Friday, February 28 2020
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Chiasiellis finds the way to victory!

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CHIASIELLIS_thumb_medium250_167The public Mortegliano expected and deserved a good victory of the tiger who, timely, did not disappoint the hopes of their fans to say goodbye with the three points. The victory was missing for too long and finally the Chiasiellis has thrown behind the rusts of a championship final subdued and finding the way to success. The biancocelesti started immediately forward, impacting however in the good defensive maneuvers directed by Captain Turra. At the 16 'however, the goal of the advantage comes: Maglio beats a punishment that slips inside the area and finds the head of Bortolus ready to bag.
Five minutes later Vicchiarello touches the doubling with a nice diagonal that touches the second pole coming out a little. At 35 'Cester is flown to the right by serving a golden ball for Vicchiarello in the middle who kicks a safe shot but is ready for Penzo's rebound. Wrong goal, goal immediately wants the law of football, and three minutes after the Venice is the draw. After a fortuitous rebound at the edge of the area an opponent manages to cross in the middle, where Capovilla takes advantage of the exit of Caravilla and head slips under the crossbar.

The reaction of the landlords is immediate and at the 41 'Vicchiarello returns the advantage to his with a nice lob that explodes the enthusiasm of the public.

Before the whistle the referee Chiasiellis could stretch, but the low shot of Vicchiarello that crosses the area is missed by a whisker from Cester, who comes a second too late to divert the ball into the net. Even in the second half the Alibus pours into the opposing half of the field, but continues to make too much mistakes on the net. The first risk runs though Caravilla, who sees his door saved at the last minute by a partner. From now on it is only Alibus. First is Greek to miss the mirror of the door, after collecting a nice cross of Del Prete head, then it is Captain Lavia who is free but does not find the final deviation. At the fifteen minutes Penzo's network finally started to swell again: Vicchiarello broke away after having fooled the opponents on the edge of the offside, once face to face with the goalkeeper, the biancocelesti 10 serves Miani who had followed the action and unguarded door threads the 3-1. The Chiasiellis continues to look for the goal, wrong on several occasions with Cester who always finds Penzo ready to intercept. The acute Tombola at 22 'does not intimidate the tiger, however, that in the final find the definitive 4-2 again with Vicchiarello that signs the 14 ° seasonal marking.

At the triple whistle the arms in the sky of the Biancocelesti witness the desire for victory that was finally satisfied. The girls are gathered in a circle to cheer and then everyone goes to the kiosk to participate in the draw for the charity lottery.

The championship has not finished yet: the Chiasiellis still has a game to play and to honor.

Chiasiellis: Caravilla, Bortolus, Del Prete, Maglio, Gama, Donghi, Miani (Colle), Greco, Lavia (Degano), Vicchiarello, Cester. All: Talotti

Venice: Penzo, Piantari (Viezzer), Squato, Lotto, Turra, Fusaro, Mascanzoni (Mora), Capovilla, Chinello, Tombola, Vivirito. All: Turra

referee: Sartori

networks: 16 'Bortolus, 38' Capovilla, 41 'Vicchiarello, 16' St Miani, 22 'st Tombola, 41' Vicchiarello

Anna Dazzan

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