On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The Como closed the scoreless race

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carminatiIn a very hot and sunny afternoon against an olbia struggling not to retreat and in need of points in key salvation, the Italians close the race with scoreless net. A zero to zero, however, fun and full of opportunitiesThe first occasion of the 7 'Lars with Pellizzoni who kicks to cross a corner of Fusetti but Mulas deflects in corner.
At 9 'and 20' double chance on the feet of Coppola, but first the crossbar and then the island goalkeeper save the door. The first half ended with a very occasional Cascarano that touches the seven with shooting. For the sardines to signal an occasion of Ambrosio that mockery D'andolfo and face to face with Giuliani does not find the mirror of the door.

In the second half the rhythm drops, the sardines barricade themselves in their own half field and the Larians find fewer spaces and more difficult to pack dangerous actions
At the 50 'Como close to the goal with Pellizzoni but Mulas is still saved in the corner. Carminati does not find the winning inspiration and his two occasions are neutralized by the extreme defender of the island.
The last chance of the race is on Campesi's feet that steals the ball from Bertoni and, face to face with Giuliani, he becomes hypnotized by the Lariano goalkeeper who overcomes himself and avoids the sensational joke.
A peer who leaves a bit 'of bitter taste for the opportunities created, but still a draw that does not change the situation in the standings with Multedo (-1) and Milan (-3) to chase.
From the locker room: Targa: The team suffered from heat and failed to give the race more rhythm and intensity.
Proserpio: Equal deserved and golden point for salvation against the best opponent we met.

COMO 2000 Giuliani, D'andolfo (1's.t.Nespoli), Cascarano, Bertoni, Oliviero, Nava, Fusetti, Ambrosetti, Coppola, Carminati, Pellizzoni (75 'Erba).

OLBIA Mulas, Rinner, Balestri, Casu, Guidet, Catgiu, Cuccu (30 stMannoni), Marongiu (33'p.t.Solano), Manzoni, Ambrosio, Campesi.

Referee: Di Nardo di Lodi.
Corners: 7-1

Press office
FCF Como 2000

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