Thursday, May 21 2015
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Entella Chiavari - Cuneo

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Entella Chiavari - Cuneo 2-3

With the victory for 3 at 2, the Cuneo Women's club condemned Entella Chiavari a day early, to the mathematics retrocession.

The biancorosse cuneesi after Sunday's victory against Juventus resumed their march with the right rhythm, managing to find the continuity of gear that had distinguished them in the first round.

The Ligurian formation has come down in determined field, aware that the meeting with the Cuneo would have been decisive for the purpose of salvation, even if the latter would have been conditioned however by the results of the other fields.

After the whistle of the start of the race director, the Cuneo part concentrated, well disposed in the field and tactically ordered; already at the 3 'Luciano finalizes with a tapin a "super" action all of the first, but the goal is canceled on the driver's report in amazement.

Shortly thereafter, from an Armitano throw-in, Allena leads Luciano who shoots a full-backed shot in the middle of the penalty area but a defender puts a piece and hits back.

At the 25 'De Paoli with a fake gets rid of the mark and crosses the right but also this time the ball ends a span from the long pole.

Half an hour, the landlords are alive from the parts of Asteggiano with a free kick by Sartelli that the goalkeeper blocks without difficulty; the Entella tries again with an inactive ball and this time Pascale shoots a torpedo, but Asteggiano opposes with skill and puts in corner.

At the 41 'Cuneo took the lead with Sechi who finalized a valuable choral action.

In the second half the Entella goes down in the determined field, and at 5 'becomes very dangerous touching the goal on a double conclusion: the first rebound by Armitano and the second just a little on the bottom.

At the 10 'finally the Cuneo shake with Allena that throws a "stone" stretched and angled on which Delfino performs a real "miracle"; the appointment with the goal is only postponed, in fact from a Vallauri garage, De Paoli calibrates a perfect cross that Cobelli has just entered, bags.

The double advantage appeases the Cuneo, but at the 19 'the Entella shortens the distance with Sartelli who pounced on the rejected Asteggiano and from close distance does not forgive.

The goal rekindles the match with the Ligurians who desperately try to draw, until when crosses Cobelli, Figone square a right that fixes the result on '1 3.

Not even the time to write down the goal in the notebook, which an unpretentious conclusion by Malatesta, surprises an astounding fan.

Shortly before the end, Basso is missing a draw thanks to an exit of Asteggiano that on this occasion is made to forgive the previous error.

The last thrill at 38 'when Luciano is spread in the area, but for a matter of inches the race director decides not to grant the penalty.

After 3 'minutes of recovery, the triple whistle marks the end of the match.

In the league, continues the heads up between Como and Milan, both winners on this penultimate day of the championship.

The Larians pass the Alexandria for 3 to 1, while the Milanese got the better of the 3 for 0 at XNUMX. The exciting head-to-head between the two teams will culminate next Sunday with the direct clash that will sanction the winner of the championship, and the consequent promotion in Serie A.

The Atalanta, just to confirm fourth strength of the championship, submerged Juventus for 6 to 1, while the Sestrese Multedo leaves the whole stake at the Oristano losing for 2 to 1.

The Tradate Abbiate will arrive next Sunday in Cuneo; at the end of the meeting, the fans will celebrate this wonderful group that at the first season, in such a demanding championship, has well figured reaching a sporting result at the beginning of the unthinkable season.

Entella: Delfino, Pascale, Sartelli, Condidorio (15 's T. Giuffra), Rollero, Belloni, Sacco, Alberti, Basso, Repeto (1' St. Malatesta), Monti. Available: Strata, Giuffra, Malatesta, Sodi. All. Antonini

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Nose, Curious, Head, Allena (11 'St Cobelli), Figone, De Paoli, Luciano, Sechi (25' st Marchisio). Available: Dutto. All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Markers: 41 'Sechi (C), 14' st. Cobelli (C), 19 'st. Sartelli (E), 33 'st. Figone (C), 34 'st. Malatesta (E)

Ammonites: Monti (E)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Chiara Figone

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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