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A2 2010-2011 Series

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The Cuneo hires Alessia Cobelli

Yesterday evening, Wednesday 2 March, has signed for the Cuneo Calcio Femminile the player Alessia Cobelli, midfielder, class 1984, former Piossasco (series B-A2), Alexandria (A2), Virtus Fossano (B), Juventus (B) . In the summer, Cobelli has freed Juventus and has only started training for a month after the knee operation but is already in good shape.

Meanwhile, Cuneo would have had to receive Atalanta on Sunday for the third day of the second round. Given the recent snowfalls it will be difficult for the grassy stadium of the Paschiero stadium to be accessible, so the postponement of the match to a date yet to be decided is expected.


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The three talents of Carpisa Yamamay Napoli engaged with the formations under 16, under 17 and under 19
The magical period of the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli also continues in the championship, with the successes of the youth sector. The Primavera team, in fact, beat 0-3 the Catanzaro in the playoff valid for access to the national final stage of the tournament (the result was the result of 6-1 for the partenopee), gaining access to the second round of the final. At the next round the girls of Carpisa Yamamay Napoli will face the winner of the challenge among the first classified groupings of Sicily and Sardinia.

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The excellent moment of the Friulian teams is confirmed, as well as by the very good form of Graphistudio Tavagnacco and Chiasiellis in A1 series, also by Graphistudio Pordenone, which controls the B series of A2 series. A first place that has the surprising: neroverdi, in fact, even if considered among the best equipped teams of the tournament, at the beginning of the season were certainly not listed as the favorites for the first place, which gives access to the Olympus of Italian women's football. Mr. Giovanni Cesarano has been able to build a group able to subvert the forecasts and even if the season is not over and nothing has been conquered, the glass can easily be considered half full. Protagonists of a round group to be framed (except for the last two days, in which so many defeats have come), the "ramarre" - nickname inherited from the male colleagues of the club of the Destra Tagliamento - have catalyzed the enthusiasm of local fans , used to a past at high levels. The definitive transfer of the club to the city crossed by the Noncello river (until last year, in fact, the team bore the name of Graphistudio Arba, a small town in the province of Pordenone), has brought new stimuli to the whole environment. The girls, among other things, train in the new and very modern "Bruno De Marchi" sports center, a structure that has few equals in the rich Northeast. The conditions for obtaining the promotion, therefore, are all there. Cesarano is also fully aware of this, and his players have asked for eight wins in their last nine games. Finally, the city deserves a stage already taken in the recent past.

Massimo Pighin

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claudiasogliaImola took a draw (2-2) in the final minutes of the home match against Exto Schio. Playing well only in flashes the girls led by mister Ademaro Mosconi take advantage of a decrease in concentration of the opponents, ahead of two goals. First Claudia Soglia, class '94, recently replaced at Silvia Casacci, at 45', shortens the distances and then, two minutes later, Giulia Baldini impacts turning a penalty. All in all, given the defeats of Bari and Marsala the point gained is so much earned.

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pink20102011_thumb_medium250_158The positive streak of the Bari team has stopped in Vicenza: after seven useful results, Pink comes out defeated with a heavy 5A1 .. Isabella Cardone's team, who reconfirms the winning 11 initials with Imola, at the first minute is already ' under a goal. Vicenza takes advantage of the momentary numerical inferiority, with Biallo on the field hit hard at the ready, and signs the advantage with an insertion on the right side of defense Bari. The Pink appears unloaded, the departments ununited and as in the first leg the Vicenza is able to take advantage of precise and rapid maneuvers.

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carminatiAt the municipal Belvedere of Como, the second day of the return of the series A2 group A is staged.
As expected, the sardines arrive in the continent careful not to find out and to hit on the counterattack with Fiori and Arzedi. For their part, the Como, do not let themselves be deceived by the wide result of the outward and play careful and dermined.

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pordenone_thumb_medium250_173GRAPHISTUDIO PORDENONE - ENODORO MARSALA 6-0
PORDENONE. Easily archived the Marsala practice with a net 6-0 matured during the 90 minutes of play, not a recovery. So Cesarano's team returns to victory despite the fact that it was a match between the teams at the opposite ends of the classification. A one-way game, little to say from the point of view of the game where for ninety minutes the siege of Pordenone, yesterday in silent red and white, did not breathe the training of the Chirco technician who for the occasion deployed a 5-4-1 the 4-2-1-3 module dear to the house mister.

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carpisa-yamamay-logo_thumb307_The Neapolitan team won 2-0 against the Riviera di Romagna, the Primavera mortgages the final national stage with the 6-1 at Catanzaro

Saturday perfect for the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli women's football, which performs yet another of the 2011 with the first team and with the training Spring puts a serious mortgage on the final stage of the national championship. The first team defeated the Riviera di Romagna at 2-0, on the Castello di Baia field, second in the rankings that until yesterday had never lost in the championship. A result of great importance, because it brings the Neapolitan line-up to 3 points from the Romagnole rivals and 5 from the leaders Pordenone (who will play today) and gives great confidence to the team in view of the next races, leading to four consecutive series of victories in the 2011 . The victory came thanks to a double of the bomber Valeria Pirone, who climbs to 9 goal in the championship. The first goal came in the middle of the first half and allowed the home team to manage the race, which was then closed with the second goal of the center-forward of Herculaneum three minutes from the end.

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grifoperugia20102011_250Draw in comeback for Grifo Perugia against Vis Francavilla. Orphans among others of the Constants and of the Princes the girls of Scapicchi have come down in Puglia with the intent to seek a victory away five days, but at the final whistle they had to settle for a point. Two to two the result and start all uphill for the Perugians. At the 17 'in fact, the Vis Francavilla is already in the lead: unfortunate intervention of Bordellini at the edge of the area, the ball undergoes a strange trajectory and Caramia is quick to pick it up and beat Monsignori with precision. Not even a handful of minutes and the Apulians find the doubling.

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Cuneo - Olbia 2-3

The Olbia confirms the black beast of the female Cuneo and, after the victory of the first leg, also won the return for 3 to 2.

The red and white girls interrupt the positive trend that lasted for several days, ended last Sunday with the prestigious draw on the field of the leaders Milan. Cuneo starts well showing a certain supremacy and after a few minutes goes ahead with Giorgis, good to put the goalkeeper with a diagonal low shot.

The goal paves the way to the formation of home but fails to realize two wonderful crosses of Allena; the Olbia responds from the distance with a conclusion by Balestri who "kisses" the upper part of the crossbar and gets lost on the bottom.

At the 20 'episode that will determine the fate of the match, Campesi is launched in offside position but the sig. Torsello, certainly not helped by the assistant, commits the first serious mistake of the day, which will affect the entire game, not stopping the action; with the defense stopped waiting for the referee's whistle, Asteggiano tries a desperate exit, landing in the penalty area the opposing player, and for her the game inevitably ends with the red card.

Even De Paoli leaves the pitch to leave room to the reserve goalkeeper Dutto, who immediately after slipping the glove is slipped by Cuccu, on penalty.

The cuneesi in ten, try to organize themselves, and despite the numerical inferiority, they become dangerous once again with Giorgis, who, from a good position, puts out. At 35 'Curious with a wonderful free kick, he puts the ball under the crossroads, and puts things right, realizing the temporary 2 to 1.

In the second half the Sardinian formation goes down in the battlefield to take full advantage of the numerical superiority, and at 7 'Campesi warms the gloves of Dutto with a full neck missile, well foiled by the number one Cuneo; shortly after the same players are face to face, but once again the extreme defender has the best and puts in corner.

The Olbia takes the command of the midfield and crushes insistently the biancorosse in his own half, and at the 13 'the extreme defender of Cuneo, still manages to counteract a close conclusion of Balestri.

Now it is a siege, jump markings and this time it is Manzoni to have to regret the deviation in corner of the Cuneo goalkeeper.

The Cuneo defends himself with his teeth, and Cuccu puts the goalkeeper out, but Curioso saves on the goal line. Shortly thereafter, a tie from Hofer arrives, who puts Dutto on a vicious conclusion.

With pride, the Cuneo are pushing forward and Giordano launches deep Sechi from a tight angle test the conclusion that becomes an assist for Allena, but the shot of the outside ends high above the crossbar.

At 41 'a free-kick by Hofer hits the base of the pole to the right of Dutto and crosses the whole door; at 46 'in full recovery, a clear foul on the three quarters, is not sanctioned by the referee and on Campesi developments mock the goalkeeper with a conclusion that is not irresistible and signs the final 3 to 2.

In the championship the triad of head Milan, Como and Sestrese, rifila "cinquine" respectively to Alessandria, Oristano and Juventus, while to surprise, the Atalanta, yields the three points to the Tradate.

Next Sunday the championship will observe a rest turn, and at the restart, the 6 in March, F.lli Paschiero will arrive un'Atalanta in search of recovery, to hope again in the promotion.

Cuneo: Dare (20 'pt Dutto), Curious, Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Buzzoni, Allena, Figone (21' St Testa), De Paoli, Luciano, Giorgis (3 'st. Sechi). Available: Marchisio. All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Olbia: Mulas, Rinner, Balestri, Casu Sara, Guidet (21 'St Mannoni), Deiana, Cuccu, Casu Samuela, Hofer, Ambrosio (9' st Manzoni), Campesi. Available: Solano, Marongiu, Solano, Perfetto. All. Proserpio Marchetti Elena

Referee: sig. Torsello (Nichelino)

Markers: 3 'Giorgis (C), Cuccu (O) Rig., 35' Curious (C), 32 'st Hofer (O), 46'st Campesi (O)

Ammonites: Rinner (O), Buzzoni (C)

Expelled: Asociate (C)

Diego Naso.

In the photograph by A.Witzel: Campesi dell'Olbia and Vallauri del Cuneo

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