Thursday, January 12th
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atalanta20102011_640_thumb_medium250_152The last round of the championship is fatal for the female Atalanta of Mr. Michele Zonca, who at the conclusion of a game conducted for eighty minutes undergoes three goals in the photo finish by a good Oristano. The Sardinian team was the protagonist of a really super round group: there were only three punticini remedied by Concas girls in the first leg, while today (yesterday, ed) at the triple whistle the guests celebrated the fifth place in the standings. For the orobiche is a defeat that leaves the time it finds: the result of this match, crossed to any other outcome from the other fields would not in any case compromise the fourth position in the ranking. The first fraction is of local brand.

A daring Atalanta touches the goal with Ramera at 7 ', and then find it with the same player at 22': Gaius punishment and spizzico at the head of the player with the number seven on the back. Five minutes later the potential doubling is all Scarpellini, but following a menacing raid the captain wastes largely over the crossbar. Half an hour and start talking about Oristano, or when Casula misses a goal already made in the small area. However, the eleven is still able to equalize in this first fraction: a very dubious penalty granted to Pinna close to the break and it is the same player who sends the ball to the bottom. In the second half the girls of Zonca set up excellent game plots and know how to make themselves dangerous, but at a distance as often happens in football, so much waste will be punished. 41 ', 43' and 46 'echo to as many achievements by the host team. First Cavagna rejects a free-kick and the ball is intercepted by Carai, who has an unlucky door has an easy life. Then, in an attempt to divert a not too irresistible conclusion of Pinna, Fenaroli scores in his own door. Finally, when we are in full extratime, the exclamation mark on a result already too heavy: Pinna's goal!

Female Atalanta - Oristano 1-3

Female Atalanta: Cavagna, Fenaroli, Poet (6'st Pandolfi), Pirovano, Spinelli, Piacezzi, Ramera, Spini (20'st Barcella), Giacinti (28'st Picchi), Scarpellini, Caio. All. Zonca.

Oristano: Horn, Paper, Pieri, Ponci, Razzoli, Carai, Sotgiu, Anzedi, Lai, Casula (39'st Agus), Pinna. All. Concas.

Referee: Anna Di Nardo of the Lodi section.

Networks: 22'pt Ramera (A), 41'st Carai (O), 43'st author of Fenaroli (A) and 46'st Pinna (O).

Best on the pitch: Alessandra Caio.

Notes: playground in excellent condition. One hundred and fifty spectators around.

Alessandra Donadoni

At the end of the match, the words of Michele Maraglino, president of Atalanta Femminile: <Obviously sorry to close the championship with a defeat, suffered for more in the last bars of the match. However, we are comforted by the fact that the fourth place in the standings has remained spotless. For us all the objectives set at the beginning of the year have been centered>.

Alessandra Donadoni

Walter Pettinati
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