Thursday, January 12th
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A2 2010-2011 Series

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Ugly stop in Sardinian land for Alessandria Women's Football: 3-1 the final result for Oristano, able to exploit the only opportunities that happened during the match and the evident tiredness of travel accumulated by the girls of Mr. Fossati. Air flight with an alarm clock when it is still dark and long transfer by coach have marked a match that in other conditions saw the gray team favored. Yet the game had started well: action Montecucco - Lupi, ball on the feet of Di Stefano and the captain hit the post.

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migliorini_mazzola_thumb307_The Siena women's football championship resumes after a stop Sunday due to the national team's commitments. The bianconere will leave tomorrow morning for Cervia where, at the 14.30, at the "le Saline" stadium will face the very tough Riviera di Romagna. At the moment the Riviera is in second place with 23 points, only two away from the leaders Pordenone plus a line for a zero goal in the last day of the championship.

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lecce22_thumb_medium305_206In the field also Elisa Lecce, back from the decisive goal in the national team (1-1) against Austria
Also this week the stars of the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli have shone. Despite the stop of the championship, the Neapolitan team has put on display one of his jewels, Elisa Lecce, engaged on Wednesday in the challenge between national under 19 Italy-Austria. Sapri's girlfriend was the author of the final 1-1 to 5 minutes from the end, confirming one of the cornerstones of the national team and reiterating once again the wonderful work done by the Neapolitan society in cultivating young talents from Campania.

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Federica-Funiciello"Come and play in Puglia", to paraphrase Caparezza. Imola female prepares for the trip to Bari against Pink Sport Time dealing with the infirmary. In fact, Marika Zinelli, Simona Cimatti and Giulia Baldini will be absent due to various ailments while Romina Sbrescia is in doubt. The Bari team has six points in the standings, exactly half of those trained by coach Ademaro Mosconi. The intent of the landlords will be to get the first victory in the league. So far, in fact, the Pugliese have obtained six draws and suffered five defeats. On the first leg the Imola was imposed with the score of 2-0 starting in the best way the new adventure in the second national championship.

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coppola_erbaAt the municipal road in Via Lombardia, the recovery match between Como and Liguria is staged, respectively, before the match, the third and second force of a championship that currently sees Mega's team in the lead. Spring day (15 ° C) with the two teams facing each other on fair ground. The race, well directed by the referee and his colleagues, sees a first time without major upheavals, with two teams perhaps more concerned not to suffer the passive.

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Como2000_20102011_thumb307_In the first thirty minutes the race remains stingy with emotions, with the two teams careful not to discover too much.

At 30 'the Como touches the advantage with a fast counterattack in which Coppola serves Ambrosetti that ends from the spot by touching the crossbar. Overturn in the front and the Milanese take the lead. Ugly manages to put in the middle a sharp cross on which Dede finds the winning deviation. The Como accuse the shot, the Rossoneri grow and 5 minutes later find the doubling from Brutti's feet. Only two excellent interventions by Giuliani before time runs out, allow the Larians to keep the match open.

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pordenone20102011_thumb_medium150_91RIVIERA DI ROMAGNA - GRAPHISTUDIO PORDENONE 1 - 0 CERVIA.

Defeat that arrives on an indecent field due to the conditions of the grassy ground at the limit of the practicality that has conditioned the race not allowing both teams to play ball on the ground, especially, to put it all to the visiting team that in suffering has found to do the counts with random flow of the sphere and never the result of a thoughtful action. In short, in the field you had to put so much strength. Point. The goal in fact, the only one in the match, signed the Dulbecco in the first half good seven yellow to get it protecting the ball and misleading the Vettoretti.

Rating: 1 / 5

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pink20102011_thumb_medium250_158Even the third strength of the championship Mozzecane is blocked by the "pareggite" that hit the pink-blue team at the sixth consecutive tie. A real record of the Bari team that has allowed to distance the bottom of the ranking of 2 points and keep the posting of 1 point from Marsala. The game sees the Venetian team that tries from the very first steps to make his game but the goal of Pink by Longo 20 of the first half complicates the plans of the Verona training.

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marsala_enodoro201011The day, warm and sunny, opens with the party in the field for Valeria Anteri, captain today in honor of his 200 appearances in blue shirt, and commemorative plaque of the company to celebrate worthily the commitment and dedication in almost ten years of presences in blue. But immediately it is a real race. With a performance from "Cuore book" the women's football Enodoro Marsala blocks the Imola, and thanks to a large parade of the Scozzari in the recovery minutes, manages to save the skin and conquer a point that is worth at least three. First half, however, bad, played in a field at the limits of practicality, with two opportunities for Imola that are not materialized, and teams at rest on 0 0.

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PIRONE22_thumb_medium250_171Batting 3-1 the Vis Francavilla Fontana, the Primavera team has conquered the first historic qualification for the national final for a team from Campania
Unforgettable Saturday for the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli for women's football. While the first team beat at home the Vis Francavilla Fontana (3-1), the Primavera team overcame another Pugliese formation, the Salento Donne (4-2), conquering the first historic qualification for the play-offs for the final stage of the youth championship national team for a bell.

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