Thursday, January 12th
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Cuneo - Tradate

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Women's Wedge - Tradate Abbiate 6-3

On the historic field of San Rocco Castagnaretta, the female Cuneo ends its first A2 series championship against Tradate Abbiate, with a brilliant victory for 6 at 3.

The girls of President Calvetti thus close a very demanding season, also due to the inexperience in the category of a good part of the team, but at the same time rewarding.

At the beginning of the championship the biancorossa leadership had set the goal of salvation so that the girls could gain experience and then, next season, play a more ambitious championship.

The president Calvetti: "the final result this season has gone beyond the best expectations and if we had more continuity of results now we would comment on an amazing year, however we are satisfied with the seventh place finish, considering that only two seasons ago we played the series C regional championship. For the next season, if we can find some new sponsor that will give us a hand, we would like to set up a competitive team that can fight on equal terms with all the other teams to bring up, even in women's football , the name of the city of Cuneo ".

Before the kick-off, the Cuneesi wanted to pay tribute, with a bunch of flowers, to the soccer game played by Valeria Giordano, since, after many seasons spent on turf, decided to hang the boots on the nail. But will it be true? Valeria today seems certain, but the hope of the whole society is that of an afterthought because it could play at least two more seasons at high levels and "with those feet" it is a pity not to see her fight every ball with the enthusiasm of a girl; has closed his brilliant career to the great, as always, also achieving a goal, thus leaving the mark even in the last game among the professionals.

The first time between the two teams, was not exciting, played with low rhythms from the last day of school, with a slight dominance of Cuneo.

At 31 'Cobelli, with a perfect change of game "fishing" in the middle of the Sechi area and the captain with a delicious lob, he overtook Di Bernardo; at 35 'Tradate grabs the draw on a cross from the right of Tagini that Bruno, left guilty alone, reiterates in the network.

In the second half at the 4 'the Cuneo returns with a cross from the left of Sechi that Allena heads to the bottom of the bag; the white and red exterior is unleashed and shortly after it releases the double marking and then let go a cross shot that "sticks" in the far corner.

The Lombards are not there and with the expert Marsico still shorten the distances exploiting an opponent's defensive error.

At the 18 'the red and white are still dangerous with a thirty meter launch of Testa per Sechi, but the conclusion is printed on the outside of the network; just passes 1 'and De Paoli is mowed in the full penalty area: Mr. Honey without hesitation concedes the penalty and the warning to Orlandi.

Giordano on the spot that kicks nell'angolino on the right of the door defended by Groni that despite the intuition can not avoid the goal.

At half an hour a free kick from the midfield of Curioso, is reiterated in the network by Marchisio, who after the serious injury suffered last season, is back to the goal.

Shortly after half an hour a defensive error allows Marsico to achieve the third goal for the Tradate; at the end on corner of Curioso, Cobelli inserts the definitive 6 to 3 from behind and with a tapin.

In the league Milan beat Como for 1 to 0 and reached the formation of Lariano at the top of the standings. To know the name of the training, which will win the championship of A2, it will then be necessary to wait for the outcome of the playoff scheduled for next week.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano (2 'St. Allena), Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Testa, Cobelli, Figone (14' st Curioso), De Paoli (20 'st Marchisio), Luciano, Sechi. Available: Dutto. All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Tradate Abbiate: Di Bernardo (5 'St. Groni), Tagini, Dolif (10' St. Fedegari), Orlandi, Seveso, Saglietti, Bruno, Greppi, Marsico, Russo, Zagotto (26 'St. Parisi). All. Colombo

Referee: sig. Honey (Turin)

Markers: 31 'Sechi (C), 35' Bruno (T), 49'- 58 'Allena (C), 60'- 77' Marsico (T), 64 'Giordano rig. (C), 75 'Marchisio (C), 90' Cobelli (C)

Ammonites: Russo (T), Orlandi (T)

Diego Naso

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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