On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The three points eventually remain in Bergamo

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CHIASIELLIS_thumb_other250_167The three points at the end remain in Bergamo, but the Chiasiellis returns to Friuli with a huge regret, because the match was conducted from beginning to end by biancocelesti, without these managed to grab at the end of the minutes 90 a victory that it would have been deserved in the end. But in football it wins who scores and the Mozzanica scores, all right! The Lombards have long understood what the secret is to win every match while not making champagne, and every Saturday their technique is infallible: take advantage of the speed of the tips often jumping and maneuvering in midfield.

The meeting with Chiasiellis took place just like that, with the Friulians to play and build and the orobics to find the goal on two reboots. In the first half the Alibus came close to scoring at least on three occasions, with Miani twice alone in front of the goalkeeper and Vicchiarello with a shot from distance; but the advantage was found by the landlord with Piccinno, able to take advantage of the Friulian climb to put his team-mates out of the game and place the shot from the edge of the area under the crossbar. The reaction was vehement and the draw was touched in two moments, first with a cross taken by a defender who has badly misdirected on pressing and then with Greco who was seen to deflect in the corner for a breath a good heel. The second half started again on the same notes, with the Chiasiellis poured into the opposing half of the field in search of the goal, arrived at 10 'with a great shot from the distance Vicchiarello that slips into the net after hitting the inside pole. The Mozzanica remains holed up, but strikes again after a restart, taking advantage of a back pass by Simonato who weakly leaning towards Blancuzzi sees Perini lest stealing the ball: Blancuzzi rejects the shot, but the ball returns to the attacker's feet that at the empty door this time is not wrong. Audaces fortuna adiuvat. It 's the 23' of the second half and the girls of Mr. Talotti are incredulous, but they try the same to straighten the meeting, with Greek head and again with Miani, but the final match tells only the debut in the top series very young Mantoani and Bellan, two girls of the spring convened by the Friulian technician together with Cencig and Virgili to face the emergency injuries. The good game of the biancocelesti has not served to win points against the Mozzanica, but it is from here that the Chiasiellis will have to start again to dispute the last four league games and raise a standstill in too much time.

Mozzanica: Gritti, Sironi, Tonani, Piva, Rota, Locatelli, Mistrini (32 'st Rizzo), Mauri, Rizzon (4' st Fumagalli), Perini, Piccinno (26 'st Trezzi). All: Lanzani

Chiasiellis: Blancuzzi, Bortolus, Gama, Cester (27 'st Mantoani), Simonato, Donghi, Miani, Greek, Berardo (45' St Bellan), Vicchiarello, Del Prete. All: Talotti

referee: Zingrillo Andrea from Seregno

markers: 30 'pt Piccinno, 10' st Vicchiarello, 23 'st Perini

ammonite: Perini, Donghi and Gama

Bellan Martina

Walter Pettinati
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