On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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boni_bardo6523A large public setting at the Rigamonti in Buffalora, welcomes Brescia and Bardolino for the 23 ^ Serie A day. The mister Grilli's kittens take to the field convinced and after 15 'already take the lead: punishment beaten by Gozzi, perfect pocketing for Boni that alone in front of the goalkeeper does not fail. The "ex" luxury immediately unlocks the game and signs the advantage. In the first half the Brescia expresses a sublime game and the scoring opportunities are innumerable. At the 20 'and the 29' Ferrandi has two clumsy goals on the left but does not exploit them. At 35 'then it is the turn of Cernoia that a few steps from the goal line hits the pole in full. At 43 'Gozzi from 20mt he tries the shot.

The precise stone stops once again against the wood. The solo of Brescia does not stop and at the 47 'Sabatino of free heel to the Cernoia shot, which of the left hits the crossbar in full. The Bardolino gate seems really bewitched. In the second half Longega runs for cover and changes the tactical set-up of his team, which starts to be seen in the opposing half of the field. And at 10 'comes the first opportunity for the Verona, with Ledri that is stopped by Brunozzi desperate exit. After three minutes the Brescia responds, with Cernoia from outside the area tries the gollasso, but once again the crossbar and a great detachment of Olhstrom's kidneys deny the goal. At the 28 even the bardolino hits the first wood, with Mascanzoni that from the long distance grazes the resounding draw. But at the 36 'Sabatino plays the charge and after a giant slalom between the opponents starts a poisonous left that shaves the pole. After only a minute, the doubling of the former Boni finally arrives. Passage through the 10 biancoblu receives, checks and aims at the corner. Tirodibole but effective, and is two to zero. Double signature for Boni, who shows a t-shirt with special dedication. 2 ends up in 0 with the party at home, after yet another perfect performance of Zizioli and companions.

BRESCIA: Brunozzi, Ferrandi (22'st Previtali), D'Adda, Zizioli, Schiavi, Gozzi, Cernoia, Paliotti, Sabatino, Boni, Alborghetti. Available: Gamba, Baroni, Paganotti, D'Alessio, Zanoletti, Rolfi. All. Grilli

BARDOLINO: Olhstrom, Mascanzoni (43'st Belfanti), Ledri, Di Criscio, Stefanelli, Cassanelli, Cantoro, Gabbiadini, Toselli (22'st Battocchio), Girelli, Visconti (1'st De Stefano). Available: Aliquò, Usvaldi, Gelmetti. All. Longega

Referee: Verga di Bergamo

Networks: 15 'Boni, 37'st Boni

Notes: spectators about 400-ammonite Di Criscio, Cantoro, Boni

Fabio Cimmino

Walter Pettinati
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