Monday, September 16 2019
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A double by Valentina Boni condemns Bardolino Verona

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brescia_bardo300411Wood Festival (4-1 for Brescia)
On the fourth day of the top of the women's championship in front of the crowded stands, Brescia imposed itself for two goals at zero on Bardolino Verona, deservingly winning the derby of Lake Garda.
Mister Longega must renounce the Italian Brazilian Da Rocha still engaged with the national green-gold, and relies on forward Girelli with Gabbiadini wide on the left and Toselli on the right.
The Bardolino Verona appears satisfied for the attainment salvation while the Brescia must get the entire stake up for grabs to keep lit the weak hopes of qualifying Champions.
The Lombards unlock the result in the eleventh of the game thanks to the cunning of Marcella Gozzi who quickly throws a free kick on the three quarters taking by surprise the entire rearguard of La Scala. Ball for Valentina Boni who does not forgive in the penalty area.

At the 16 'the leonesse Brescia could double but Ohrstrom is opposed to the conclusion of Ferrandi and on the rejected Sabatino resoundingly resounding from two steps.
The Veronese are not seen in the field but the Brescia are inaccurate in the final stage, as at 25 'when Ferrandi devours an incredible goal in front of the door opened kicking to the stars.
Half an hour the yellow-blue number one Ohrstrom smanaccia the ball on a crossbar, Cernoia bursts that catches the pole in full.
Eight minutes later the swallows take the second wood of the day on a borderline from Marcella Gozzi.
Before the break there is time to witness the third wood of Brescia with Cernonia that splinter the crossbar.
In the interval Mister Longega wakes up the Gialloblu team that comes on the pitch for the second half with much more attitude.
At 9 'Carla Brunozzi, until then almost inoperative, performs a half miracle going to reject with his feet the close conclusion of Michela Ledri.
On the other front Ohrstrom with a shot of the kidneys and the help of the usual cross friend neutralizes the conclusion of the Cernoia, while on the reverse facing Cristiana Girelli, in the field in the second half despite a painful shoulder bruise, does not find the door at the stroke of head.
At 27 'touches Bardolino Verona catch the crossbar on a free kick from the long distance kicked by the baby Mascanzoni. On the rejected Ledri sends the ball to the side.
It is the best time for the Veronese to be seen forward with Melania Gabbiadini. The number eight gialloblu comes into contact with Brunozzi in the area but for the race director is the attacker to make a foul.
The Brescia back to press forward in the final match and after a diagonal conclusion of Sabatino with ball to the side, gets the goal of the final two to zero at 37 'with Valentina Boni who signs the goal of the personal double with a precise low shot on the post far.
The scaligere return so empty-handed from the field of a Brescia that has proven to be technically superior but above all more motivated especially in the first portion of the game.
On Saturday the Gialloblu will return to the walls of the Olivieri of Verona to face a Lazio thirsty for salvation.


Networks: 11 'pt. and 27 'st. Boni

Brescia: Brunozzi, Ferrandi (20 'St Previtali), D'Adda, Zizioli, Schiavi, Gozzi, Cernoia, Paliotti, Sabatino, Boni, Alborghetti. All. Nazzarena Grilli.

Bardolino Verona: Ohrstrom, Mascanzoni (43 'St. Belfanti), Ledri, Di Criscio, Stefanelli, Cassanelli, Cantoro, Gabbiadini, Toselli (24' St. Battocchio), Girelli, Viscnti (1 'St. De Stefano). All. Renato Longega.

Referee: Massimo Verga of Bergamo.
Notes: Windy day with alternating sun and clouds. Artificial turf field, spectators over 300 with a good representation from Verona. Ammonite: Di Criscio, Cantoro, Boni. 3-2 corners, 2 + 3 recovery.

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