Saturday, October 19 2019
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Cuneo S.Rocco - Alessandria 1- 5

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Cuneo S.Rocco - Alessandria 1- 5

The women's Cuneo starts the 2010 season with a defeat for 5 at 1 against Alessandria in the first round of the Italian Cup.
The girls of the duo Cerato Bertoloni, weighed down by heavy training, have held up well against the opponents only once, then in the second half, with the passing of the minutes, they have lost the necessary clarity that led them to commit errors that are fatal states.
The Alexandria, from the height of its experience in the category, mortgage the transition to the next round, with a performance that showed a good form and a good organization of play. The gray Mr. Andolfo, with good individuality, have given little to the Cuneo, and after taking control of the midfield, for large tracts have put pressure on the opponent's defense.

At the whistle the biancorossi try to surprise the opponents with a throw by Luciano for Sechi, but the conclusion of the outside is lost to the side; just passes 1 'and Alexandria took the lead with Di Stefano in a clear offside position, among other things reported to the race director by the assistant, Saccomanno burns out.

The Cuneo try to reorganize, and an exchange in speed Luciano-Allena, leads the latter to the conclusion, but the ball hits the inside of the crossbar and returns to the field.

Shortly after a photocopy of a maneuver against the Di Stefano closes on Montecucco but the conclusion is printed on the crossbar;

at 20 'Saccomanno goes out with courage on the Mensi launched at the net and foils the danger.

The last blaze of the first half is up to the host formation with a deep launch of the Delodi for Montecucco but the conclusion is high. In the second half after just 4 'Alexandria doubles with Di Stefano well served by Marafioti; the Cuneo try to react and immediately miss the goal with the Curious arriving with a moment of delay on the cross of Testa.

At the 12 'Cuneo finally break the opposing defense with a wonderful action by the duo Luciano - Curioso but the conclusion of De Paoli hisses just above the crossbar.

At 15 'a back pass by Ranieri is blocked by Pagliassotto, and on the free kick the Curioso commits the goalkeeper.

The effort begins to be felt and at the 17 'the alexandrine fell the trio on double error with Cuneo Montecucco; at half an hour the Sosso, ex Juventus, takes advantage of a new amnesia of the landlords and makes poker.

Shortly thereafter, Saccomanno is opposed to closed fists on the conclusion of the Lupi;

at the 42 'Cuneo shorter distances on a free kick by Armitano that Giraudo has just pushed into the back of the bag.

In full recovery a misunderstanding between Saccomanno and Buzzoni leads to a penalty foul that Draghi shoves on the left of the red and white goalkeeper.

The comment of Bertoloni at the end of the race: "despite the heavy defeat, something good today we managed to do it in the first half the girls have held the field well, even if at this stage of preparation we still have not got the right pace.

In the second half the heavy legs have clouded our ideas and made us commit gross errors that in this category should not be committed and for this we were punished.

Next Saturday in the return meeting I hope the team has a bit more beer in the legs, which will allow us to maintain a high concentration for all 90 minutes ".

Saturday 11 September in Alessandria at 19,30 at the R.Cattaneo stadium, the return meeting will be held, while for the start of the A2 championship it will be necessary to wait for Sunday 26, when Cuneo will arrive a renewed Milan with clear promotion ambitions.

Cuneo: Saccomanno, Armitano, Vallauri, Nose (46 'Goletto), Giordano, Buzzoni, Allena, Curioso (84'Giraudo), De Paoli, Luciano, Sechi (47' Testa)

Available: Asteggiano, Dutto, Tomatis, Marchisio

All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Alessandria: Pagliassotto, Delodi, Lardo (62 'Zullo), Dragons, Rigolino, Ranieri, Marafioti (75' Argiolas), Lupi, Di Stefano, Montecucco (69 'Sosso), Mensi.

Available: Sportelli, Garavelli, Parlagreco, Barbesino

All. Landolfo

Referee: sig. Schirru (Nichelino)

Assistants: Ms. Maggio, Barra (Bra)

Markers: 2 'pt- 4'st. Di Stefano (A), 17 'st. Montecucco (A), 30 'st. Bone (A), 42 'st Giraudo (C), 46' st. Dragons (A)

Diego Naso

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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