Thursday, January 12th
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A2 2010-2011 Series

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Siena Cf, season at the start among the news Yesterday the presentation of the team in Piazza Salimbeni The Siena women's soccer is ready to start the splendid A2 series adventure. After the historic promotion won last May, with two days in advance, the Bianconeri are in the starting blocks. The summer of rest has brought interesting news, first of all the sponsorship of the team by the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank that has shown itself to be sensitive and attentive towards a reality and a strongly growing sports movement. The first act of this partnership was the participation of the Bianconeri athletes, last night, at the official presentation of the AC Siena men's team, in the splendid setting of Piazza Salimbeni, headquarters of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank. The girls were called on stage shortly after the 21,30, at the opening of the evening conducted by the journalist of Sky Sports, Pierluigi Pardo and before they entered the AC Siena players.

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Katja Schroffenegger, National Under 19, new 1 number of CF Südtirol Vintl Damen Katja Schroffenegger, eighteen years of Cornedo (BZ), has signed for the season 2009-2010 for the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN, where she will wear the shirt n ° 1, on one side the "pause" of Ly Krautgartner, on the other Katja not has never denied wanting to wear a starting shirt in a team of A2, and this can be offered to him by the CF SÜDTIROL. At the SSV Brixen, Vals' seventeen-year-old Sabine Oberhofer, one of the promises of women's football between the posts, is in exchange. Katja Schroffenegger, as also shown by her curriculum, is not just a promise, but a reality of football not only from South Tyrol, but national. She who has been part of the national team Under 19 that in 2008 has become European champion, is now a year n ° 1 undisputed azurine, with concrete chances to land in the national team. Surely with the shirt of CF SÜDTIROL Katja will play on the prestigious fields of the A2 Series, and certainly the national team supervisors will come to see several games where she will be engaged. This can be revealed as an added value for other youngsters and less youngsters by Mr. Ernandes (eg Margot Fodor etc.), which will surely be seen by different eyes.

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It's over before the adventure begins in the UpeaOrlandia'97 of Maria Varia. After the official announcement of the purchase of the attacker from Palermo, the same player announced that she will not be able to keep the agreements in place for personal reasons. Antonella Corio has been sold to the Pro Reggina 97, a team that plays in the Serie B championship. The good Calabrian midfielder, in force for two years in UpeaOrlandia'97, has asked this solution for an approach to the family unit. We were very much looking at Maria Varia - adds DS Tonarelli - but unfortunately objective impediments do not allow the girl to be part of the group, while Antonella Corio at the end of last season had already expressed the desire for a rapprochement at home and was satisfied. For both the company wishes the best fortunes. Said outgoing market, L'UpeaOrlandia'97 has not wasted time and closed the purchases of the attacker Maria Domenica Mocciaro, born in 1989 and midfielder Miriam Maggio born in 1993. The girls come from the "Vigneta" of Nicosia, a football club at 5, with whom there is a collaborative project with the UpeaOrlandia'97 that will make 40 players available in Capo d'Orlando well for different stages to be held during the 'arc of the championship, with the real possibility that the best are selected and integrated into the team. In the last spring Mocciaro and Maggio had already been viewed by the Paladino technical staff and had expressed a positive opinion, for which they will be part of the Dell'Orlandia'97.

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Margot Fodor moves from SSV BRIXEN to CF SÜDTIROL Margot Fodor, strong midfielder in "service" in the last three seasons at SSV BRIXEN OBI, has signed for the season 2009-2010 for the CF SÜDTIROL VINTL DAMEN. The strong 18-year-old from Cornedo (BZ), could become part of a three-part playmaker, replacing the Brazilian Naiara Rizzato Ribeiro. "I know almost all the girls from Cf Südtirol, and it is a great honor for me to have the chance to play at the age of eighteen in the National A2 Series, I will do my best to win all the confidence that the CF Südtirol company has given to me. also the SSV BRIXEN that gave me the opportunity to grow football during the last three years that have been very important for me. " Margot, who plays football since the age of 10, and is considered one of the most promising young talents in South Tyrol, could even "rejoin" around the national UNDER 19, if she fully exploits her skills, the his talent and his desire to do. Playing in the CF SÜDTIROL will surely have this opportunity. Satisfied the President Luca Dalla Torre: "With the purchase of Margot Fodor we brought home a very young natural talent with strong technical-tactical qualities, I am convinced that we can only do well and grow further from the human and technical point of view. . "

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A new page opens for the Graphistudio Campagna which, in just one week, conquers A2 series and Bottecchia, the most important stadium in Pordenone. An atmosphere of great party hovers in the Maniago house after the news of these last days. In just one week, in fact, the Graphistudio Campagna has conquered A2 and Bottecchia series. Two very important successes for the Friulian society that, in addition to making the leap in the category, sees his great dream come true: that of playing in the prince of Pordenone.

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