Thursday, January 12th
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A2 2010-2011 Series

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siena_gol_thumb307_If the recent releases had aroused a bit of concern in the Sienese environment, the girls of Montanelli responded in the best way, putting under the field of Cerchiaia the most famous Francavilla for all and 90 minutes with a masterly test.
That the music compared to the last two games had totally changed, it was immediately obvious, with Fambrini, who after 7 'severely commits Mariano in the corner. They spend 2 minutes, Ceci makes a thrill on the right then puts in the middle, Giulia Di Camillo is disturbed and from two steps does not frame the door.

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carpisa-yamamay-logo_thumb307_Sixth consecutive victory of the 2011, beaten the Pink Sport Time Bari 0-2; tomorrow we return to the field in Perugia
The Carpisa Yamamay Napoli of women's soccer continues to shine, and yesterday the Pink Sport Time Bari 0-2 has passed in the race valid for the fifth day of the return of the A2 series of women's football, scoring the sixth consecutive victory of the 2011. The positive streak of the Neapolitan team continued despite the absence of the bomber Valeria Pirone, stopped for a turn by the sports judge.

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CUNEO: At the Raschiero di Cuneo stadium the fifth day of the return round of the A2 championship takes place. Field in fair conditions, cloudy day with light intermittent rain. The going was over on the 0-0.
The game begins quietly with the two teams that study and control each other. The first opportunity is of Piedmontese brand with a punishment of Luciano that from the 20 meters puts the reflexes of Giuliani to the test. At the 20 'the Como begin to collect opportunities for goals but, as on the first leg, the door defended by the excellent Asteggiano seems bewitched. The Piedmont goalkeeper saves three times on Coppola served first by Nespoli then by Cascarano and finally by Carminati. The first half ends in scoreless net.

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pordenone20102011_thumb_medium150_91FORTITUDO MOZZECANE - GRAPHISTUDIO PORDENONE 2-1

MOZZECANE. Slipped for the Graphistudio in the home of the Mozzecane after 93 'of struggle, incessant. But the determination of the Pordenone people is not enough to overturn the result matured in the first part; 2-1. Open the merchandise after only 3 'minutes on a thirty-meter free-kick the number white-red 7 Peretti. Ball that slips under the crossbar to the right of Belgrade. Then it is midfielder Blazina to hit the mirror of the goal, knee control and first intention hits the ball on the fly is the 25 ', is the 1-1. The draw lasts until 42 'when the second (and last) shooting of the Perobello punishes the opponents with a diagonal of the right outside. Two very similar times in terms of the game. The neroverdi are not able to put the ball to the ground and do what is best for them, to the football solution of whitish chopping, that is the incredible precision of the passages.

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Cuneo S.Rocco - Como 0 - 1

The female Cuneo falls head-on against the leaders Como, confirming the good things put on display this season. The girls of President Calvetti continue to amaze Sunday after Sunday, managing to worry even the big championship. Still out the captain Valentina Sechi, back from the intervention to the nasal septum, and Angelica Armitano who returned to training after the bad injury suffered in the last round of the first round.

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life-in-actionThe Neapolitan team will play away without the bomber Valeria Pirone.
Absence heavy that will have to support the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli tomorrow in Bari. At 15, in fact, we will play the race valid for the fifth day of return of the A2 series of women's football against the Pink Sport Time but among the parties will not be in the field bomber Valeria Pirone.

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grifoperugia20102011_250_thumb_medium150_94After six games and almost three months Grifo has returned to win the victory. As announced on the eve the trip to Marsala has reported the three points at the red and white house. Three to one the final result in favor of the girls of Scapicchi after a race far from easy, played in a field on the edge of practicability, for the bad conditions of the playing field and annoyed by the strong wind. For the occasion, the Perugian technician has dusted off the 4-3-1-2 with the Costantini behind the attacking duo composed by Spapperi and Pugnali.

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Emma-MantovaniThe team led by mister Ademaro Mosconi defeats Siena with the score of 3-2. And now the last place is nine lengths. In the first half both formations play at very high rates and create opportunities on both sides. In the second half the landlords keep the ball of the game and the Tuscan forward only with some restart. After two minutes Parvin Baharvand, recovered the ball in midfield, offers an assist to the kiss for the upcoming Emma Mantovani who, seeing the Siena goalkeeper Mazzola out of the poles, overtakes him with a precise lob: 1-0. At the 10 'Silvia Casacci serves Simona Cimatti who starts a left from the edge of the area that is central. On the other side, a counterattack led by Ceci ends with the goal of Migliorini who has an easy life pushing, undisturbed, the ball in the bag.

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Fifth consecutive success for Carpisa Yamamay Napoli in the A2 series of women's football championships. The team coached by Peppe Marino yesterday beat 5-1 the Schio home, in the race valid for the fourth day of return. The success came thanks to the goals of Valeria Pirone and Elisa Lecce, to which was added the goal of defender Cristina Ugolini. Only on the 4-0 the Venetian have managed to shorten the distances with Santacatterina. The Neapolitan lineup will return to the field next Sunday for the fifth day of return, away against Pink Sport Time Bari.

Press office

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Fiammamonza - Cuneo S.Rocco 1- 3

After the defeat in the midweek recovery with Atalanta, the women's Cuneo won three heavy points against Fiammamonza.

The girls from Cuneo played an excellent match against a young team, which plays good football, and which has good individuality.

In the first half the landlords impressed the match with a whimsical pace, which took them ahead after just four minutes; the Cuneo despite the initial cold shower, he was not demoralized and soon succeeded in riagguanting the momentary draw.

In the first half the monzesi have pushed a lot but where they have not arrived the companions we thought a careful Asteggiano, to return after the disqualification, to remedy at least a couple of dangerous situations.

In the second half Cuneo was more lucid and consistent and managed cynically, also because of a decrease in the opponents, to exploit the opportunities created.

The goal of the advantage of the Fiammamonza was very nice with a quick descent in the right wing that was realized with a cross that the Velati head has slipped into the bottom of the bag.

After a few minutes Luciano earns a free kick and from a tight angle he shoots a tense shot on the far post, knocking the Vignati's door and returning the score in a tie.

The landlords push on the accelerator and try first with Galbiati, then with the Velati but Asteggiano is overcome and unable to neutralize.

In the second half at the 16 'a restart Cuneo from the duo Luciano Cobelli tails the rear of the house, and Figone is a breeze to put the innocent Vignati with a plate.

They spend a few minutes and a free-kick by Luciano is rejected by the goalkeeper, but on the rebound he attacks Allena who signs the definitive 1-3.

In the league there were no surprises, in fact the leaders Milan falls in Oristano and gives the lead in the standings to Como that in turn overwhelms the Tradate for 5 to 1; Juventus lost against Alessandria while Sestrese Multedo won the Ligurian derby against Entella for 3 at 1.

Next Sunday at F.lli Paschiero di Cuneo will arrive the leaders Como, who after having conquered the top of the standings, will do everything to bring home the entire stakes.

Fiammamonza: Vignati, Postiglione, Missaglia (38 'St Marconi), Cereda Lidia., Straniero, Re, Galbiati, Zambetti, Moroni (25' St Piccini), Velati (47 'St Bruno), Gaburro. Available: Bovari, Piccini, Stefanoni, Cereda Corinne, Di Natale. All. Paggi.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Curioso, Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Buzzoni, Allena, Figone, De Paoli, Luciano, Cobelli. Available: Dutto, Goletto, Giraudo, Marchisio, Testa. All. Cerato / Bertoloni.

Referee: sig. Marrazzo (Lecco). Assistants: Francavilla, Barletta, (Gallarate).

Markers: 4 'Velati (F), 10' Luciano (C), 61 'Figone (C), 67' Train (C).

Expelled: 83 'Zambetti (F).

Ammonites: Cereda (F).

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Jessica Allena

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