Monday, 17th October 2016
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Serie A 2010-2011

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mozzanica_A_536x344_thumb_medium250_160The game is one of those strange and will certainly not be counted among the best by the home team. But it ended well and this makes it important. The two-to-one with Chiasiellis is there and is a positive result that consolidates the fourth place with only Venice that now remains in the wake but is behind six points. We tend to think that the performance of training trained by Lanzani can be framed if not among those at the end of the season at least among those for which you can also pay a drop at least on the mental level. And then that you keep the three points tight and do not look too much for the subtle.

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Bardolino-Turin-026Second consecutive home game and the second quaterna inflicted by the girls of Bardolino Verona this time to the detriment of the Torino arrived on the banks of the Adige with some absence too much.
The gialloblu are in the field for the ninth day of return with the trident Girelli - Gabbiadini - Da Rocha and the clear intent to climb in the standings the grenades already beaten to measure the first leg.
The first few minutes of play are branded torist but the girls coached by Serami (former column of the audace at the time of the series C) can not worry the careful Ohrstrom.

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vintlRITIRO3002_thumb_medium300_231A masterful punishment by Stefania Rigatti in mid-shot allows the CFS to fold the Reggiana with the minimum gap and stay in the race for salvation. This is also thanks to the draw in scoreless networks between Orlandia and Florence and the victory of Venice over Lazio, which allows the biancorosse to reach six points from salvation. The gap to fill is therefore high, but on the side of the team of Mr. Alberti there is undoubtedly the awareness of having won the first challenge of "no return" for the stay in the top women's championship.

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sorvillo_tava_thumb307_It ends in equal the eurosfida between Graphistudio and Brescia that divide the stakes at the end of an exciting race and well played by both teams. After twenty minutes practically perfect of the Lombards, who find the goal with Cernoia, Tavagnacco catches the draw with Sorvillo and then comes out at a distance. In the second half the Friulians touch the goal several times but a great Brunozzi avoids capitulation, while on the opposite side the lionesses are always insidious from the parts of Marchitelli. Brescia immediately started to rocket, and after only three minutes it was already threatening with Sabatino who, on the left, threw a shot that slammed on the crossbar.

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firenze20102011_thumb_other150_88Precious draw for Primadonna Firenze in the home of the Oreaia. The clash of salvation of the 22th day of the Women's Serie A Championship ends in a white net. A fair draw for a balanced and conditioned match, above all by the fear of making the first move. In terms of opportunities in fact the challenge has given very little, except for the two wrong penalties for part in the first portion of the game. Bland rhythms in the start of the race with the viola well placed in the field and careful not to leave the initiative to the home team.

Rating: 4 / 5

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VENEZIA20102011_thumb_medium250_166First half 3 'Bortot from the right puts in the middle for Chinello that is anticipated at the time of detour in the net, 7' shot from outside Tombola area just above the crossbar, 13 'shot of De Luca, Rizzo para, 26' shooting Zorri, Rizzo repeats itself, 29 'Chinello launches Vivirito on the counterattack, then his shot ends over the crossbar, 33' Bortot enters the area his shot ends high over the crossbar, 35 'De Luca's shot that hits the crossbar, 37 'Chinello network, launched on the left as soon as it entered the football area on the second pole, leading the Venice Casino on 1 0.

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bs-boni_1902In the cloudy afternoon of Tavagnacco, the most important match of the year goes on stage for the twenty-two on the pitch, as well as the most interesting challenge of the season for the fans. The lionesses arrive in Friuli with great conviction and humility and leave immediately strong. Ready to go and at 4 'Boni invents for Sabatino, who shoots the poisonous left from the 20 meters. Marchitelli can only watch the satellite dish that breaks on the crossbar. The girls of Grilli are possessed and in the first 20 minutes close the hosts in their own half.

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brescia20102011_thumb_medium250_159Finally here we are. At the 22 ^ Day comes the long-awaited big match between Tavagnacco and Brescia that will decide, even if not definitively, the race for the qualification in the Champions League. In the second round the two teams did not miss a beat: for the 8 Friulan victories on 8 matches; for the lionesses, in 8 races, 7 wins and 1 even in Torres's home. Four points of separation, unchanged precisely from the first day of return. The Tavagnacco arrives at this big match with all the available pink, also Brumana is back in the group after the long injury. Mister Bearzi will be spoiled for choice, even in the offensive phase, where the quartet formed by Brumana, Mauro, Bonetti and Riboldi promises sparks. In contrast, Mr. Grilli will still have to do without the injured Zanoletti, still struggling with ankle problems. Also rust Rolfi and Gasparotti. The match will be broadcast in delay on Rai Sport 2 at 14,10

22 ^ Serie A Day_Tavagnacco-Brescia Saturday 16 April 15,00 hours - Stadio Comunale via Tolmezzo Tavagnacco_Differita Rai Sport 2 Monday 14,10 hours

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FIRENZE_ESULTA_thumb_other250_167A direct confrontation for Primadonna Florence at 15.00 in the trip to Capo d'Orlando against the Sicilian formation of the Upea Orlandia. Less than five days before the end of the season, the formation of Nicoli after last night's success at the home of Chiasiellis, today we play a large part of the chance to try to keep a place in the top flight.
Currently the ranking sees the Florentine out of the relegation zone with three lengths of advantage right on the Upland Orlandia. Doubts in training for Mr. Nicoli, given the unavailability of the defender Martina Pitzus, so this week the leash has experimented with possible tactical variants, focused on a strong offensive attitude. Unless there are any surprises then the viola will come out on the field with the 4-3-3, to face openly a race that is worth the whole season.

Andrea Puggelli

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CHIASIELLIS_thumb_other250_167A subterranean performance by Chiasiellis, the thirst for victory in Florence and an arbitrage certainly not from Serie A, give the Tuscan hands a precious victory in key salvation. The heat certainly does not help the two teams to keep up the pace, and then starting the stages are studying. However, the game is unleashed at 10 'when Mastrovincenzo takes advantage of the immobility of both teams to carry on his. Both the landlords and the guests had indeed stopped hoping that the referee whistled to allow the doctor of Chiasiellis to rescue Silvia Berardo, injured in the middle of the field.

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