Thursday, April 23, 2015
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paganelli-elisaOn a beautiful sunny day, in front of an important public setting in Savignano sul Rubicone you play the penultimate game between Castelvecchio and Anspi Marciano. Right from the start the last guest team in the standings shows they can not counteract the tactical technical superpower of the team of Mr. Leandri. Castelvecchio strong and at the first attempt goes in the net, minute 2 ° Teodorani from midfield launches on the left wing Amaduzzi M. with millimeter precision calibrates a ball for Guidi that bypasses the goalkeeper and deposits on the net.

At the 9 ° the doubling, descent on the Lisi cross for the Bomber Guidi that inflates the net to the right of Gammarota.

At 13 'beautiful action Lisi Guidi shot of the latter rejected by the goalkeeper the ball remains steady one meter from the door enters the ball Balacchi that heel scored the third goal.

Minute 20 ° Amaduzzi M. for Farnedi who gets rid of the defender very well and launches again in speed Guidi who kicks off the goalkeeper, resumes the striker and takes the Gialloverdi girls on 4 to 0.

24 ° descent from midfield of Guidi, true thorn in the side of the opposing defense, leaving behind two defenders enters the area and is landed by the goalkeeper; penalty x Castelvecchio and expulsion of Gammarota, Lisi on the ball and brings the romagnole on 5 0.

26 'descent of Teodorani (soul of the Savignanese midfield) ball for Amaduzzi M. and from the limit starts a shot that ends up. 30 ° arrives the fourth personal goal of Guidi; yet another cross of an incomparable Lisi and flat placed the ball to the left of the opponent's goal.

Anspi Marciano the first 45 minutes is presented in the penalty area yellow-green only a couple of times and this thanks to the excellent seal of the home defense directed by order Paganelli. The first half ends with the Castelvecchio leading 6 to 0.

The second half begins as the first with the Castel pushing forward and tries to become dangerous, managing to create clear network chances but not framing the door well.

At the 62 'the shotgun of Erika Lisi arrives, corner kick beaten by Amaduzzi M. head of the aforementioned tip depositing the ball into the net.

It's a monologue of the girls of Mister Jacopo Leandri, who from the second round play by heart, have ringed one victory after the other, bringing the team to the threshold of the series "A 2".

Two minutes later, at the 64 ° comes the third goal of Lisi who sends a ball perfectly launched by Amaduzzi A.-

At the 68 'Lisi comes out to the applause, Fusconi enters. 70th action from the right of Gnoli descends and supports ball to Farnedi which takes a great shot from outside the area, bounces in front of the goalkeeper and ends out a little.

Minute 74 'action on the right wing of Fusconi who, after missing two opponents, reaches the edge of the area puts the ball in the center for Fiorenza that does not frame the door.

Amaduzzi M. at 79 'on a cross from Fiorenza is on the ball with the goalkeeper, who parries the shot.

Last real occasion of the match at the 85 'cross from the left of Fiorenza, the ball reaches Fusconi from the opposite side which tows an opponent and pulls but once again the ball ends out.

A day is missing (next Sunday in Vignola Modena) and listening to the results coming from other fields (Villacidro loses to Hispellum) "to date, the fourth Castelvecchio in the standings would be promoted.

We cross our fingers for the last game in that of Vignola with thousands of supporters and sportsmen of Savignano ready to sing FORZA CASTELVECCHIO.-


Markers: 2 ', 10', 21 ', 31' Guidi, 14 'Balacchi, 28', 62 'and 64' Lisi,


Pacini (46 'Leontyeva), Amaduzzi A., Gnoli, Benini, Paganelli, Balacchi, Amaduzzi M., Teodorani, Lisi (68' Fusconi), Farnedi, Guidi (46 'Fiorenza).

Leontyeva, Fiorenza, Baiocchi, Canini, Bizzochi, Cigniani, Fusconi.

Coach Leandri Jacopo


Gammarota, Nardone, Corradi, Turnone, De Santis MC, Armillei, Nenna, Lucani, Campetella, Bartoli, Ferraldeschi.

At disposal De Santis M., Forcina.

Maurizio Savarino coach

Franco Scolozzi

Savignano sul Rubicone, 01 May 2011

Walter Pettinati
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