Friday, February 28 2020
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All in the next 90 minutes

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orlandia20102011_thumb_other250_156In the next ninety minutes of the championship, all'Orlandia'97 will serve to win and wait for the victory of Brescia on Lazio to win salvation. This is the result of the day as a result of the defeat remedied to "Ciccino Micale" against the swallows and the swirl of results, then acquired with the three points obtained from South Tyrol and Lazio draw at home with Torino. In today's match the paladins have once again shown they deserve the Serie A, they fought with determination and determination, thus overcoming the many unavailability in the starting staff. After more than two months of inactivity, the young Deborah Allum is reviewed at the center of the defense, by virtue of the concomitant absences of the disqualified Soro and Fiocco and of the injured Caciorgna and Iuculano.
The absence of the Piera Manzella bomber was also heavy in attack, making space for Cristina Coletta's entry from the first minute. Training therefore obligatory for Mr. Tonarelli. Not so for the engineer from Brescia Nazarena Grilli, who has the entire squad available to pursue the goal of the UEFA Women's Champions League.

It is Brescia that makes the game, but the Orlandia'97 with great tactical attention does not suffer excessively the pressure from the opponent. The visiting team does not find space and with the passing of the minutes go up the performance in defense of Morra and Corio to block punctual opponents. At the 16 'comes the first conclusion to the net of the race with Minciullo. From the distance, the attacker tries the winning conclusion, muffled by the defense before reaching Brunozzi's arms. Brescia gets dangerous at half an hour with a shot by Sabatino, blocked in safety by Réka Szőcs, and by Paliotti from distance. At the 37 'is still dangerous Sabatino with a deviation close to which is opposed with skill the magicro goalkeeper.

Few emotions but Tonarelli is fine. The team plays compact and effectively blocks the Boni and Paliotti game sources.

At 51 'Cianci's right-hand side tries to surprise Brunozzi, but the ball is lost slightly to the side. Shortly after Ferrandi does not find the opening for the passage filtering and then try the blow of thirty meters, accompanied by Szőcs high. At the 69 'the game is unlocked. From a punishment badly congenital to the penalty air of Orlandia'97, the action of Brescia develops between rebound on the right where the cross is collected under-submission by the attacker Sabatino. Underneath a network the Orlandia'97 tries to react, raises the center of gravity and tries to break through the central streets. The greatest danger comes from Vitanza whose head butt comes out to Brunozzi's right.

The commitment of the girls was commendable - says Tonarelli - and considering the many absences of today, it was not possible to ask for more. The results of the other fields oblige us to win with South Tyrol. We can and must do it.

Orlandia'97 Randazzo Energy Team - Brescia 0 - 1

Markers: 69 'Sabatino

Asd Orlandia'97: Szocs, Corio, Radici, Vitanza, Allum, Morra, Cianci, Morello (86'Cusmà), Minciullo, Sardu, Coletta (Dicorato).

Available: Tusa

Coach: Tonarelli

Acf Brescia: Brunozzi, Ferrandi (60'Paganotti), D'Adda, Zizzoli, Schiavi, Gozzi, Cernia, Paliotti, Sabatino, Boni (91'Zanoletti), Alberghetti.

Available: Gamba, D'Alessio, Previstali.

Coach: Grilli

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