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Serie A 2010-2011

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ARTICLE ON TCF INEXPLATE AND INCOMPLETE The TCF, regarding the article appeared on the site "calciodonne.it" signed by Mario Villa, specifies that the same is to be considered inaccurate and incomplete as such the article, in indicating the TCF group that is preparing to face the season 2010 / 2011 has not reported in the premise the suspensive condition of "last-minute changes" that the TCF had well anticipated on its release. The "last-minute changes" well represents, in reference to the player SAMPIETRO of Como, a suspensive condition for an advanced negotiation that with Como has been going on for weeks and for which the TCf had and has confidence to conclude. The TCF invites anyone to read its 24 / 7 statement well understanding its meaning and, consequently, to tone down on an issue that does not exist. The TCF also confirms here the desire to host (for studies) and enhance the player (Sampietro) that in the case of a possible temporary transfer to Turin will remain, however, Como. The estimate that the TCF recognizes, finally, to the President of Como Aquilini puts the question above any misunderstanding or error.

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THE NEWS OF CALCIODONNE FOR THE NEXT SEASON by Walter Pettinati The news that we propose for the next season are varied and I hope they will meet your sharing and sympathy. We start with the complete restyling of the website, moving to a more stable, dynamic and advanced platform that will allow us to reintegrate more services into this single website. The new graphics will be more engaging but at the same time easier to navigate. Space, home page, news of all categories, national, spring and youth sectors with results, rankings, statistics and live scores of the Italian and foreign championships ... Other news, on which I work for some time, is the institution of the FANTACALCIODONNE! With the availability of report cards of each game, we could give life to the most beloved game of Italians, now also with the BIG FEMALE SOCCER. A game that allows us to make our movement even more known, the protagonists and to award rich prizes. It is also renewed TOTOCALCIODONNE CARD and the GAME BETTING.. both will test the skill of the fans! Women's football will also have its own SOCIAL NETWORK, she's born WOMEN'S FOOTBOOK, the pink portal dedicated to International women's soccer. The project aims to become a meeting point for the whole movement .. and more! 15 years of daily activity, of experience made on all the football fields of each category with dedication, passion and competence, have led our editorial team to present two important COMMUNICATION PROJECTS to the DCF, can be implemented with qualified personnel, for a quality of information to 360 °. The initiatives will also extend to mere competitive activity with the organization of a tournament and, flagship, a PROJECT FOR STARTING FOOTBALL SPORT which will start from Campania region. Last but not least, the realization of a Monthly content, with diffusion in all the newsstands of the national territory. Mission impossible ??? maybe, we are trying, the project is being examined by important national publishers. With the review of the news we will present the details of each project and of course we trust in your criticism and participation. I end with a sentence from a famous book: "Without action, projects are only dreams, only action gives life its strength, its joy, its purpose."

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THE NR.1 COMMUNICATE OPENS THE 2010-2011 SEASON REDUCE THE REGISTRATION & MANAGEMENT COSTS TO CHAMPIONSHIPS AND INCREASE YOUTH ACTIVITY With the July 1 the new sport season opens, the companies disclose new purchases and the DCF issues its first release. Official activities, articulation of championships, regulations, Italian Cup, Spring and terms of registration. A positive note comes from the insertion of youth activity with the establishment of a national representative with Under 16 athletes registered for the companies in DCF. The representative constitution will participate in national and international tournaments organized by the Women's Football Division. Pasasando to the economic aspect and to the costs of the registrations is evidenced an increase of the "management expenses", + 2.400 € for the series A and A2 and + 2600 € for the series B, with the possibility to be installments in three installments. It is certainly a contribution equal to 3000 € for all the companies that will enroll in the spring championship which are going to decrease this cost. € 300 fees for the A and A2 series and 500 for the B series decreased (considering the old formula that provided for a refund of (3000 € - 1000) for participation in the Primavera). Mandatory participation in the Primavera championship with a second team, who renounces must, rightly, absorb a fine for € 3000. In addition, companies that carry out activities in the Regional Series C and Series D Championships may participate, at the cost of € 350, subject to authorization by the President of the Regional Committee to which they belong. The teams will be divided into groups composed of neighborhood criteria. A new tax (600 €) is added for the insurance of the players. The start of the championships is set for Saturday 29 September. Waiting for more news and clarifications, we attach the CU1 DOWNLOAD THE PRESS, published naturally on the LND-DCF website and it is recommended that companies and athletes comply promptly with each provision.

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DANIELE PERINA LEAVES THE BARDOLINO I inform you with great regret that with the conclusion of the 2009 / 2010 sports season the relationship ended that for 13 years tied me to ASD CF Bardolino Verona with the tasks of general management of the secretariat and communication sectors. I thank all the collaborators of the Communication area, the Secretarial and Logistics area for the fruitful work done with enthusiasm and self-denial in these years, sharing the difficult moments and the greatest joys. Thirteen unforgettable years during which we have built and lived together perhaps unrepeatable moments writing pages of history of Italian women's football: four Scudetti (three consecutive), four Supercoppe, three Italian Cups, one Scudetto Primavera, four participations in the UEFA Champions League. Moments, like the magical night of the Champions semifinals with the fourteen thousand of Bentegodi, which will remain forever in the minds and hearts of those who have worked so that they may come true. With the best wishes to Bardolino Verona and all the Italian women's football to be able to write other important pages, I offer everyone a warm greeting.

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Primadonna unstoppable: three shots of the market and does not end there. Only the official and valid date for the release from the respective companies was missing, Primadonna Firenze scored three market hits, bringing home top level names for the next Serie A championship. After Fulvia Dulbecco for the d 'attack, Francesco Ciolli has closed with Adriana Ricciardi (1987), Livornese midfielder, coming from Lazio and for some time in the sights of the lily society and that finally in the next season will wear the purple jacket. A player with excellent qualities both on the physical and technical level, protagonist in the Serie A championship of an exciting season with the light blue shirt. Two other important reinforcements come from Milan Calcio Calcio, Erica Croce class '83 and Del Gaudio Elena class' 89; the first left forward striker, six goals in the last season with the red-black jacket, the defensive joker instead the second, a player who is well suited to cover all the roles of the back pack. Two athletes in the sights not only of Florence, but also of other Serie A companies in northern Italy, given the excellent season disputed that led to the formation of the black red to touch the promotion in the top flight.

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arenaBardolino Revolution: via Boni, Motta and d'Adda FEMALE SERIES. Longega: «We change, but we will remain competitive» The Bardolino turns the page. After a four-year cycle that allowed the Gialloblù to win three league titles, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa and reach the Champions League semi-final, the Garda society is preparing for a radical change.

The vicissitudes of the last season, which culminated with the change of ownership, have led to cracking more of a relationship within the club, creating a climate that is not always full of serenity.

Despite all the team has managed in the task, not easy after the disastrous final round of the first round, to recover and put pressure on the leaders Torres to close with a good second place, for access to the Champions League.

Then came the elimination from the final of the Italian Cup, by the work of! Torres, with a trophy won by Reggiana on penalties. Now Renato Longega, the Ferguson del Garda, has decided to change the register.

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