Friday, February 28 2020
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Even the "gray" girls match in Como

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The Alessandria Femminile comes out unscathed from the fearsome trip of Como, one of the most accredited formations for the jump category, bringing home a valuable and useful 2-2. Under two goals at the end of the first part of the game, in the second half the team of Mr. Fossati has brought back the same fate of the match with the usual characteristics: race, will and determination.

In the first half Lariane ahead at 20 'on a penalty kick, awarded by the referee for a clear handball of Lardo and made by Pellizzoni. The doubling of the landlords at 40 ', when Coppola exploits a misjudgment between Pagliassotto and Lardo and bags.

"A deserved 0-2 - emphasizes Mr. Fossati - in the first place where we have done a bestial effort, the girls have played contracted, fearful against a team that already knew for having already faced in friendly".

"In the second half - continues the coach - took to the field with another head and another desire to try a recovery that was not easy".

A recovery that takes shape in the 60 'when Draghi realizes a penalty kick and is realized at 70' with Marafioti good to realize after an exchange with Di Stefano.

"The girls - says Fossati - once again have proven to have the attributes, they were very good, they knew how to fight and pull out the pride and in some moments they were also able to put under one of the strongest teams in the championship. all because, above all, they know how to make a group and it is the whole that counts ".

Another positive note is the return to the field, even if only from the 75 ', of the Delodi coming from an injury.

Next Sunday, at Cattaneo, another fearsome match against Sestrese Multedo, the second force of the championship with a match to be recovered (the 6 February) against Como 2000.

COMO 2000: Giuliani; D'Andolfo, Nava, Bretoni, Cannone, Fusetti; Nespoli, Ambrosetti, Coppolo, Cascarino, Pellizzoni. Available: Prati, Redaelli, Roncaroni, Oliviero, Meroni, Mazzola, Clerici. All. Targa.

ALEXANDRIA: Pagliassotto; Spider, Lard, Dragons, Rigolino, Mensi; Di Stefano, Lupi, Sosso, Montecucco, Parlagreco. Available: Doors, Rossi, Costa, Marafioti, Barbesino, Delodi, Guglielmetti. All. Fossati.

MARKERS: Pellizzoni (Co) rig. 20 ', Coppola (Co) 40', Dragons (Al) rig. 60 'and Marafioti (Al) 70'

ABITRO: Lombardo of Sesto San Giovanni (Ciannarella di Gallarate and Della Pietra di Como)

Fabrizio Capra

In the photograph: Paola Marafioti

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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