Tuesday, October 15 2019
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The Orlandia97 will soon be back in Serie A

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orlandia20102011_thumb_other250_156We will return with dignity, but we will soon be back in Serie A. These are the words of Mr. Leo Tonarelli at the end of the race, addressed to the girls reduced to tears and calls to gather near the bench. The new course of ASD Orlandia'97 will start in tomorrow, to tackle the A2 series, as an intermediate step towards a championship that has nevertheless shown that it can play by nature and ambition. It is back defeated for 2 - 1 from the trip to Bolzano. In the end not even the victory would be served. South Tyrol knows it well, together with the 'Hlandia' 97, is condemned by Lazio, a victorious surprise in Brescia. The Orlandia'97 ends last in the standings but until the last day has been played the chance to stay in the category, giving the weapons to a Lazio good to find unexpected resources.
The defeat remedied with South Tyrol summarizes the vintage of the paladin team; naive and unfortunate, he pays the slightest mistake committed, is penalized by the arbitration decisions and at the end, in the heat of wanting to win the game, he is pierced by a counterattack goal. Actually, this time there is to add the ability of the opponents, willing and aggressive have played a very good game in terms of rhythm and aggression. It is surprising the start of the Tyroleans, who take the midfield and press the paladins to the limit of the penalty area. Already at 5 'have the opportunity to take the lead with Dalla Giacoma, whose conclusion is diverted foot by Réka Szőcs. At 23 'here is the colossal ingenuity of the Orlandia'97: Morra anticipates the intervention of the attacker with a back pass to the goalkeeper, the ball bounces high in front of Szőcs, which can only intervene in the head, on the ball Cavallini for the easy conclusion to the network. The goal wakes up the Orlandia'97 appeared so far numb, also due to the heat of Bolzano. You try different verticalizations, among which is perfect for the 33 'that for Manzella, beautiful in full stroke, to find the winning diagonal to the right of Schroffenegger. It is the thirteenth seal in the league for the Palermo striker. You go to rest on the result of parity. In the second half the girls paladine seem to be better even if the news of Lazio's advantage on Brescia dampens the enthusiasm. Tonarelli's team tries to win the game. In reality, territorial supremacy produces only a few corner kicks or close crossings. The impetus punishes the Orlandia97 at the 83 'when, on a long ball, the South Tyrol is in numerical superiority and comes to the advantage with the signing of the new entry De Luca. The team paladin in the final minutes at least try not to lose the game, but the legs and the mind are weighed down by a bitter and ineluctable fate.

The final verdict is very tough for the teams on the pitch, but both clubs will aim to return to Serie A soon.

The Orlandia'97 is already working on it.

CF Sud Tirol -Orlandia'97 Randazzo Energy Team 2-1

CF Sud Tirol: Shoffenegger, Unteregelbacher, Ferrari (51'Steihauser), Mulmeter, Righi, Manegoni, Warger, Dalla Giacoma (78'De Luca), Rinaldi, Tonelli, Cavallini (70'Rigatti)

All: Alberti

Orlandia'97: Szőcs, Allum (79 'Dicorato), Roots, Vitanza, Fiocco, Morra, Cianci, Corio, Minciullo, Sardu (85' Morello), Manzella

Networks: 24 'Cavallini (S), 33' Manzella (O), 83 'De Luca (S)

Referee: Suaria di Milano

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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