Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Cuneo - Olbia

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Cuneo - Olbia 2-3

The Olbia confirms the black beast of the female Cuneo and, after the victory of the first leg, also won the return for 3 to 2.

The red and white girls interrupt the positive trend that lasted for several days, ended last Sunday with the prestigious draw on the field of the leaders Milan. Cuneo starts well showing a certain supremacy and after a few minutes goes ahead with Giorgis, good to put the goalkeeper with a diagonal low shot.

The goal paves the way to the formation of home but fails to realize two wonderful crosses of Allena; the Olbia responds from the distance with a conclusion by Balestri who "kisses" the upper part of the crossbar and gets lost on the bottom.

At the 20 'episode that will determine the fate of the match, Campesi is launched in offside position but the sig. Torsello, certainly not helped by the assistant, commits the first serious mistake of the day, which will affect the entire game, not stopping the action; with the defense stopped waiting for the referee's whistle, Asteggiano tries a desperate exit, landing in the penalty area the opposing player, and for her the game inevitably ends with the red card.

Even De Paoli leaves the pitch to leave room to the reserve goalkeeper Dutto, who immediately after slipping the glove is slipped by Cuccu, on penalty.

The cuneesi in ten, try to organize themselves, and despite the numerical inferiority, they become dangerous once again with Giorgis, who, from a good position, puts out. At 35 'Curious with a wonderful free kick, he puts the ball under the crossroads, and puts things right, realizing the temporary 2 to 1.

In the second half the Sardinian formation goes down in the battlefield to take full advantage of the numerical superiority, and at 7 'Campesi warms the gloves of Dutto with a full neck missile, well foiled by the number one Cuneo; shortly after the same players are face to face, but once again the extreme defender has the best and puts in corner.

The Olbia takes the command of the midfield and crushes insistently the biancorosse in his own half, and at the 13 'the extreme defender of Cuneo, still manages to counteract a close conclusion of Balestri.

Now it is a siege, jump markings and this time it is Manzoni to have to regret the deviation in corner of the Cuneo goalkeeper.

The Cuneo defends himself with his teeth, and Cuccu puts the goalkeeper out, but Curioso saves on the goal line. Shortly thereafter, a tie from Hofer arrives, who puts Dutto on a vicious conclusion.

With pride, the Cuneo are pushing forward and Giordano launches deep Sechi from a tight angle test the conclusion that becomes an assist for Allena, but the shot of the outside ends high above the crossbar.

At 41 'a free-kick by Hofer hits the base of the pole to the right of Dutto and crosses the whole door; at 46 'in full recovery, a clear foul on the three quarters, is not sanctioned by the referee and on Campesi developments mock the goalkeeper with a conclusion that is not irresistible and signs the final 3 to 2.

In the championship the triad of head Milan, Como and Sestrese, rifila "cinquine" respectively to Alessandria, Oristano and Juventus, while to surprise, the Atalanta, yields the three points to the Tradate.

Next Sunday the championship will observe a rest turn, and at the restart, the 6 in March, F.lli Paschiero will arrive un'Atalanta in search of recovery, to hope again in the promotion.

Cuneo: Dare (20 'pt Dutto), Curious, Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Buzzoni, Allena, Figone (21' St Testa), De Paoli, Luciano, Giorgis (3 'st. Sechi). Available: Marchisio. All. Cerato / Bertoloni

Olbia: Mulas, Rinner, Balestri, Casu Sara, Guidet (21 'St Mannoni), Deiana, Cuccu, Casu Samuela, Hofer, Ambrosio (9' st Manzoni), Campesi. Available: Solano, Marongiu, Solano, Perfetto. All. Proserpio Marchetti Elena

Referee: sig. Torsello (Nichelino)

Markers: 3 'Giorgis (C), Cuccu (O) Rig., 35' Curious (C), 32 'st Hofer (O), 46'st Campesi (O)

Ammonites: Rinner (O), Buzzoni (C)

Expelled: Asociate (C)

Diego Naso.

In the photograph by A.Witzel: Campesi dell'Olbia and Vallauri del Cuneo

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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