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Serie A 2010-2011

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bardolino_squadra2_thumb_medium250_177After three consecutive victories the Bardolino Verona girls return from Rome with a defeat for two goals to one gained perhaps due to a wrong approach to the race.
Mister Longega has the Da Rocha - Girelli - Gabbiadini trio for the first time for the first time and forwards forward. In defense Roberta Stefanelli makes his return with a protective mask for the nose.
Even Rome is lined up in almost complete training with former Tuttino, Pasqui, Volpi and Filippozzi in the field.

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Kick offMozzanica and Brescia give life to a real derby, as demonstrated also today by the warm public that has filled the playing field of the orobiche in every order. Lanzani and Grilli can line up the formations holders, there are no significant absences for the guests or for the landlords. Ready, off and after only 9 first benefit the swallows thanks to a twist of Sabatino, well imbeccata by Paliotti, who with the right outside anticipates the output of Gritti overtaking it with a nice lob.

Rating: 5 / 5

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firenze20102011_thumb_other150_88Just a comment: incredible in San Marcellino. Lazio won the victory in the clash, overcoming with the result of two to one the Primadonna Florence in a race that bluntly saw the purple higher. However, too many mistakes have been made by the girls of Nicoli, while Lazio has managed to realize the few opportunities created. Lazio advantage after ten minutes with a header from Gagliardi served by the precise cross of Zorri. After a couple of opportunities wasted by Guagni, the Florence finds the draw net thanks to Mastrovincenzo, lest to exploit an indecision of the opponent goalkeeper Fazio.

Rating: 4 / 5

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TAVAGNACCO_thumb_medium250_167DIRECTLY TAVAGNACCO. 3-0 AL VENEZIA A young double from Zuliani and Bonetti's seal. Tavagnacco second.
The Graphistudio confirms that it is going through a good moment of form and also passes in Venice with a double by Zuliani and Bonetti's Eurogol at the end of a match dominated by the Friulians with many scoring opportunities added to three stakes. Tavagnacco aggressive from the first minutes with Di Filippo who shakes the pole to the right of Penzo with a perfect right to turn after only 60 ''. At the 4 'manoeuvered action of the Friulians that turn ball from right to left and draw Parisi whose right ends just above the crossbar.

Rating: 3 / 5

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reggiana_8028_thumb_medium250_157Victory that is worth cast gold for the Reggiana in that of Capo d'Orlano. High tension competition between two teams who have tried from the beginning to make the game their own. Start with a phase of study on both sides then a bit 'of garnet supremacy but does not prevent the slippery Minciullo to create some headache to Vicenzi that today has provided a superlative test, always careful and punctual in the outputs. The two teams play a nice game without throwing the ball away.

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sudtirol50_thumb_medium250_162Opportunity lost for the CFS, which in the 18 ° round of series A is reassembled twice from Turin and thus leaves behind an important opportunity to shorten the distances on the salvation zone. At Righi the meeting closes on 2-2, with the net of the final guest equal to the 84 'from Cerato that unleashes the vibrant protests of the bench home (expelled the coach Alberti and the goalkeeper coach Mangialardi) for a foul not seen against Captain Ruth Warger.

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VENEZIA20102011_thumb_medium250_166First half: 5 'shot of Parisi, over the crossbar, 12' cross of DI Filippo on the free kick from the left, 15 'free-kick from the edge of Capovilla touches the intersection of the poles to the left of Marchitelli, 27' Di Filippo enters the area, Penzo rejects the shot, 28 'Bonetti with a shot from outside the area puts the ball at the intersection of the poles for 1 0 of Tavagnacco, 30' pole of Riboldi.

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brescia20102011_thumb_medium358_228After the break for the Nationals, the championship returns and Brescia starts again from where it had stopped. The Florence suffers seven goals and can not nothing against a perfect Brescia in all departments. Ready away and the lionesses are already in the lead: Gozzi centrally, triangles with Paliotti that of the heel serves the perfect assists of the one to zero. After 50 seconds Brescia is already ahead. The eighth hour Sabatino time, which receives in the area, controls right and left. Wonderful lob of "high tension" that immediately puts the result in safe.

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sudtirol50_thumb_medium250_162The Sudtirol comes out defeated by the difficult transfer of Verona against Bardolino, which is imposed by perfectly reversing the score of the first leg, dragged by his own trio of wonders Da Rocha (double for her) - Gabbiadini - Girelli. The biancorosse does not need the good evidence expressed under the point of view of the game especially in the first half and the first network in Serie A of the baby-bomber Denise De Luca, scored just six minutes after his entry into the field. Despite the four goals conceded, also excellent proof of the blue Katja Schroffenegger, presasi the luxury of parrying a penalty to Gabbiadini, and Martina Menegoni, debut from the 1 'in Serie A.

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TAVAGNACCO_thumb_medium250_167The author of De Angelis paves the way for the Friulians. Riboldi closes the accounts in the second half.
Graphistudio does not lose altitude. Two goals were enough for the girls of Mr. Bearzi to bend Roma at the end of a correct race, and with few emotions. The Tavagnacco deservedly won and continues the path to sails explained towards the European stage, with a first contracted and a good recovery. The first ten minutes of the race, see the two teams face each other without creating clear opportunities in the door. At the 11 'the Graphistudio takes the lead: Ilaria Mauro, goes away on the right outs, enters the area, crossed in the middle and with an uncoordinated intervention, De Angelis deposits the ball in his own goal.

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