Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Atalanta - Fiammamonza 2-0

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atalanta20102011_640_thumb_medium250_152Almenno San Salvatore - With the most classic result, the Atalanta Femminile of Mr. Michele Zonca routs Fiammamonza between the friendly walls.
First fraction. Atalantine territorial domination for all 45 '. A supremacy that does not however find confirmation on a scoreboard that at the interval will still mark the 0-0. The Fiammamonza is held mostly on the defensive, trying to pinch the Nerazzur on the break, but even on this front nothing in fact. The best opportunity for the locals is recorded at half an hour, or when Ramera wastes face to face with Vignati, pulling them on.

In the second half the film is the same: the Atalanta dictates the law and the Fiammamonza continues to play for a draw. At 30, however, the balance breaks and the local go on the right advantage: Giacinti flies away to two opponents and from the edge of the bag with a deadly right. Ten minutes later the guests try to say theirs with Piccini, but Carminati saves goat and cabbage. On the final of the race is then Ramera to further sweeten the day of the companions, with a great shot from twenty-five meters that goes to slip into the corner.

Two noteworthy information. The first. In the match against Fiammamonza absolute debut for Pirovano and Volpi. The latter is an 1996 class. The second. This morning the players Piacezzi, Giacinti and Salvi have left for Slovenia, where they will remain until the 15 April to dispute the European championships with the national team.

Atalanta: Carminati, Gaius, Pedretti, Barcella, Spinelli, Ramera, Pandolfi (1'st Pirovano), Giacinti, Spini (13'st Peaks), Frigerio (25'st Volpi). All. Michele Zonca.

Fiammamonza: Vignati, Straniero (38'st Gerosa), Serena (33'st Capovilla), Galbiati, Missaglia, Postiglione, Moroni, Piccini, Re, Gaburro. All. Liliana Baggi.

Referee: Lombardi of the Milan section.

Networks: 30'st Hyacinths and 45'st Ramera.

Notes: playground in fair condition. Two hundred spectators around.

Alessandra Donadoni

Walter Pettinati
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