Wednesday, May 27 2020
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Cuneo - Alessandria

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Cuneo S.Rocco - Alessandria 1- 2

The female Cuneo interrupts the positive "filotto", started with the draw of Como, and sells the entire stake to the Allyandria of Mr. Fossati.

The expert Draghi decided to decide the fate of the match, with a penalty, made at the end of the match.

The red and white players essentially played a good game, against a formation with good individuality that plays long balls to exploit the characteristics of Di Stefano and Montecucco, and in defense applies aggressive markings.

Good first half of the landlords who took the lead with a precise conclusion by Luciano, able to pierce the innocent Pagliassotto, "covered" by too many legs; the girls of the Cerato Bertoloni duo continued to push, creating two goal balls but they did not produce effects.

The Alexandria has relied on rapid restarts but on the opposite side also Asteggiano has shown all its qualities by denying the goal to the opponents.

In the second half the host formation returned to the field with greater concentration and in the first minutes, on the development of a corner kick, managed to grab the draw with Rigolino.

Immediately after Allena, served by a millimetrical verticalization of Luciano, the goal of doubling fails by kicking at the first post of the goal defended by Pagliassotto.

The game remains intense, played with competitive spirit, until 36 'with the episode that will be decisive for the purpose of the result; Di Stefano in the penalty area is landed by Vallauri and Mr. Basile rightly concedes the penalty kick.

From the spot Draghi very coldly, he puts the corner to the left of Asteggiano and fixes the result on the definitive 1-2.

In the final minutes the Cuneo changes game form, to try and grab the draw again, without succeeding, and after two minutes of recovery, the race director sends everyone in the shower.

In the championship with Alessandria only Milan and Juventus score full points, respectively against Tradate and Entella, while all other matches end in a draw.

Next Sunday the female Cuneo will play away to Turin against the other newly promoted Juventus, while the Alexandria will host, within the walls of the friendly team, Atalanta ..

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Giordano, Buzzoni, Allena, Testa, Curioso (40 'st. De Paoli), Luciano, Sechi (37' Figone). Available: Dutto, Giraudo, Tomatis, Pittavino, Goletto. Cerato / Bertoloni All

Alexandria: Pagliassotto, Sciascia (24 'st Parlagreco), Lardo, Draghi, Rigolino, Mensi, Di Stefano, Lupi, Ragno, Montecucco (24' st. Sosso), Marafioti (45 'st. Barbesino).

Available: Guglielmetti, Bergaglia, Delodi. Herds Fossati

Referee: sig. Basile (Genoa)

Markers: 23 'pt. Luciano (C), 4 'st. Rigolino (A), 36 'st. Draghi (A)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Arianna Testa

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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