Monday, 17th October 2016
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Serie A 2010-2011

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FIRENZE_ESULTA_thumb_other250_167The viola sign the second consecutive success after last Saturday against Reggiana. Three to one the final result in favor of the viola, perhaps the protagonists of the most beautiful test of the season. Great first half for Primadonna Firenze, ahead of two goals after the first part of the game. Nicoli relies on a solid 4-4-2, with Benucci, Pitzus, Bruno and Del Gaudio in the back pack, Orlandi, Patu, Crespi and Ricciardi on the midfield line, attacking tandem formed by the couple Guagni Mastrovincenzo.

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roma_masiaThe two teams arrive at the derby return with different motivations, stronger those of the biancocelesti that absolutely must make points to get away from the relegation zone and to redeem the heavy defeat of the first leg. For the Rome is up for grabs, given the area of ​​?? centroclassifica that occupies, only the city supremacy much felt in Rome. The race ends in ten against ten. For Roma in the half hour of the second half Eleonora Bischi is expelled for a second yellow card (the second is for protests). For the Lazio is removed from the field the captain Daniela Di Bari: Nervous since the first minute of play, is constantly grounds for discussion with the Romans. Towards the fifth minute the coach in second Selena Mazzantini (on the bench alone for the disqualification in the act of Mr. Serafini) intervenes in defense of the Giallorossi inviting her to calm down, in response receives a spit in the face. The guardian sees the whole scene and draws the attention of the referee who expels the captain Lazio.
We prefer to exempt ourselves from commenting on the incident!

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sabatino-after-1a0Even Venice must surrender to the excessive power of Brescia. For Zizioli and his companions, the positive strip continues, topped off by an unbeaten run that now lasts for 713 minutes. Ready and at 3 'Ferrandi already leads his advantage: Boni sets and launches the number 2 of Brescia, dry left and goals. Sixth seasonal marking for Giulia. Venice holds the field well, but it is always Brescia that makes danger to 26 'with Alborghetti launching into the Cernoia space. Face to face with Cazzaro, slips and misses the shot.

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TAVAGNACCO_thumb_medium250_167The keyword was not to lose. And so it was. In the 21 ^ day, trim a heavy 3-6 in Turin, captures the seventeenth win of the season, and continues to the pace of the procession to the Champions League. On the shields, Penelope Riboldi, who, with his shotgun reaches 16 in the scorer ranking. Next week, at the Comunale di Tavagnacco, will be staged the truth challenge against Brescia, where a victory would allow the team to extend to more than seven on the swallows. The Lombard team does not lose hits, takes advantage of the home round, humiliating the 5-0 Venice, and then will present in Friuli in good condition. In the end, it is a big party for the eighth victory in a row and this success is worth double, since that of Venaria was a traditionally difficult field.

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sudtirol50_thumb_medium250_162In Sardinia, the CFS fails in the enterprise to stop the championship run of the leaders Torres. In the head-tail valid as 21 ° round of the championship of the series A female, the landlords have in fact imposed for 4-0, gaining the three points as a prediction. And yet, despite the passive, the red and white formation did not give up, also creating some net chances and hitting a crossbar in the final with Dallagiacoma. Not bad, considering the different unavailable that forced the South Tyrolean troops to face the trip with only 14 players. For their part, the players of Torres have put forward all their technical skills, deciding in favor of the comparison thanks to two networks in time.

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bard-ent-esult09-0411A hot sun welcomes Bardolino Verona and Orlandia at the Stadio Olivieri of Verona for the match of the eighth day of return of the maximum championship.
Sicilians thirsty for points of salvation, Veronese who are looking for victory to re-launch in the standings.
Longega is struggling with the rebus midfield where he can not count on Faelt and Ledri nor on the young Belfanti and Battocchio engaged with the national under 17. The Scaliger technician opts for a front-wheel drive line-up with Girelli, Da Rocha and Gabbiadini at the same time in the field supported in the middle by Cantoro and Visconti.

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orlandia20102011_thumb_other250_156The death toll has not yet sounded, the hope even if weak must accompany the team to the race, from last resort, against Florence next Saturday at "Ciccino Micale". The symptoms of a slow agony, however, have worsened after the match today in Verona, where the Orlandia'97 has collapsed under the blows of a ruthless and cynical Bardolino from the first minutes. The team of Longega immediately found the net of the advantage at 9 'with Girelli, which paved the way to victory, legitimized then in the second half when the paladins, under two networks, have definitely left the reins of the game to the landlords .

Rating: 5 / 5

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Bardolino-Orlandia_004Verona - Bardolino Verona trims an author poker at Orlandia, at the end of a competition where the good game did not prevail, but rather the difference between the two teams was the single hits. A result perhaps too penalizing for the Sicilians, which at least in the first fraction, have to recriminate on the two clamorous piles hit by Manzella with the result stopped on one to zero for the landlords. The same Longega at the end of the race, will express his disappointment on the game team, too cumbersome and slow, but when you have three players who are called Girelli, Gabbiadini and Da Rocha who can find the winning game at any time and find the day in which even De Stefano decides to invent an anthology goal, for the willing paladins there is not much to do.

Longega must give up to Ledri, one of the most fit in the last period, engaged in a school internship and the players called by the CT Sbardella of the national Under 17, including Martina Battocchio that in the last releases had well impressed. The landlords in the opening bars seem to command the race. Already after a few seconds Girelli cut the kiss for Toselli who enters the area, exceeds Szocs, but the ball is too long and allows the rearguard to recover. At the 6 'Toselli goes into pressure on the ball carrier and manages to serve a wedding invitation for Dayane Da Rocha, who is clearly landed by Szocs in desperate exit. A net penalty that however the sig. Andreoli of Brescia does not feel to assign and the game is continued. But only two minutes pass and the Bardolino finds the deserved advantage: from the flag Toselli puts in the center area, where Girelli collects shoulders at the door and with a turn on the fly goes to remove the cobwebs from the crossing of the poles to the right of Szocs that nothing can . The goal immediately serves to awaken the Orlandia that makes two occasions: the first at 10 'with Manzella kicking out and a minute later with Cianci kicking towards the net, but Ohstrom without too many problems relaxes and locks. At 13 'Girelli, he won a direct kick near the left corner of the host area. It goes the same n. 10 Veronese to kick, drawing a treacherous trajectory that is printed on the crossbar. Manzella at the 21 'thinks however to equalize the woodwinds' account. Cianci cuts perfectly for the n. 11 sicula that comes in front of Ohrstrom and tries to overcome it with a low shot that goes to print on the basis of the second pole. On the overturn in front of Da Rocha from the left he crosses for Gabbiadini who comes close to the opposing goal area, but fails to coordinate for the close deviation. Immediately after the captain Scaliger touches back for Girelli from the edge shoots up. Orlandia tries to undermine the Venetian defense with quick restart. At 24 'Ohrstrom has to go out with his feet on the edge of the area to untangle the skein, but a few seconds later can do on Manzella, well served by Sardu, face to face with the extreme defender Garda. As in the previous script, the unfortunate Sicilian striker, manages to overcome Ohrstrom, but the ball still slams on the right side of the Venetian door. At the 27 'Gabbiadini decides to do everything alone, receives ball on the left, focuses on overcoming an opponent and tries to finish the lap on the far post, but it is decisive the corner response of Szocs that flies to deviate. At half an hour Vitanza launches Sardu who tries the conclusion from the right limit, too central to worry Ohrstrom. At 36 'Orlandia is produced in a choral attack action, finalized by Corio's shot that ends in the arms of the extreme Swedish defender. The midfield Veneto struggles to filter the quick cuts to the guest points that on balance, would deserve to score before the end of the first fraction.Bardolino-Orlandia_015

In the second half Longega inserts the expert De Stefano, for the Toselli off. The first opportunity is for the landlord with Da Rocha, who from the bottom puts in the middle. Szocs comes out diving to intercept the ball directed towards Visconti. The goalkeeper is able to touch the ball, but not to send her away, but the central Veneto can not coordinate to reiterate in the network. The guests respond with the usual Manzella to the 4 'that tries to hit the edge of the Ohrstrom gate area, but definitely inaccurate is the forward Sicilian, which even sends a foul side. Then we try Cianci, kicking out a little and Vitanza firing on Ohrstrom. Meanwhile, Bardolino is not sent until 24 ', when the landlords build on the Da Rocha-Gabbiadini axis the most beautiful and effective action for the eleven of Longega. De Stefano serves in the Brazilian area, which surpasses an opponent, a triangle near the small area with Bomber Meli and puts a ball in the ground on a silver plate for Visconti that goalkeeper beaten and near the door almost unguarded, kick on Morra posted on the line. The action continues and the ball ends on the feet of De Stefano that from the left corner of the area fires a missile at the far post where Szocs can not get, scoring the doubling with an eurogoal. The Orlandia, which has not yet demeritated, collapses psychologically. The game falls asleep for about ten minutes, then to awaken it is still Cristiana Girelli that with a great conclusion to the turn takes away the cobwebs also from the intersection of the door Est Olivieri. Only three minutes pass and Gabbiadini decides to put his own seal on the race, with a solitary and stubborn action. The n. 8 scaligera receives the ball and focuses on walking the host defense, comes in front of Szocs who rejects the first signing of Bolgare striker, but can not prevent the ball from entering the net on the second shots of the Garda captain. At 43 'Girelli serves De Stefano who enters the area and tries the left from a slightly deflected position, forcing Szocs to kick back with his feet. With expired time comes the most deserved goal of the Bardolino-Orlandia_032guest flag, with Vitanza, which finalizes a good beginning of Cianci, kicking in power seven from outside the area.

the Race Table: BARDOLINO VR-ORLANDIA '97- 4-1

Marking machines: Girelli all'8 'pt; De Stefano at 24 ', Girelli at 35', Gabbiadini at 37 'and Vitanza at 47' st

BARDOLINO: 1 OHRSTROM, 2 CANTORO, 3 MASCANZONI, 4 OF CRISCIO, 5 STEFANELLI, 6 CASSANELLI, 7 TOSELLI (from 1 'ST DE STEFANO), 8 GABBIADINI (cap.), 9 DA ROCHA, 10 GIRELLI, 11 VISCONTI (from 38 'st USVARDI and the 43' st GELMETTI). All. Longega, available: 12 Gava, 13 De Stefano, 14 Gelmetti, 15 Usvardi.

ORLANDIA: 1 SZOCS, 2 SORO, 3 ROOTES, 4 VITAINZA, 5 BOWL (from 31 'ST CUSMA'), 6 MORRA, 7 CIANCI, 8 CORIO (from 38 'ST CACIORGNA), 9 MINCIULLO (cap.), 10 SARDU , 11 MANZELLA (from 27 'ST MORELLO). All. Tonarelli, available: 12 Tusa, 13 Coletta, 14 Cusmà, 15 Morello, 16 Cagiorgna.

Referee: Mr. Andreoli of Brescia. Assistants: Vinco and Gandini.

Ammonite: Stefanelli (B), Morra, Sardu and Radici (O).

Notes: Very hot day, with synthetic soil abundantly wet before the meeting. Corners: 4-1. Present a hundred spectators. Best in the field: Cassanelli (B) and Cianci (O).

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