Thursday, January 12th
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In Bari a difficult trip to Siena

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pinksiena064A difficult trip to Siena that on Sunday in Bari has faced Pink in the race for mathematics salvation. A sultry heat has welcomed the Sienese still unaccustomed to this climate. The start of the race was however definitely favorable for the really gritty bianconere and looking for the three points. At 13 'captain Fambrini alone in front of the goalkeeper tries a volley but does not find the door. Really unfortunate Fambrini that on this occasion feels a strong pain in the thigh and is forced to leave the field after only a few minutes from the beginning.

In its place comes the young Prazza who trained very well this week and therefore Mister Montanelli gives her this great opportunity. Really in the form of Prazza that for the entire race is ready and determined. Excellent match.

At the 15 'is Migliorini with a shot placed looking for one to zero. Miracle however of the goalkeeper Di Bari who saves the front door. The bianconere continue to push and Ricci goes very close to the goal at 25 'with a shot of a little high.

At 26 'excellent ideas for Ceci with a low cross looking for Prazza early but at the last moment.

But Bari starts to grow and the tension begins to be felt. Just at the end of the first half are the pink-blue to take the lead: Ciardi, deployed by central defensive, manages to recover the ball and imbecile Dagnello on the edge of the offside bags the goal of one to zero.

In the second part, Pink, mathematically saves, tries to put the race to sleep. At the 50 'Mister Montanelli inserts Auletta for Pecchia. The Siena does not give up and here is the '65 comes the tie with one of the usual pearls of Migliorini on punishment: a season to be framed by the Sienese bomber, many applause for her also by the Bari public.

The draw, however, shakes the home team. At the 75 'is still Ciardi that, moved to midfield, imbecca Rogation in the area: the captain of the Pink gets a penalty and turns it coldly to the left of the goalkeeper.

Scream of joy under the stands for the people of Bari who really feel their salvation and permanence in the A2 series.

Despite the four minutes of recovery, the bianconere can not find a draw and so the Bari deservedly celebrates the salvation and Siena remains frozen at the eighth position waiting for the last challenge against Exto Schio scheduled at the 15 stadium Hot water.

Elena Casi

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