Thursday, April 23, 2015
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O.Vignola - Castelvecchio 1 - 4

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castelvecchio20102011Last stop series "A2" for the Castelvecchio of Savignano sul Rubicone that shows up on the Comunale di Vignola against Olimpia in full force, followed by an array of 150 fans with flags, banners, trumpets and balloons and with a mad desire to redeem the hoax of Godige (Venice) three years ago where they lost the promotion to the last day.

Nobody at the end of the first round would have bet a euro on the promotion of the team Cesenate, yet these priceless girls spurred by Mr. Jacopo Leandri with the second Massimo Ricci, pampered as ever by the President Massimo Magnani and Sports Director Emanuela Vincenzi, have made a true is just football miracle.

Departure at high rates for the yellow-green, who immediately understand that they are on a good day and can express a good game with lots of scoring opportunities.

At the 25 ° Castelvecchio deservedly in the lead with Canini (back on its standard levels), which receives ball at the edge of the penalty area by Teodorani (true soul of the team) launches a shot that exceeds the goalkeeper; enthusiasm to the stars in the field and on the terraces.

The gialloverdi have a territorial dominance and play, but wasted so much in front of the door, with the Gladiator Farnedi (intelligent match his) to the 26 ° and 35 ° with two personal actions, where the defender is free but the conclusion is central . At Olimpia there are still crumbs and some counter-attacks. Just on one of these, with the scrum in the area the referee ordered a penalty to Vignola. On the ball is presented Vandelli, short run-up shot and Pacini (excellent his game) flies on the ball and manages to deflect it in the corner: "Today someone Lassù loves us".

It closes the first half with the girls guests who have control of the game, with Vignola who does not seem to have weapons to put in the field.

In the second half things do not change and apart from some nice parade out of Fattore dell'Olimpia the Romagnole doubles to 47 ° on the cross of Guidi enters in arrogance Lisi (Captain or my Captain) who leads the result on 2 0.

It 'a monologue of the Castel that continues a pressing asphyxiating that translates into the third network by Guidi (trottolino palatable) that per minute 55' on a calibrated ball launched by Balacchi (Duracell inexhaustible battery) exceeds the goalkeeper with a right in the running .

Minute 65 'action of Benini (real nice discovery of the second round) goes down from the left wing back to Cignali (said the mother when he takes the field seems to have eaten a good dose of spinach and it is very difficult to stop) that ball to Teodorani cross in area and settles Baiocchi head (called mastiff).

The romagnole fell a bit 'pace, while the Emilia began to push, but the defense Romagnola with the couple Paganelli Gnoli (Thiago Silva and Nesta) do not give breath to the good strikers Vignola, at least for the flag network.

Marking that comes to the minute 85 'with Benea that after a descent on the right wing enters the area by packing the 1 network to 4.

Suffered and deserved Promotion in the "A2" series of this great group that hand in hand under the stairs to receive the choirs and the applause of the festive fans.

A big applause goes to all the girls of Castelvecchio Women's Football (even those who played less, but always indispensable as Laura FIORENZA, Alessandra and Martina AMADUZZI, Nicol FUSCONI, Stefania BIZZOCCHI, Carla CASTELLUCCI) to Mister Jacopo LEANDRI, to Vice Massimo RICCI to the trainer of goalkeepers Giuseppe BONIFACIO who have always believed in this group, the secretary Daniele FRANI, the ever present chaperones and managers Giorgio GOZZI, Gianni ANGELI, Stefano AMADUZZI, Filiberto GUIDI, Roberta RIDOLFI and all the managers who have made this beautiful day could have been realized.

Good luck to the whole movement of women's football and FORZA CASTELVECCHIO.-


Markers: Canines 25 ', Lisi 47', Guidi 55 ', Baiocchi 65', 85 'Benea (O).


Factor, Bitti, D'Amato, Viva, Grenzi, Facchini, Boni, Teeth, Vandelli, Balestri, Benea.

At disposition Tedoldi, Esposito, Pianeazzi, Acheampong, Hmidi.

Coach Antonio AMMIRATO.


Pacini, Baiocchi, Gnoli, Balacchi (57 'Cignali), Paganelli, Canini, Benini, Teodorani, Farnedi (66' Fusconi), Lisi (80 'Amaduzzi M.), Guidi.

At disposition Bizzochi, Amaduzzi A., Fusconi, Cignali, Amaduzzi M., Fiorenza, Tani.

Coach Jacopo LEANDRI

Vignola (Modena), 08 May 2011

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