Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Graphistudio flies in the Champions League

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tavagnacco_championLegendary match between sun and hail. Chiasiellis beat 6
Hail in Tavagnacco: everything happened to the municipal derby championship between Graphistudio and Chiasiellis. From the sun to the rain, then wind and hail that affected the game of twenty-two on the pitch. The result was a heart-pounding match that Tavagnacco solved in the second half with six goals and a play. Graphistudio wins the right to enter the Champions League and to write a new page of the history of Friulian women's football. A sign Parisi (two football beads placed), Brumana (double for her), Mauro and Bonetti.
The Tavagnacco is presented at the last round of the championship with the obligation to conquer the three points in the presence of the cousins ​​of Chiasiellis and to counteract the assault of Brescia, a single length away from the gialloblu. The start of the race is favorable to the landlords who are living in the parts of Caravilla with two good raids by Riboldi and Mauro, but they can not worry the biancoceleste goalkeeper. On the opposite side Vicchiarello frightens the rear of the house with a gap that Rodella artgina a few steps from Marchitelli. The great nervousness that winds through the Graphistudio house makes it easier for the girls of Mortegliano who manage to dry up the sources of Gialloblu's game. Mr. Zandonato has seen enough and sends the two teams in the locker room on the result of 0-0. In the sun the wind comes and then the rain but also a Tavagnacco assault with Di Filippo in the field instead of Tommasella. Three minutes pass and Parisi shoots the cards on the table with a fireball in thirty meters that slips into the right to seven of Caravilla. It's the 1-0 that unleashes the joy of the public and galvanizes the landlords. After four minutes the 2-0 is done: punishment from the left of Parisi, Bonetti's veil, and Caravilla is beaten once again. The "hail" gialloblu is definitely unleashed at 12 'with the personal seal of Paola Brumana who bags in a beautiful style from a secluded position. At the 15 'Mauro seals the match with a surgical header that flies in time against Caravilla. We are at the end credits of a race with incredible tension and the sweetest possible outcome for the UPC. Tuttavoia, there is space for the Eurogol of Tatiana Bonetti (right at half-height that guesses the opposite corner) and the bromane double that has an empty net throws the ball into the goal. On the 6-0, space for the party: Zanonato's triple whistle is an invasion of the field with the girls and all the exultant technical and company staff. A historic moment for the women's Tavagnacco, celebrated among the fans and which confirms the entrance of the UPC Graphistudio Tavagnacco in the goth of European women's football.


NETWORKS: 3 'and 7' st. Parisi, 12 'and 36' st. Brumana, 15 'st. Mauro, 29 'st. Bonetti.

GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Marchitelli, Neboli, Rodella, Martinelli, Sorvillo (21 St. Donà), Tommasella (1 'St. Di Filippo), Brumana, Parisi, Mauro (18' St Stabile), Bonetti, Riboldi. All. Bearzi.

CHIASIELLIS: Caravilla, Bortolus, Del Prete, Maglio, Gama, Donghi, Miani, Greek (17 'St. Simonato), Lavia, Vicchiarello, Cester. All. Talotti.

REFEREE: Zanonato of Vicenza.

AMMONIATIONS: in the pt. 19 'Gama, 35' Cester.

NOTES: 4-1 corners for Tavagnacco.

Marco Piva

Walter Pettinati
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