On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The joke reaches the 96 '

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orlandia20102011_thumb_medium250_156In the count of recriminations to be noted in the notebook dell''Olandia'97 is added to the goal taken 38 seconds after the five minutes of recovery granted by referee Matteo Gualtieri of Asti in the match against Turin. The formation of Leo Tonarelli makes a mockery at the end of the goal by Erika Moretti who takes the point of balance, still useful for the race to salvation in the final rush of this incredible championship.

The Torino, despite having nothing more to ask the championship, risks Sodini, Parodi and Cerato, in the field even if not at the best of physical condition.

The Orlandia'97 changes the traditional module in a 4-1-4-1, which in the intentions of the technician should have favored greater coverage of the spaces and above all a greater propulsive thrust on the exterior. The intuition worked until the referee expelled Francesca Soro, who in the intention to speed up the recovery of the game was accused of having committed a reaction foul. In numerical inferiority the Orlandia'97 does not lose heart and goes several times near the signature. The clearest opportunity, in addition to the cross from the distance struck by Minciullo in the first fraction, is Piera Manzella who in percussion in the penalty area and alone in front of the goalkeeper, is blatantly thrown down by the direct defender grenade, but the referee, in general amazement, the maximum punishment does not whistle.

Another arbitrary inattention that puts the sacrifices of companies and kickers against the wall.

As mentioned, comes the far more bitter conclusion with the goal of the new entry Moretti, who counterattacks the desire of the paladins to conquer the entire stakes.

In the standings the situation becomes even more difficult, even with the concomitant defeats of Florence and Lazio. South Tyrol in fact hooks the team paladin to share 15 due to the victories in the last two races, that of today against a "demotivate" Chiasiellis.

The most sincere congratulations go to the Torres that with today's victory against Venice won the title with full merit three days before the end of the season.

Turin - Orlandia'97 1 - 0

Marker: 96 'Erika Moretti

Turin: Russo, Coluccio, Salvai, Parodi, Bosi, Magnarini, Bonsea, Rosucci, Ambrosi, Cerato, Sodini.

Orlandia'97: Szocs, Soro, Roots, Fiocco, Morra, Vitanza, Corio, Sardu, Cianci, Minciullo, Manzella

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