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Spring 2010-2011

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impSound victory of the Rossonere devils against the Cuneo for 8 nets at 3. The first 45 'end on 2-2 with the two Rossoneri goals scored by the Bomber Fattori at 10' and 20 'with Dell'Agostino. The team of Mr. Zambetta expands in the second part of the game by putting in their own half the Piedmontese forcing them to an author, to bring the networks to 8 still think about the irrepressible Fattori, Rigamonti and Dell'Agostino.

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dubbioso_imoleseToo much of the technical gap between the two Under 19 teams of Folgore Mirandola (MO) and the Imola that clashed for the third in the 16 / 10 / 2010 Championship. The home team after postponing the first two games is in front of Imola first in the standings and also an incessant rain with helps definitely.

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tavagnacco_pordenone1Tavagnacco - The derby "Graphistudio" derives from the Gialloblù brand. The Tavagnacco, in fact, unleashes a gritty and intense match and manages to win, with absolute merit, a very important game for the classification and morale against the neroverdi cousins ​​arrived at the municipal Tavagnacco with the intent to take away the whole but who found on their way a strong training that gave him absolutely nothing.

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Heavy defeat for the young girls of the ACP Cuneo women who pay hardly the many carelessness committed during the race. It took advantage of the Women's Inter which brings home three points signing well 7 networks and showing all its strength.

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realmedagame dominated from the beginning by athletes medesi that have never been worried dall'attanta dell'attanta. Excellent disengagement of Maspes, Rome and Beretta that allowed the attack to pierce the defense of Bergamo four times. Great performance and great show!
The athletes say: "Great satisfaction for the net success on Atalanta, a shame for the previous Sunday, we could be alone in command of the championship classification, we are now firmly in second place with the other teams spaced"

Atalanta 0 - Real Meda 4

16 October 2010 18.00 hours Stadium of Almennno San Salvatore (Bg)

REALMEDA: 1 Castelli, 2 Rome 3 Iacobucci, 4 Beretta, 5 Maspes, 6 Ragone, 7 Napolitano, 8 Cudini, 9 Pavan, 10 Polito, 11 Frigerio

Coach: Matteo Scrugli

MARKERS: 15 'Polito, 30' Cudini, 36 'Frigerio, 44' Iacobucci



CHANGE: Meda: 47 'enters 15 Zanola exits 9 Pavan, 50 exits 11 Frigerio enters 16 Merisio, 64' exits 2 Roma enters 13 Orsenigo, 70 'exits 8 Cudini enters 14 Zucchi, 80' exits 7 Napolitano enters 12 Rocchi.

Next meeting: Saturday 23 17.30 hours Stadium Busnelli in meda against Manerbio Virtus

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primavera201011Match played at good pace that of the Spring Championship between Imolese Female Acfd and Reggiana, for years teams both protagonists in these championships.
The hosts want to continue the positive streak after the victory in Forli 'for 3 ° 1, while the Reggiana wants to recover from the defeat of the first league match suffered at home against the Riviera di Romagna for 1 to 0.

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bardolino_primavera1011Second day of the Spring Championship, second derby and second victory for the girls of Bardolino Verona who have imposed for nine nets at zero on the San Martino.
After the victory of measurement on the Mozzecane (3-2), this time Usvardi and companions win in avalanche on the ground on the friendly ground of the Municipal Bardolino new home for the home games of the Gialloblu spring.

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