Monday, April 06, 2020
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Gordige - Inter Milan 2-0

Rating: 2 / 5

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gordigemagico577A beautiful and hard-fought match with the Gordige who, between the friendly walls and in front of a beautiful public dressed in the blue-white stadium of the via Split, wants to make a good impression and win the entire prize.

The Gordige starts in the fourth and immediately goes into the opponent's area with Marangon and Longato well served by the midfield, pressure and net dominance and to the 11 'Longato puts a ball recovered from Marangon.

On the 1-0 the Gordige still pushes and with Balasso pushing Longato often goes into the area with danger for Inter, so Melato always heads and puts a little to the side. Unfortunately, Inter is not able to deploy his potential and is forced to chase the Gordige by committing some foul sanctioned by the extremely tax referee. It is up to Tosini to pay the costs and after the yellow card the second warning on the protests for a foul committed on Amidei, which the referee does not accept.

We are still at the end of the first half and at the restart Inter does not break down and try to straighten the game, but Gordy are the most dangerous actions and Longed before, Piron then, missing two to zero, while for Inter there try with Thisler touching the 6 'pole. Turning substitutions and a little 'tension enliven the end of the race with an Inter player who is expelled from the bench.

The last few minutes, however, see the Gordige still forward and Longato first stretches a ball face to face with the goalkeeper and then marks the 2 to 0 also discarding the last defender.

The race and the exciting championship end with the Longato show, but the 11 lions in the field and the others on the bench, were all authors of the 69 networks, the 49 points and the 22 games fought to the bottom with all the grit of the world !

Gordige 49, Inter 46 ... big carousel in the center of Cavarzere and final party on the way Split with the joy of victory and tomorrow, of A2 and all that follows ... we will worry later.

ASD Gordige CR - Female Inter Milan 2-0

Gordige CR: Bertocco M., Cecchetto A., Bag C., Melato A., Bovolenta A., Balasso C., Marangon A. (60 'Piron), Andreasi I., Biscaro MG (80'Rizzatello), Amidei S ., (54 'Piron)

AVAILABLE: Mazzucco M., Scalingi A., Campi V., Piron L., Rizzatello P.

TRAINER: Babetto Giannino

Inter: Rottoli, Piccolo, Gusso, Nencioni, Tosini, Asperti, Thisler (46 'Dargenio), Rossivalle (60' Calvo), Baresi, Tolda, Bianchessi

DISPOSAL: Cazzaniga, Arcaini, Dargenio, DeLuca, Savarese, Calvo, Baccarani

TRAINER: Malgeri

Ammonites: 37 'Tosini

Markers: 1T) 11 'Longed 2T) 45' Longed

Expelled: 45 'Tosini (I)

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