Thursday, January 12th
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A2 2010-2011 Series

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dicamilloGIAN4057They have to be proud of the girls of Siena women's football, after the field performance of the highly-launched Napoli. Against the Neapolitan team, which does not lack the victory from 9 matches the bianconere hold 60 minutes creating two clear scoring opportunities and should only surrender to a punishment of the champion Fabiana Colasuonno, a glorious past even in the top flight.
The Bianconeri begin well, the gap in the standings is not so much that it is Captain Fambrini to create the first two big occasions face to face with Pignagnoli XNXX 'and 11', but the Neapolitan goalkeeper is very good at covering the mirror in exit, neutralizing first a lazy lob and then a poisonous diagonal.

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carpisa-yamamay-logo_thumb307_Ninth consecutive victory (2-0contro Siena), the head of the standings is virtually 3 points. Another good day for Carpisa Yamamay Napoli, who beat Siena at 2-0 on the Castello di Baia on Saturday, winning the ninth consecutive victory of the 2011. A positive record series that brings the Neapolitan team virtually to 3 points from the top of the standings. The Pordenone, in fact, was beaten at home by Vicenza (0-1) and was overtaken in first place by the Riviera di Romagna (which won 0-1 in Schio).

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Alessandria - Cuneo S.Rocco 2- 0

Continue the no time of the female wedge that, even against Alexandria, remedied a defeat for 2 to 0.

The girls of the duo Cerato - Bertoloni, after a good round of the season, in these last days of the championship are inexplicably collapsed not from the physical point of view, as would be more logical to expect at this point of the season, but mentally.

The team has lost confidence and conviction of its potential and, when it suffers the goal, can no longer react and play with due tranquility.

Also in this fourth last day of the championship, the red and white have started the meeting with the right foot also building two goal balls that before Allena and then Curioso have failed to realize; then, out of the Alexandria, with Montecucco on two occasions, he missed the advantage, striking first the crossbar and then on a head turn that Asteggiano, like a feline, managed to deflect in a corner.

Shortly before the end of the time, for the Cuneo area we also try Luciano but his right is printed on the outside of the network.

In the second half, after a few minutes, Allena is injured and is forced to leave the field;

in the first part of the recovery nothing happens but, at the 19 ', the cuneesi lose the ball during the attack and on the counterattack the expert Di Stefano, from two steps, with a precise conclusion brings advantage to the alexandrine.

The Cuneo reaction is sterile and the maneuver, little by little, goes off then to the 37 'Buzzoni slips into the penalty area and, at close range of an opponent, the ball clashes against the left arm of the Cuneo midfielder. The race director has no doubts and grants a penalty that, given the involuntary nature, leaves a bad taste in his mouth. On the disk is presented Rigolino that realizes to the left of Asteggiano.

The meeting has nothing more to say and, after 3 'minutes of recovery, the race director sends everyone in the shower.

In the championship, the march of the first class continues with Como, which defeats the Fiammamonza for 5 to 0, Milan which exceeds a Tradate ever domo and the Sestrese Multedo who wins for 1 0 with the Ataltanta.

Juventus passes the Entella for 1 to 0 while the Sardinian derby between Oristano and Olbia ends in a draw.

On the first of May, after the Easter break, the female Cuneo will host Juventus, which after a round of undernourishment, has redeemed itself achieving prestigious results.

Alexandria: Pagliassotto, Delodi, Lardo, Guglielmetti (45 'St Garavelli), Rigolino, Mensi, Di Stefano, Lupi (46' St Rossi), Sosso (30 'St Barbesino), Montecucco, Ragno. Available: Dragons. All. Fossati

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Buzzoni, Allena (5 'st Sechi), Head, Luciano, Curious, Cobelli (30' st De Paoli). Available: Dutto, Figone, Marchisio, Goletto. All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Scorers: 19 'st Di Stefano - 37' st Rigolino

Ammonites: Giordano, Buzzoni (Cn)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Chiara Buzzoni

Rating: 5 / 5

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PIRONE22_thumb_medium250_171After a week of break the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli back in the field. The Neapolitan team will play tomorrow at 15 at the Castello di Baia field against Siena in the race valid for the eighth day of the A2 series of women's football championships.

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BAHARVAND3_thumb_other150_99The match with the list Graphistudio Pordenone was not for the female Imola certainly the one in which to score points. And so it was. After a first time in balance the guests came out in the second half while the rossoblù disappeared. In the end the passive of three goals can be there just because the girls led by mister Ademaro Mosconi have missed as a grit and biting, leaving good game to Friuli.

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Errera-in-azione_thumb307_To put the sticks in the wheels all'Enodoro Marsala you also put the time, in fact, a thick fog has blocked the ground today the plane that should have led the team of President Accardi in Siena to dispute the race valid for the seventh return day. The Lilibetan company will produce the documentation of the GEAP of Palermo on the cancellation of the flight tomorrow in DCF, the Sports Judge will decide whether to recover the game or not. In the blue house you are calm because you are sure of a decision in favor of the recovery of the meeting being this a clear case of "cause of force majeure".

Rating: 5 / 5

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Cuneo San Rocco - All Service System Oristano 0 - 2

At the end of ninety minutes to forget, the women's Cuneo is defeated even against Oristano for 2 to 0.

The first heat has brought the girls of the duo Cerato - Bertoloni to their knees, who, like last Sunday, against Sestrese Multedo, seemed to be renouncing and without ideas.

The Oristano has fallen in the determined field, aware of the importance of the match, whose victory would have allowed them to keep the warm area of ​​the classification at a safe distance.

Playing with this spirit, the Sardinian team gave the maximum, succeeding at the end of the match, to conquer the three points.

After the kick-off the two teams faced each other, for at least fifteen minutes, without creating big problems for goalkeepers and the first conclusion, it was up to Agus with a weak header, which was easily countered by Asteggiano.

Shortly thereafter on an inactive ball by Armitano, Cobelli's head was unable to nibble the ball into the arms of Gorno; at the 24 'on an offside not recognized by the race assistant, the defense cuneese stops and Pinna chips the pole to the left of Asteggiano.

At the end of the time, a verticalization for Casula brings the player face to face with Asteggiano, but the extreme white-defender manages to foil the danger; shortly after on corner of Curioso, Luciano tries the deviation in acrobatics, but the conclusion is "dirty" and Gorno neutralizes.

In the second half Oristano tries the way of the goal again with Casula, which on the exit of Asteggiano, kick to the side.

At the 33 'episode that unlocks the result, Fiori is landed as soon as he enters the penalty area from Cobelli, and the referee grants the penalty.

From the spot comes the same Flowers who kicks on the right pole of the door defended by Asteggiano, which intuits the trajectory, but without succeeding in detour.

The goal does not shake from the torpor the Cuneo that indeed at 40 'suffers the doubling of a spectacular conclusion of Pinna that goes to the right of Asteggiano.

The triple whistle comes as a release, now we need to turn the page, compact the group in view of the meeting next Sunday in Alexandria to redeem the latest disappointing performance.

In the league, Milan passes the Sestrese Multedo for 2 to 0, the Alexandria bends with the same result the Fiamamonza, while the Olbia exceeds Juventus for 1 to 0. The Tradate inflicts a double to the Entella, while the meeting between the leaders Como and Atalanta was not played.

In the Milan rankings reach Como, followed by Sestrese Multedo, Atalanta and Alessandria.

At the end Cuneo and Oristano with 18 points, precede Fiammamonza and Olbia to 17, closes the Entella to 13.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano (8 'St. Sechi), Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Buzzoni, Allena (35' St. Giorgis), Figone, Luciano, Curioso (20 'St. De Paoli), Cobelli. Available: Giraudo. All. Cerato, Bertoloni

Oristano: Gorno, Paper (42 'St Concas), Pieri, Dessi, Razzoli, Carai, Lai, Arzedi, Casula (10' St. Flowers), Agus, Pinna. Available: Loi, Marangeli, Porco, Sotgiu. All. Pintauro

Referee: sig. Canardi (Genoa)

Markers: 33 'st. Flowers (penalty), 40 'Pinna

Ammonites: Luciano (Cn), Buzzoni (Cn)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Ilaria Curioso

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carpisa-yamamay-logo_thumb307_Postponed the match against Vicenza, the defender engaged in the European U17 qualifiers. The Primavera team in the field for the second round of the championship.
Tomorrow Carpisa defender Yamamay Napoli, Paola Di Marino, will be busy with the national team under 17 in the Czech Republic for the first of three races of the second phase of qualifying for the European championships in the category.

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Laura-Doubtful-02The female Imola, militant in the A2 series, loses 2-0 the home derby with the Riviera di Romagna. In the standings the rossoblù stand still at 16 points but behind only Bari gains three points. The last place occupied by Marsala is always nine points behind. Coming to the news, at 20 'the guests go ahead with Alessandra Ghirardelli, in a clear offside position. Then the team led by Mr. Ademaro Mosconi creates a few opportunities without much concern the goalkeeper Bagnari goalkeeper. In the second half, at the 69 ', Elisa Magnanti doubles and for Imola there is only one crossbar hit by Simona Cimatti in expired time.

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siena_all_thumb_medium150_95Bad setback for Siena women's football, which in Pordenone is beaten 3-0 by the league leader Graphistudio. A game where the Bianconeri did not fail the commitment, but they paid a few careless attention at crucial moments. The clubs, who have to defend the two points ahead, start strong and pass to the advantage at 9 'with De Grassi, who on a free kick from the right can strike head undisturbed by a few steps. The goal sends a little 'doll but Mazzola saves on Paoletti 23'. So the Sienese wake up and become dangerous first with Migliorini that at 31 'kick just wide, then with Giulia Di Camillo that at 43' is left completely free to deviate a punishment of the same Tuscan fantasy, but the header is out of size. The ninth minute is also cursed in the second half: Mazzola sends short right on the feet of Paoletti, who kicks from 30 meters.

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