a breath to the side. The response of the sardines arrives shortly after with Domenichetti making his way into the area but kicking into the arms of Ohrstrom.Al 32 'Melania Gabbiadini in the penalty area overcomes Tona in speed and concludes by touching the intersection of the poles.

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Italian Cup, a victory for the final.

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Cup-Italian-semi-2013Four of the top five in the league are competing for the 2012-2013 edition of the Italian Cup. Eve of great anticipation for the four protagonists that tomorrow at 16.00 will face each other to give life to two matches of high technical, tactical and competitive value.
Female soccer athletes, who will not be able to visit the playgrounds, will be able to follow the events of the two semi-finals with the direct TV of Verona - Torres and the web news radio of Tavagnacco - Naples.
On the synthetic of the Olivieri stadium the great challenge between Verona and Torres is renewed. The Veronese, in clear recovery, galvanized by the beautiful victory against Brescia and with one Gabbiadini in great dust will have to deal with the consolidated champions of Italy, strong of a constant yield and always motivated for new goals to be conquered. A match that will decide on the episodes with the most incisive Veronese and the most concrete sardines.

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