Friday, February 28 2020
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brescia20102011_thumb_medium250_159Without defeats outside the home, a record of unbeaten season with 750 minutes without suffering goals, second best defense of the championship, the only team to have scored points against Torres, Daniela Sabatino top scorer of the championship. Here's the score of the Brescia, which finished third, but in the next season will start again from these exceptional statistics, to retry the race to the top of Serie A. In an unlucky day lionesses Grilli coach does Clutching the three points and greet the dream Champions caressed for the whole season. Congratulations to Tavagnacco for the milestone reached, and a big good luck for the wonderful adventure of next year.
THE CHRONICLE - The lionesses begin with the foot on the accelerator and after just one minute Fazio is already a protagonist with a providential intervention on Ferrandi. At 12 'bad luck begins to hit Brescia: D'Adda, receives a nudge from Berarducci and must leave the field. For her three stitches to the lip. The curse continues: at the 16 'number of Boni at the edge of the area, dry shooting and full crossbar. In the field there is only Brescia and at 25 'on a cross of the new entry Zanoletti is Sabatino to touch the goal, but Fazio says no. At the 40 'another cross hit by Gozzi, on the rebel Sabatino by a meter puts on the bottom blatantly, confirming the day no from the point of view of fate. The solo of the lionesses continues and at the 45 'still a resounding Fazio is exalted on an airlift of Sabatino. In the second half, however, comes the frozen shower. On the first thrust the Lazio passes: surgical counterattack of the capitoline, De Luca invading alone towards the door of Brescia and with a lob over Brunozzi. At the first shot Lazio passes. At 16 'the aquilotte also remains in ten for the expulsion of Ferrazza, but the defense commanded by Ciarlo does not yield. The lionesses react and try to repeat and in every way, but a sumptuous Fazio is opposed in every way. The parade at the 26 is sensational when he manages to recover the position on a deflected shot by Ferrandi. In the minutes of recovery we still try Boni, but again the pole denies the goal. It ends 0 to 1 with well 7 ammonite and an expulsion. For Brescia a bitter epilogue, but in the end the standing ovation of the public was not lacking, because "there is that now that I have learned to dream, I will never stop". Thanks the same girls ...

BRESCIA: Brunozzi, Ferrandi, D'Adda (12 'Zanoletti, 18'st D'Alessio), Zizioli, Schiavi, Gozzi, Cernoia (36'st Previtali), Paliotti, Sabatino, Boni, Alborghetti. A disp .: Gamba, Temponi. All. Grilli

LAZIO: Fazio, Ciarlo, Lanzieri, Di Bari, Ferrazza, Duò, Berarducci, De Angelis (34'st Gagliardi), De Luca, Zorri, D'Ancona. Available: Severino, Poeta, Grassi, Curcuruto. All. Piras

Referee: Marrazzo di Lecco

Networks: 10'st De Luca

Notes: about 250 spectators. Ammonite: D'Ancona, Ciarlo, Ferrazza, Zizioli, Di Bari, D'Alessio, Schiavi. Expelled: Ferrazza for double yellow

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