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Serie A 2010-2011

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reggiana_8028_thumb_medium250_157Reggiana defeated from Florence after a very hard and angular race against an opponent who fought fiercely on every ball and Reggiana who after leading the game for the first fraction was overwhelmed by the agonizing opponents who at the distance have legitimized victory. It must be said that at the beginning of the second half the game is good for the grenade that goes ahead on a penalty for foul on Mason who will be forced to leave the field.

Rating: 5 / 5

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sudtirol50_thumb_medium250_162Nothing to do for the CFS in the important salvation challenge against Lazio. After a great first half, closed in favor of a net thanks to the seal of Deborah Salvatori Rinaldi, the red and white of coach Alberti have suffered in the second half the return of the capitals: the biancocelesti have put Katja's door three times in ten minutes Schroffenegger and have ended up imposing 3-1, giving a blow to the hopes of permanence in Serie A of the South Tyrolean. Also according to the other results of the day in fact, the CFS slips to -5 from the salvation area and, six days from the end of the season, will now have to make a great effort to maintain a place in the national division.

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orlandia20102011_thumb_medium250_156Antonella Morra's net in the final minutes of the game against Chiasellis allows the Orlandia'97 Randazzo Energy Team to avoid what was feared as yet another undeserved defeat. The draw is undoubtedly the best result for express values ​​and above all in consideration of the alternating luck of the two penalties awarded, kicked by Vicchiarello for the guests and in the second half by Piera Manzella for Orlandia '97. Two episodes that seemed to condemn the team of Leo Tonarelli, until Antonella Morra with a close head shot managed to put justice on the final result.

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2010boni_thumb_medium250_166The 20 ^ day of the Women's Serie A championship will see Brescia busy in the difficult trip to Rome. The capitals in the second round have suffered only one defeat against Tavagnacco, but the many draws, are conditioning the ranking, which certainly does not reflect the premise of the start of the season. Mister Serafini for Saturday's race will have to do without Tuttino again due to injury, while Pamela Gueli will be available after about two months, already back on Saturday in the match against Turin. On the other hand, at home Brescia remains in the presence of Roberta D'Adda still struggling with the injury to the right leg flexor. Viviana Schiavi will return instead after the disqualification day.
20 ^ Serie A Day for Women_Rome-Brescia_saturday 2 April 15,00 hours - Stadium Pro Roma Via Verrio Flacco n.41, Rome (RM)

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sudtirol50_thumb_medium250_162Just against the biancocelesti the last success in the league. President Dalla Torre calls the fans together: "Let's win together!". Several initiatives in favor of the red and white supporters.
Time of collision salvation at the Righi di Bolzano, where this Saturday at 15 the CFS faces Lazio in the 20 ° round of the women's Serie A championship. An important appointment for the training of coach Antonio Alberti, opposed to an opponent who precedes him by six points in the standings and who, in case of defeat, would find himself once again entangled in the fight for salvation.

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firenze20102011_thumb_other150_88Defeat in the house of the leaders Torres for Primadonna Florence. With the result of four to one the sardines sign the 18esimo success in the league, consolidating more and more the top of the standings. Despite the defeat, however, Florence was the protagonist of a positive test, succeeding in some stretches to put in difficulty the armored Sardinian champion of Italy. Torres took the lead after seven minutes with Domenichetti, the purple draw came with a beautiful counterattack by Guagni. Sardine again in the lead with Motta with a trip from outside the area, the three to one brings the signature of Panico before the rest.

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Bardolino-Venezia_005Verona - The Venetian derby between Bardolino Verona and Venice ends with the victory of Gabbiadini and companions, matured at the end of a race full of episodes from goal, where the landlords have deserved to bring home the three points, even if the lagoon goes the credit of having kept the games open until the end. Marchesini, on the bench instead of the suspended Longega, must renounce the trident due to the absence of Dayane Da Rocha, engaged with the national team. Comin must instead do without the disqualified Tombola. On the field, one on one side and the other, the sisters Mascanzoni, Deborah with the tunic of Venice and Daiana with that of Bardolino.

The lagoons start well with Capovilla at the 3 ', able to take advantage of Deborah Mascanzoni's assist and to take a first-leg kick from a good position, but Ohrstrom is a good guard. Girelli answers to 7 'engaging Penzo with a nice conclusion. At 14 'first corner kick of the match, for Bardolino Verona. Goes to kick Ledri who exchanges with Gabbiadini and puts in the middle. He pounces on the broken ball Girelli that anticipates Penzo and puts in the net for the Scaliger advantage. At the 19 'the landlords build an excellent choral action: Girelli sends Toselli deep that from the right touches for Ledri who does not coordinate and shoots the stars. At the 25 'on the other front is the usual Capovilla to look for the door with a nice conclusion on the far post, where it stretches and blocks Ohrstrom. There is no shortage of initiatives on both fronts and on more than one occasion the two goalkeepers are called to intervene. It could double the Bardolino at 39 ': Gabbiadini sends a wedding invitation for Toselli, unmarked on the right, which enters the area wasted with a low shot halfway between the shot and the service for De Stefano, with the ball ending at the end of the field. Three minutes later Gabbiadini from the limit sends a whisker high. At the 45 'De Stefano from the left, crossed for Gabbiadini, placed near the left corner of the goal area. The yellow-blue bomber spins, but can not deviate towards the mirror. On the protraction of the action the lagoon defense messes up because of the pressing of Toselli and the race director interrupts the game whistling a punishment to two in the area, deliberately evaluating the back pass on which he intervenes with his hands Penzo. With a ball on the edge of the small area and a human shield on the goal line, Girelli touches for Gabbiadini who, with a powerful low shot, puts the doubling ball into the net for the Garda area. The controversial episode infuriates Mister Comin who is dismissed by the race director.

Battocchio_e_GelmettiUpon returning from the locker rooms, the landlords could close the race at 48 'with a nice shot by Visconti on which Penzo saves himself deflecting with the help of the crossbar. On the developments of the corner the ball reaches Stefanelli who from the left serves Girellli. The shot on the far post of the attacker Gialloblù goes off on the bottom and will be the first of a long series of opportunities not exploited by players on the field. At the 54 'Bortot equalized the score of the woods with a borderline from the edge that goes to print on the crossbar, collects Lotto who shoots central in the arms of Ohrstrom. The extreme Swedish defender is called overtime three minutes later, when Capovilla from the edge kicked hard on the far post, where Ohrstrom flies to deflect for a corner. After some good plots not exploited by Girelli and Gabbiadini, the Venice is still alive in the Verona area with the very mobile Bortot who flies well inside the sixteen meters tries the lob on Ohrstrom, but the sphere ends beyond the mirror. Marchesini puts on the field the very young Battocchio and the Veronese attack acquires even more verve. At the 68 'the new entry is on the left Gabbiadini with a perfect launch, bomber Meli enters the area and face to face with Penzo is hypnotized by the lagoon goalkeeper who rejects the irresistible conclusion of the captain gialloblù. Two minutes later repeats the previous action, but this time Gabbiadini seeks the assist for Toselli, but still blocks the no. 1 host. At the 71 'Venice has a wonderful opportunity with Lotto that manages to get around Ohrstrom, but it widens too much on the bottom and can not conclude the net with the empty door. At the 76 'Battocchio serves Toselli who turns the central blow from Penzo back into the corner. At the 78 'on the opposite side Bortot crossed in the area for Capovilla who was unable to direct from a good position towards the Scala gate. At the XNXX 'Ledri does everything by starting from his own half of the field, overcoming the opposing defense, but the most beautiful can not give strength to the conclusion that does not worry Penzo. Garda forcing continues but it is not finalized by the Gialloblù attackers and as taught by the harsh law of the goal, to take advantage of the Veronese generosity are the lagoons who reopen the race at the end, with the perfect free kick under the cross of the posts from Capovilla. Do not spend a minute, however, that the landlords restore their distance with Sara Visconti, who sends a shot from the edge under the cross, deflected by a defender. And 'Girelli in a split to kick to the side the last opportunity for landlords, after which Mr. Amabile of Vicenza, ceases hostilities. A well-deserved victory for Bardolino Verona that must be scolded for too many untapped opportunities, as Marchesini himself will have to say at the end of the race.

Gioia_goal_CriBARDOLINO VR- VENEZIA- 3-1

Networks: Girelli (B) at 14 ', Gabbiadini (B) at 45'; Capovilla (V) at 89 'and Visconti (B) at 90'.

BARDOLINO: 1 OHRSTROM, 2 DA. MASCANZONI (from 69 'CANTORO), 3 LEDRI, CRYSTAL 4, 5 STEFANELLI, 6 CASSANELLI, 7 TOSELLI (from 81' BELFANTI), 8 GABBIADINI, 9 VISCONTI, 10 GIRELLI, 11 DE STEFANO (from 56 'BATTOCCHIO). All Marchesini, available: 12 Gava, 13 Cantoro, 14 Belfanti, 15 Battocchio, 16 Usvardi, 17 Gelmetti.

VENICE: 1 PENZO, 2 GALVAN, 3 SQUIZED, 4 LOTTO, 5 TURRA, 6 STEFANELLO (from 76 'MORA), 7 DE. MASCANZONI, 8 CAPOVILLA, 9 CHINELLO (from 89 'BARZAN), 10 VIVIRITO, 11 BORTOT. All. Comin, available: 12 Rizzo, 13 Viezzer, 14 Mora, 15 Bortolato, 16 Barzan.

Referee: Amabile Daniele from Vicenza, assistants: Nafea and Righetti.

Expelled: Comin, coach of Venice, for protests.

Notes: Sunny day with pleasant temperature, present about 300 spectators. Corners: 6-4. Best in the field: Ledri (BV) and Bortot (VE).

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orlandia20102011_thumb_other250_156In front of the second force of the championship, the Orlandia'97 holds the adversary match with honor, even though it was defeated by 3 - 0. The result reflects the current difference between the Tavagnacco and the team of Leo Tonarelli who must postpone next Saturday against Chiasellis the race for the conquest of salvation. The goal of Riboldi in the first minutes of play put the race uphill for Orlandia'97, which has shown however to be able to stand the comparison to peers, especially in the first fraction, to yield in the second half to a Tavagnacco, for more reinforced by the return of the super bomber Brumana, absent for injury for over six months.

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bard-ve-013The girls from Bardolino Verona return to victory and on the sixth day of the return of the top league they impose themselves on Venice for three goals, one at the end of a match full of chances and episodes.
The Veronese present themselves without the Italian-Brazilian Da Rocha engaged with the national green-gold and the injured Faelt. The disqualified Tombola outside Venice. On the yellow-blue bench sits Marchesini in place of the suspended Longega forced to watch the match from the stand.

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sabatino-after-1a0Sun and wind welcome Brescia and South Tirol to the Rigamonti of Buffalora. Grilli, grappling with the defensive emergency, inserts Previtali and replaces D'Adda and moves Paliotti on the back line. The interpreters change but the result remains the same: ready and the Brescia passes. At the 1 'corner kick for the hosts, Ferrand's parable arrives at the feet of Sabatino that heel rests on the net. After a few seconds, South Tyrol is already on the ropes. The South Tyroleans are struggling to react and the 9 'risk to capitulate, but the "usual" left Ferrandi is printed on the crossbar.

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