On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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pordenone20102011_thumb_medium150_91Time a week for redemption. Graphistudio wins against Siena with a net 3 0, taking the lead to 13 'with De Grassi that fits from second lines on punishment beaten by the usual Schiavo, replicates with Paoletti in the first minutes of shooting and archives the practice with Trifunjagic entry in the middle of the second half.
PORDENONE. The Graphistudio returns to win and play at a high level after the slide against the Mozzecane, thus renewing, as happens for three months now, the challenge to the pursuers.

GAME. It took only a few seconds to have the perception that something had changed in seven days. With the usual 4-2-1-3 of Cesarano the neroverdi tried immediately and scored the goal. Gobbo, Vettoretti, Pizzin and Schiavo in defense, Pividori and Blazina in midfield, De Grassi midfielder, the tips Paroni, Paoletti, De Val and among the Belgrade poles have settled (except for the latter) in the half field of Siena and no longer exits. Finding the game and the geometry on the ground at home is enough 10 'to take the lead. Punishment on the trocar beaten by Schiavo, the ball cuts the area of ​​Siena and a moment before ending up at the bottom is deflected in the door by De Grassi that hits with deadly timing. Pass other 5 'and, this time, it is good Paoletti to hit first the diagonal of the laborious De Val; unlucky the 7 number, you have to settle for the pole. Pordenone ramps, builds many actions by goals but systematically fail, leaving the result still on '1-0. The only jolt of Siena before the interval is the punishment well beaten by the left-handed Migliorini a little to the side of the door defended by Belgrade. In the second half the Graphistudio takes advantage of the physical decline of the opponents, summer temperatures ... 24 ° are recorded. The stubbornness of Paoletti dissolves ghosts and iettature and rewards the 15 'when the shot of anger even deviated inflates the network. (Return to the neroverdi bomber with 10 networks). The game is virtually closed on 2 0 considering the resignation Juventus, a tame Siena compared to the first leg, but the team of Cesarano not just administer the advantage. It is the 20 ', new forces in attack inside Trifunjagic and Angioletti for Paroni and De Val. Okay! The third center arrives right from the feet of the new entrance Trifunjagic. The photocopy of the goal, canceled against the Riviera di Romagna, from a corner kick. At the end there is also the young Toppan who discovers Paoletti. Thus ends 3-0 for the Graphistudio, which thus maintains the advantage, and the safety distance, from the second pursuer the Riviera to two points of disadvantage, 38 against the 36 points. Next Sunday the Pordenone will come down to the Imola home.

Francesca Capitoli

Author: Francesca CapitoliEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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