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Spring 2010-2011

Graphistudio Tavagnacco - Vittorio Veneto 4 - 0

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bonassi_aliceLast official match of the 2010 and tenth consecutive victory for the terrible Under 19 of Tavagnacco that in front of the friendly public have passed the age of Vittorio Veneto for 4 to 0, offering, however, a performance below their real possibilities, with a game at times messy and with the offensive department that has failed a huge number of networks. It was, in fact, the match in which Tavagnacco has come to the shooting more times than all the others played so far but with a lack of realizing vein. Perhaps the Christmas air and the tranquility of the points already acquired have influenced the approach to the competition of the Gialloblù but the important thing, however, was to win, consolidate the top of the standings and observe with a certain tranquility the movements of the direct opponents.

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Spring Graphistudio, a goal against Barcon

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BARCON. To honestly tell the whole truth, to introduce a game like the one we saw on Saturday night, between Barcon and Graphistudio Pordenone, we must first of all descend into the context found in Veneto. One of those contexts in which football, understood more as a unifying agent for the local team, is revealed to a team organized from every point of view. The Barcon was presented in the field in 9 instead against the formation neroverde almost complete, out of unavailable Cella and Turchet. Two teams with different seasonal goals and an approach to football by amateurs in the case of the Venetian rose and by professionals in the case of Pordenone. This fact that has already been seen from the first bars was the clear supremacy of the girls of Angioletti who in the first half hour starting scored four times with the wild and Blasoni Toppan, the last will reach the end of the double digit of goals made coming to 10. But let's go in order trying not to limit ourselves to list the many markers and their exploits.

THE MATCH. Surreal dimension difficult to tell lived in and out of the Treviso area. Polar temperature and two formations that were faced for the second time being the return of the Championship. Overwhelming the girls of Angioletti that with Mareschi in attack have besieged the entire half-court opponent for 90 minutes. The Barcon, training with many absences so much to have to go down, as already written, in 9, has not however discouraged and has given evidence of football know how to live even what is perhaps the hardest side: the overwhelming defeats, those that you lead to the limit by thinking that you are doing the right thing. On the other hand, faced with the theme to be assigned by the neroverdi Angioletti technician: "do not spare and when you can score you must score," his girls were good not to lose concentration and did not underestimate the performance. Also in the first partial find the goal in addition to Toppan and Blasoni also Sutto. In the second half the list of markers was extended, with Crisostomi, Corubolo and Crivici. In short, the path for the small continues in positive and now, Saturday at home, if they will see against the Vittorio Veneto mid-table team.

Marking machines: Toppan 10 goals, Blasoni 3, Crivici 3, Cimarosti, Corubolo, Sutto

Graphistudio Tavagnacco - Barcon 16 - 0

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tedone_micaelaThe Tavagnacco Under 19 continues its solo race at the top of the standings and includes three more points to gain as soon as possible the mathematical qualification for the national stages of the Spring Championship. The opponent on duty, the Barcon, has not worried in the least the Gialloblù team that played a game in fluency, with pressing and continuous offensive actions, ended with a goleada.

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The victory with the Mozzanica consolidates Real at the top

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realmeda_primavera1011_thumb_medium250_154The victory with the Mozzanica consolidates Real at the top of the championship.
Beginning of the first half of the medal brand that fights on every ball and builds dangerous occasions from the net. Goal to the 9 'of Ambra Cudini that on an opening of Polito at the edge of the area puts the goalkeeper with a nice diagonal.

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impThe derby is always a particular game, felt, special, a game expected by all.
Milan is presented to this derby load, strong draw against Torino that leads the classic, while the neroazzurre come to the field with a great desire for redemption after the unexpected defeat against Juventus.
A lively start to the game with the game developed especially in midfield.

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In the "Primavera" derby among the rivals of all time ..

Rating: 5 / 5

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basso_giulia1the Under 19 gialloblù confirms the tradition that has won the Tavagnacco sul Chiasiellis for many years now. In today's match, much awaited by soccer players and fans, numerous for the occasion, the Chiasiellis was literally overwhelmed by the yellow-eyed fury, present on every ball, constantly pressing the biancocelesti in their own half from start to finish, putting to sign 9 networks and blatantly at least five other mistakes, conceding to Chiasiellis only a shot on goal, on defensive blunder, subsequently finalized in the network.

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The "Primavera" of the Graphistudio Tavagnacco "sbanca" the Venice casino

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alessia_sarnataro2The "Spring" of the Graphistudio Tavagnacco "sbanca" the casino Venezia with a dry 0 to 5 external, repeating the victory of the first team last Saturday, always against the Veneto, and lengthening the pace in the general standings that sees the undefeated yellow and blues to the full score command with 18 points, with 32 realized networks and 1 suffered.

In the photo Alessia Sarnataro (hat-trick for her).

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