Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The scream of joy reaches the 89 °!

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salento_donne_thumb_medium150_99The scream of joy arrives in the queue for the girls of Salento Women who one minute from the ninetieth score with captain Serena D'Amico the goal that can be worth salvation. For the Giallorossi three heavy points in view of the decisive clash next Sunday on the Castellana field. At 90 'from the end of the season in fact Salento Donne occupies the third position in the standings with 15 points in front of Real Marsico with 14 and Castellana with 12. The Lucas have a turn on the affordable card against a Cosenza already safe for which the team that relegated to Serie C could come out of the Puglia derby between Salento Donne and Castellana. In case of an equal number of points, the playoff will proceed.
But back to the victory of the Giallorossi against Campobasso: despite having already acquired salvation, the Molise have played vehemently until the last moment of play. After a first time all in all balanced in which the Molisans hit the cross directly on punishment with Giusy Micatrotta, in the second half Salento Donne took the upper hand touching on several occasions the advantage with Accogli and D'Amico. An extraordinary dolomite of about 25 meters of D'Amico has been miraculously deflected in corner by the goalkeeper. Then, one minute from the end the turn: it is the usual D'Amico, prompted by Marta Longo, to mock the goalkeeper Giusti with a right that rolls in the door of Molise. The joy turned into nightmare when the referee Laudato di Taranto has assigned well 5 minutes of recovery. An infinity. The race director was over when he beat a free kick from the edge of the penalty three times, providing for a yellow card. Fortunately, the last attempt by Micatrotta went off on the bottom. "We have won against everything and everyone," said captain D'Amico at the end of the game. "We showed up in the field with some important absences and we found an opponent with a very high competitive charge." They seemed to be playing the Champions League final. Nevertheless we won the same and now we are getting ready to face the Castellana in a race that is worth salvation ".

Salento Women 1

Campobasso 0

Salento Women: Ambrosino, Longo, Primitivo, Mancarella, Paolo, Indino, D'Amico, Costa, Dollorenzo (5 'st Bergamo), Pindinello, Accogli. Available for: De Matteis, Carrafa Alessandra, Carrafa Raffaella, Cucurachi, Panico. All. Palma.

Campobasso: Giusti, Ruggiero, Dhamo, Del Gesso, Conte, Piacquadio, Palmieri, D'Angelo, Micatrotta Giusy, Coluzzi, Micatrotta Rossella (17 'st Guerrera).

All. Ricciardi.

Referee: Laudato di Taranto.

Marker: 89 'D'Amico.

Notes: about two hundred spectators. Ammonite Mancarella, Paolo, D'Amico.

Walter Pettinati
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