Tuesday, September 17 2019
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After a time played shooting at the target ...

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CHIASIELLIS_thumb_medium250_167... Chiasiellis (without Donghi, Gama, Maglio and Zanetti) succumbed to a sterile SudTirol, which was enough 10 minutes of recovery to take home the three points. The first part of the game took place in fact entirely in the half guest camp, with the Tyrolean squeezed at the edge of their area to wait for the moves of the landlord, who on the other hand do not wait. Already at the 7 'Vicchiarello tries, which after a dry dribble in the middle of the area ends on the first post and is ready Schroffenegger to block the trajectory. To break through the defensive wall of the red and white the Chiasiellis tries from outside, but the conclusions of Lavia, Greco and Berardo all end up high. Greek also tries to head on the developments of a corner, but the ball ends up.

In the middle of the first half the biancocelesti pushed on the accelerator and found themselves face to face with the goal for ten minutes in a row, without being able to send the ball beyond the goal line for at least three consecutive consecutive occasions, a little complicit accomplice imprecision and a Schroffenegger in feline version. The Tyrolean goalkeeper saves his, especially on a close-up shot of Vicchiarello, who grabs with quickness, after the Friulian striker was ready to cheer for a network that seemed made. In these excited minutes you lose the score of consecutive corner kicks beaten by Chiasiellis, on the developments of each of which the tiger have had the opportunity to take the lead: the door of SudTirol has remained inviolate, so that even the coup Simonato's head from two steps managed to cross the fateful white line, which remained taboo for the Friulians. Even Miani, before the whistle of the interval, tries to take advantage of the Alibus, but -sole in front of the extreme defender- slips when it hits the ball and comes out a half-shot too weak. The SudTirol falls from the locker room galvanized for not miraculously suffered networks and so it pulls out a little 'courage and finally faces the midfield of the landlord.

At the third foray photocopy on the band find the goal of the advantage: galloped on the right, cross in the middle and the easy plate of Cavallini that alone in front of Blancuzzi has only to push the ball at the bottom of the bag. At this point the Chiasiellis gets nervous and pours into the opposing half of the field in search of a draw, but it does so with disorder and excessive enthusiasm. The tigers try again with shots from outside, but the aim is completely wrong and when Miani shows up in the area also finds the pole blocking the diagonal. On the final the true protagonist becomes again Schroffenegger, who accepts the gauntlet launched by Evely Vicchiarello: within a minute the 10 biancoceleste moves the center of the target under the crossing of the poles of the Tyrolean goal, but on both occasions the blonde caper is exceeded putting on display all its immense qualities and raising the ball from two goals that seemed already made. At the triple whistle the red and white cheer for the company and Chiasiellis remains incredulous to witness their joy.

Anna Dazzan

Walter Pettinati
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