Thursday, May 21 2015
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Sestrese Multedo - Cuneo

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Sestrese Multedo - Cuneo S. Rocco 4-0

Sunday to be forgotten for the women's Cuneo, which falls heavily on the pitch of the Sestrese Multedo.

The eleven white and red, after a good first half during which he led the game for long stretches, missed the goal on at least two occasions, and at the end, he suffered the net on the corner that Paggini head has slipped into the network fulminating the innocent Asteggiano.

After the rest, the Cuneo returned to the field dazed, unrecognizable, and allowed the opponents to do everything they wanted by opposing a weak resistance. At the fifteen minutes Luciano falls badly on the ground following a bad blow received from behind and must leave the pitch; at that point the "light" of the Cuneo goes off and the Sestrese Multedo came out vehemently.

The "lords of the goal" Palombini and Coppolino did not have to pray and within half an hour they ditched the cuneesi inflicting them a heavy passive.

The Bertoloni following injuries and disqualifications, and with some players a bit too bruised, had to redesign the team, but this can not be the only cause of this bad performance.

With today's win the formation of Liguria, it is brought to a single point from the summit taking advantage of the draw of the leaders Como against a surprising Olbia and the defeat of Milan by Juventus in clear recovery.

After the kick-off of the race director, the two teams study for a few minutes, then at the 10 'the Piedmontese try a restart with Luciano launching Allena in the left wing, which from a defilated position, throws a powerful right that touches the 'crossroad.

Just pass 1 'and this time it is Cobelli who still draws Allena who touches the ball on the exit of Morin but the ball touches the post.

Shortly afterwards again Allena, in the penalty area, serves the accident Cobelli, but his cross is impacted with the hand by a defender, but the referee leaves running between general protests.

At 21 'still little luck for the cuneesi missing the lead with Buzzoni after a short rejected by the defense, but the ball hisses above the crossbar;

After the scarecrow, Sestrese begins to grind game, and Asteggiano has his business on the conclusions of Cagnoni first and then Errico. At the end of the time on the ball inactive the landlords with a header from Paggini take the lead

In the second half the formation of the Ligurian starts with another look and at the 15 'with a free kick from the edge of the area, the Palombini scores a euro goal under the crossroads.

The Cuneo is no longer able to react and Asteggiano must work overtime first on Palombini and then on Coppolino, but at half an hour nothing can on the incursion of Coppolino that game in position more than suspected of offside, cold the extreme defender of Cuneo.

Pass just 5 'and Errico serves the ball of poker still in Coppolino that coldly makes the final 4 to 0.

Next Sunday in Cuneo arrives the fearsome Oristano, looking for points of safety, and this time the red and white will have to be careful not to lose further ground to not end up tangled in the last positions of the standings.

Multedo: Morin, Ferrini, Cella, Picasso, Rogina G., Paggini, Palombini (31 'St. Germani), Merler, Coppolino, Errico, Cagnoni (41' St. Lovagnino). Available: Rogina P., Rapetti, Cadeddu, Filograna. All. Lombardo

Cuneo: Asolo, Goletto, Vallauri, Curioso, Giordano, Allena, Testa, Figone (41 'St Giorgis), Luciano (11' St De Paoli), Cobelli. Available: Marchisio, Giraudo, Pittavino. All. Cerato, Bertoloni

Referee: sig. Haghighat (Imperia)

Markers: 45 'pt Paggini, 15' st Palombini, 30 ', 35' st. Coppolino

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Noemi Asteggiano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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