Thursday, January 12th
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A2 2010-2011 Series

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Entella Chiavari - Cuneo 2-3

With the victory for 3 at 2, the Cuneo Women's club condemned Entella Chiavari a day early, to the mathematics retrocession.

The biancorosse cuneesi after Sunday's victory against Juventus resumed their march with the right rhythm, managing to find the continuity of gear that had distinguished them in the first round.

The Ligurian formation has come down in determined field, aware that the meeting with the Cuneo would have been decisive for the purpose of salvation, even if the latter would have been conditioned however by the results of the other fields.

After the whistle of the start of the race director, the Cuneo part concentrated, well disposed in the field and tactically ordered; already at the 3 'Luciano finalizes with a tapin a "super" action all of the first, but the goal is canceled on the driver's report in amazement.

Shortly thereafter, from an Armitano throw-in, Allena leads Luciano who shoots a full-backed shot in the middle of the penalty area but a defender puts a piece and hits back.

At the 25 'De Paoli with a fake gets rid of the mark and crosses the right but also this time the ball ends a span from the long pole.

Half an hour, the landlords are alive from the parts of Asteggiano with a free kick by Sartelli that the goalkeeper blocks without difficulty; the Entella tries again with an inactive ball and this time Pascale shoots a torpedo, but Asteggiano opposes with skill and puts in corner.

At the 41 'Cuneo took the lead with Sechi who finalized a valuable choral action.

In the second half the Entella goes down in the determined field, and at 5 'becomes very dangerous touching the goal on a double conclusion: the first rebound by Armitano and the second just a little on the bottom.

At the 10 'finally the Cuneo shake with Allena that throws a "stone" stretched and angled on which Delfino performs a real "miracle"; the appointment with the goal is only postponed, in fact from a Vallauri garage, De Paoli calibrates a perfect cross that Cobelli has just entered, bags.

The double advantage appeases the Cuneo, but at the 19 'the Entella shortens the distance with Sartelli who pounced on the rejected Asteggiano and from close distance does not forgive.

The goal rekindles the match with the Ligurians who desperately try to draw, until when crosses Cobelli, Figone square a right that fixes the result on '1 3.

Not even the time to write down the goal in the notebook, which an unpretentious conclusion by Malatesta, surprises an astounding fan.

Shortly before the end, Basso is missing a draw thanks to an exit of Asteggiano that on this occasion is made to forgive the previous error.

The last thrill at 38 'when Luciano is spread in the area, but for a matter of inches the race director decides not to grant the penalty.

After 3 'minutes of recovery, the triple whistle marks the end of the match.

In the league, continues the heads up between Como and Milan, both winners on this penultimate day of the championship.

The Larians pass the Alexandria for 3 to 1, while the Milanese got the better of the 3 for 0 at XNUMX. The exciting head-to-head between the two teams will culminate next Sunday with the direct clash that will sanction the winner of the championship, and the consequent promotion in Serie A.

The Atalanta, just to confirm fourth strength of the championship, submerged Juventus for 6 to 1, while the Sestrese Multedo leaves the whole stake at the Oristano losing for 2 to 1.

The Tradate Abbiate will arrive next Sunday in Cuneo; at the end of the meeting, the fans will celebrate this wonderful group that at the first season, in such a demanding championship, has well figured reaching a sporting result at the beginning of the unthinkable season.

Entella: Delfino, Pascale, Sartelli, Condidorio (15 's T. Giuffra), Rollero, Belloni, Sacco, Alberti, Basso, Repeto (1' St. Malatesta), Monti. Available: Strata, Giuffra, Malatesta, Sodi. All. Antonini

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Nose, Curious, Head, Allena (11 'St Cobelli), Figone, De Paoli, Luciano, Sechi (25' st Marchisio). Available: Dutto. All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Markers: 41 'Sechi (C), 14' st. Cobelli (C), 19 'st. Sartelli (E), 33 'st. Figone (C), 34 'st. Malatesta (E)

Ammonites: Monti (E)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Chiara Figone

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ricci... who manage to equalize at home against Perugia with a fantastic goal by Ricci who finally returns to score. The race begins slowly with the two teams who prefer to study and not risk. At the 18 'the first action is of the Grifo with Costantini that sends a little to the side. At the 24 great opportunity for the Bianconeri with Marraccini who does not hit the door for a few centimeters. At '29 always responds Costantini who pulls up. Perugia continues to press and at the 36 'Mazzola performs a real miracle on a powerful shot by Bordellini. Bravissimo the number one Sienese to save the front door. A hard week for Mazzola who has just returned from a bad influence. Always the Perigia tries to hit Siena with Principi that at 40 'sends the ball a little high.

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Baldini-GiuliaIt was enough a point all'Imolese to get the mathematical salvation and the long-awaited draw has arrived. For Naples, on the other hand, it is a half-step mistake in the race for promotion. The Campania team proves to have a high technical rate and a good organization of the game but, initially, becomes dangerous only with a Pirone left well neutralized by the local goalkeeper Miriam Bonaventura. At the 23 'rossoblù unexpectedly pass the lead thanks to a free kick by Aida Xhaxho who, from a tight angle, with a left-footed shot to surprise the defense of Carpisa. The goal of 1-0 galvanizes the landlords who doubled four minutes later with a header from Giulia Baldini imbeced by Silvia Casacci. Nothing happens until the 42 'when the guests hit the crossbar and, after a round of hands, shorten the distance thanks to the network made by Pirone.

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pordenone20102011_thumb_medium150_91FRANCAVILLA FONTANA - On the Pugliese field of Francavilla the Graphistudio conquers a fundamental point to go to play for the Championship the last two races, the last, among other things, against the first in the standings the Riviera di Romagna. Match yesterday, as hard as exciting, one of those that deserves to enter the annals. A "frame" that should be included in the story of the meeting at certain times even surreal, when, for example, on the tie, the balls have begun to disappear!

Rating: 1 / 5

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Como2000_20102011_thumb307_The Ligurian team had always won between the walls of friends, and with this defeat mathematically abandons any promotional ambition. The Comasche with this imporatant victory keep the top firmly with three points ahead of ACF Milan. The race begins immediately well for the Larians, but Coppola's conclusion to the 10 'is printed on the crossbar. The team of coach Targa continues to push, but it is the Ligurians to take the lead with Coppolino who exploits an error of the defense of Lariano and beats Giuliani.

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After nine consecutive victories the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli stops on the 2-2 in the trip to Imola valid for the ninth day of return of the A2 series championship. The team coached by Peppe Marino continues the unbeaten 2011 but fails to earn 2 points on Pordenone, second in the standings and stopped in turn on the same (2-2) from Francavilla. A game against the enchanted Imola, with the "tartarughine" who, after having suffered two goals, have tried in every way to overturn the result. The bomber Valeria Pirone at the end of the first half has shortened the distances, but the recovery has seen a succession of action by goals, with three poles and two nets canceled, but that did not reach a goal until the last minute, when Fabiana Colasuonno succeeded to avoid the insult of defeat, drawing the score.

The fight for the second place is therefore open, with the Pordenone at 42 and the Carpisa Yamamay Napoli at 37, but with one race less. Wednesday, in fact, the Neapolitans will play in Vicenza the recovery of the match of the seventh day of return and could approach the rivals in view of the direct clash next Saturday at Castello di Baia.

Rating: 5 / 5

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Cuneo S.Rocco - Juventus Torino 5- 3

Thanks to the Municipality of Cuneo, to the Councilor for Sport Valter Fantino, and to the biancorosso club of the president Giorgio Calvetti, to F.lli Paschiero the numerous public intervened, attended a fantastic party entirely dedicated to women's football.

The event began in the morning with the meeting between the formation of Cuneo Primavera opposed to the Vado, which saw the latter prevail with a net 4 to 0.

At 15 the training of A2 took place, with the victory over the blazoned Juventus 5 3, two days from the end, managed to win the mathematics salvation, which will allow him next year, to dispute the championship national standard A2.

At the end of 90 'vibrating, during which both formations faced each other openly, the Cuneo were able to cancel in one fell swoop performance of the last days managing to impose themselves on an opponent never dome.

After a few minutes from the start of the race, things are bad for the Cuneo, in fact on a close conclusion, Giordano touches the ball with his hand and the referee grants the first penalty.

From the spot, the talented Moscia is not wrong and bag with a precise low shot.

The biancorosse accuse the blow and shortly after, Boniforte lacks nothing but an inviting cross; on the re-start of Cuneo, Luciano from a good position chooses the conclusion that becomes easy prey for Turano. At the fifteenth minute a good speed action Luciano - Cobelli free for the conclusion Curioso, but does not frame the door; just two minutes pass and Luciano finalizes in the net, a Curioso's free kick. Shortly after half an hour, a new close-up in the penalty area that hits Naso's arm and in this case too the referee gives the penalty.

From the disk Moscia replicates the first realization and thus leads the Bianconeri again.

Just pass 5 'and Naso with a restart serves Luciano that handles a situation not easy and serves on a silver plate the assist to Curioso that this time is not wrong and brings the result again in a draw.

The goal encourages the landlords who at the end finalize a change of game of Allena for Cobelli that with an evil touch puts the ball behind Turano.

In the second half Calà with a stroke of class bags the draw goal for Juventus; at the 25 'Allena finalizes an action all before but the race director, inexplicably cancel a very regular goal.

At this point, Cuneo take the reins of the game, and at the 28 'a Curioso's free-kick is printed on the crossbar, but on the rebel the most difficult is Figone that bags the 4 to 3.

Juventus tries to straighten the fate of the match by letting Ciullo between the posts and moving Turano forward, but, just at the end of the 5 'recovery Luciano unleashes and realizes the final 5 to 3.

At the top of the championship the battleship Como, wins in Liguria against Sestrese Multedo and keeps the top of the standings, followed by the Milan winner against Entella.

Next Sunday, Cuneo will play in Chiavari against Entella, and with salvation now in his pocket, will try to make a result and recover other positions in the standings.

The football day ended with applauses, which accompanied the meeting between the Esordienti training of Cuneo Femminile and the Girls Sanremese.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Buzzoni (9 'St Testa), Allena (38 St. De Paoli), Figone, Luciano, Curious, Cobelli (30' st Sechi). Available: Dutto, Marchisio, Giorgis. All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Juventus: Turano, Zoggia, Bretto (44 'st.Ciullo), Pisano, Daniele (32' st Colucci), Falbo (24 'st Usseglio), Cenzato, Boniforte, Calà, Giuliano, Moscia. All. Panigari / Ledda

Referee: sig. Torsello (Nichelino)

Scorers: Moscia rig. (J) 17 'Luciano (C), 35' Moscia rig. (J), 40 'Curious (C), 43' Cobelli (C), 10 'st. Calà (J), 28 'st. Figone (C), 50 'Luciano (C),

Diego Naso

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atalanta20102011_640_thumb_medium250_152Michele Zonca's Atalanta Femminile comes on the pitch with her best wax and wins with a round result in the delicate match against Alessandria. In the second half, a mortgaged lot, space also for the youngest and promising promises, which respond to the names of Rossi (1993 class), Santus (1994) and Vavassori (1995). The chronicle. The first fraction ends on the result of 1-1. The first to take the lead are the guests, who need to read and injure the first opportunity: corner of Di Stefano, unlucky regga and ball to Lardo for winning support.

Rating: 5 / 5

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atalanta_comoThe Como of Mr. Targa, arrived in Bergamo in his best wax to dictate the recovery of the eighth day of return and confirm a peak that today, thanks to this victory, you live all alone and seems even more firm, because condemnation Milan at the momentary second place, at least three distances from the top. Between lights and shadows the performance of our orobiche, which after a really brilliant first half, in the second half have pulled the oars in the boat, allowing too much in the defensive phase and giving way to a formation that, according to the most proverbial of the laws of the jungle, when it came to being decisive, he did not make any compliments, let alone discounts on the economy of a passive that already speaks volumes about the dynamics that emerged from the playing field. The chronicle.

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COMO: The Como 2000 does not betray the expectations and wins the three points against the Monza. Race full of pitfalls (1-1 the first leg) and first win of the Como that had never won the three points in the league against the Brianza.

The team of Mr. Targa immediately opens the signatures with Pellizzoni that at 5 'collects Nava's invitation and bags after passing Vignati.

At the 25 'comes the doubling of Cascarano (first goal of the season) that controls very well the cross of Ambrosetti and centers the small corner to the right of the extreme defender monzese.Before the rest the Larians close the race with Captain Carminati.
In the second half Grass after hitting a post, he puts his signature on the scorecard. At the 70 'closes the Coppola markings after a valuable action with Erba.

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